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  1. HI jungleinthefrunk, Thanks for your in-depth reply and for educating me about the cardio!! I Also appreciate your tips on spreading meals. Will give it a try this week! Thank you! I am glad I posted here! xxx
  2. Hello JubNZ, Thank you for your kind reply and for giving me so much food for thought! I am still trying to find my way so will definitely consider what you have said. I haven't tried the intermittent fasting but it is a good idea. If that could work I could lay off on some cardio as well! Thanks! xx
  3. Hello everyone, I have been a vegan for 10 years now and have started serious weight training about a year ago. I am 165cm, weigh 57 kg and am 23 years old (20% body fat). I do 1 hour of weights + 1 hour of cardio per day with 1 off day per week. I have always been able to maintain my weight by "eating until I felt full" but since I started trying to get my bodyfat down I realized I would need to cut calories and this is proving difficult. The problem I am having is that I almost constantly feel hungry, even after big 900 calorie meals... Protein powder seems to help but there's only so much I can use of it per day... Because I feel so hungry I find it hard to stay under 3000 calories/day. My aim would be to get it down to 2100-2200 but I am not sure how I can do this without bingeing protein powder all the time? Especially with vegan foods being so high in carbs and calories? Even complex carbs don't fill me up for long. I can eat 300g (uncooked) of quinoa (the pack says 'serves 7' and I still feel hungry within an hour...) Any input would be most appreciated as I am still only a beginner so... Thank you for your help! noralie
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