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  1. So yeah I need to start my cut diet and I want to replace the following with vegan alternatives that are similar in protein and calorie profile and do not come from legumes (leafy veggies?): Tuna Macharel Chickenbreast And just generally whatever non legume options that are high in protein? Once I have these thinsg in place, I can post my Cut diet for everyone to follow
  2. Karpasz thank you for that tip, I'll keep that in mind next time I'm about to throw out oversize clothes I feel the same way about shopping as both you and Compassion. I also like the loose fit (wear baggy clothes as it is anyway), I just want it to be lose the right places lol.
  3. Right, so figured I've build enough and unless I want to start a "hormone" diet or go for muscle exhaustion (endless reps at low low weights) at the expense of my strength, now is the time to start cutting. I don't have a specific weight goal, I just want to reduce my bodyfat percent (bfp) to at least 15 (currently measure ca. 25%). It would be awesome if I could have a bfp at 15 and maintain my current weight, but that's highly unlikely and I figure I'll drop to 60-65 kg at bfp 15, including muscle loss. My current measurements are as follow: Height: 170 cm Bodyweight: 83.5 kg Back (at widest point): Chest: 103 cm Waist: 93 cm Arms: 33 cm Hips: 113 cm Thighs: Left: 69.5 cm right= 70 cm Legs: left= 42.5 cm, right= 44.5 cm All measurements are taken in a non flexed (semi bloated) state. The below pics also reflect this:
  4. Hahaha for sure, yea pretty much everyone I talk to goes, "wait what? you want to gain weight?" I eat pretty clean; mostly veggies, legumes, grains, fruits, nuts, seeds and a LOT of non-soy vegan protein (hemp/pea/rice blend). Usually 160-180g of protein and 2500-3000 calories daily. I was doing lots of bread but I think i'm allergic to gluten Maybe i should aim for more calories..? Lol 2500 kcal is a cut season for me. Well depends on your activity level, I mean you don't want to lose too much leanness (is that a word?) either. Try logging your daily intake for about a month and try to calculate your daily maintenance intake after. Assuming it is e.g. 2700, add 500 kcal to it and bounce it up to 3200 kcal/day. Or if you want to do a slow more qualitative bulk, add 300 kcal to your daily intake instead.
  5. Yeah I've actually started wearing men's shirts now and wow it's nice to be able to move my delts, arms and back freely!
  6. How come pretty much everyone can DL more than squat? Is it just that you have more upper body strength than lower? To me squatting (even though it''s not an Olympic) is significantly easier thanDL. My technique sucks in DL, but stiff leg DL is more manageable for me- but STILL I have more trouble with it than squat.
  7. That doesn't sound like an overkill, considering the weight (45 lbs). I used to do dumbbell shoulder presses with the exact same weight every day (3 x 4-6 reps) for strength increase, in addition to my other everyday work outs and didn't strain me (and I'm female).
  8. Yea that would be ideal but it's gonna be hard. I might have to bulk up past 160 then lean out to get to the ideal body fat. We'll see though! Putting on weight is insanely hard because of my metabolism/being vegan. I can lose 10lbs in like 3 weeks, but only gain 1lb in like 2-3 weeks. I find that guys who have a hard time putting on weight usually experience this "problem" (I'd happily trade places with you) due to a relatively high metabolism AND little food intake. Like 1500-2000 kcal a day and these are *grown* men. I get what you're saying though - it can be hard on a vegan diet, but that's typically if you're eating clean and/or doing a raw diet as well. Personally I find it hard *not* to exceed my 3500-4000 kcal a day, even post veganism lol. But then again I eat a lot of vegan sweets and maybe 150-200 grams of nuts a day, aside from a lot of rich in calorie legumes like red kidney beans and chick peas. Oh yeah and lots of bread. Perhaps that could work for you too?
  9. Lower body day Cardio warm-up: 5 mins of running at 12 kph Squat: 40 kg: 15 reps 50 kg: 15 reps 60 kg 12 reps 70 kg: 12 reps 75 kg: 10 reps 80 kg: 8 reps 90 kg: 6 reps Stiff leg DL (really bad day) 40 kg: 12 reps 50 kg: 12 reps 60 kg: 10 reps (every attempt after this was just fail and could only get 3 through at higher weights than 60 kg which is atypical of my dl lifts) Cardio: 55 mins of dancehall/house (another attempt at) Stiff leg DL 40 kg: 12 reps 50 kg: 12 reps 60 kg: 10 reps Again couldn't get pass 60 kg and at the same time pull of hypertrophy sets Legpress (horisontal variant) 110 kg: 15 reps 120 kg: 12 reps 130 kg: 12 reps 140 kg: 12 reps 150 kg: 12 reps 150 kg: 12 reps Calfraises on leg press machine 120 kg: 12 reps 130 kg: 3 x 12 reps Leg extension: 50 kg: 2 x 12 reps 55 kg: 12 reps 60 kg: 12 reps 65 kg: 12 reps Leg curl (drop set): 50 kg: 12 reps 45 kg: 12 reps 40 kg: 12 reps 40 kg: 12 reps Machine where you kick back with your legs (supposedly good for the buns and hams): 35 kg: 12 reps on each leg 40 kg: 12 reps each leg 45 kg: 12 reps each leg 35 kg: 12 reps each leg Whew been a long time since I pulled off a 5 hour training pas
  10. Stcalico should be in this strength table as well, she's got like 20 (or 30) kg on me in dead lift lol
  11. Well personal preferences are personal preferences and to each their own (my personal preferences probably don't go down well with a lot of guys either), but I just don't get guys who're threatened by women who lift heavier than them. That's just illogical considering the amount strength hormones they have comparative to us. My philosophy on that is: Man up and lift heavier if you've got a problem with women lifting heavier than you lol. Anyway 'nuff about that So you want to keep your current bodyfat % and add 20-25 lbs of lean mass?
  12. I used to get sick at the sight of rare and medium rare meat. for me it was and still is an issue of taste and texture, nothing more nothing. but it was always a temporary thing because once I'd think about where that meat came from I'd get sick at the thought of it. I remember as a kid I was literally about to throw up at the thought of eggs because it repulsed me to know I was eating the product of animal sex and even more worrying *how* that egg had come out hahaha (that age where you'd just learnt about sex in school). But even on my cheat/weak vegetarian days (before I became vegan) I'd feel disgusted with myself for eating butter and/or eggs- and the aftertaste of things like raw eggs (in mayo) certainly doesn't diminish the disgust.
  13. <-- Sam smith ft Latch - Disclosure. Not listening to it for the lyrics (generally find love songs corny and way too commercial but the beat on this track is just transcendent).
  14. Thanks guys! Yeah I probably should change my nick hehe... Hmm considering "Vegan Beast" (might even get that printed on a tee and wear it when I'm doing my 400 kg leg presses haha)
  15. Hey Asp, just upped my Squat to 90 kg at 6 reps- could have done at least two more, but am weary with weights I've never tried before. As for the DL, it was actually only 2 and had been going for 2-3 hours before I started, so don't know if it's truly representative of what I could have exerted- but anyways there you have it
  16. thank you. Really consistency is the key word. I've eaten tons of cr*p through the years but have remained consistent in training because I view as a fundamental. I figure I should just make veganism a fundamental as well- and while it may not necessary be a healthy (mostly) raw vegan diet- I'll make do with a processed vegan diet and hopefully stay true to my beliefs/principals. Hopefully the raw part will come later.
  17. Thanks. Nah I couldn't wait and after a few setbacks where I stuffed my face with crappy food containing both butter and eggs (the after taste of- especially raw- eggs is just atrocious, never liked it but if the overall taste is good I tend to block out both the taste off butter and eggs- two things I've never particularly liked, not even as a carnivore), I decided now is the time. How about you, when will you be showing us a pic of your gorilla army fitness gear
  18. Lol I made it after being told by quite a few people "I should be careful not to become too masculine". Actually I *just* got an FB update by a friend about how "I'm looking good now bust shouldn't become bigger than this"... Too funny. Also dig your LOL pics, but seriously mutant muscle development is the way to go! Personally it can never become too big for me as long as it's natural. I don't know what your specific goal is, but the bigger buffer look is definitely complimentary on you
  19. ... I *now* from April 11th 2013 officially AM a vegan! FUCK YEAH!
  20. Hey Viikiing- nice work! and like SunWarrior said, keep at it! Bodybuilding/fitness is a lifestyle!
  21. Hey Asp. No it's a multiple. For some its about weight, for me it's about tecnique- so i've never actually tried a max in any kind of exercise. I'm too worried about injuring myself. This approach will never get me up in the top heavy ranks, but as long as I can do multiple reps of 60 kg benchpress, 22 kg dumbell shoulderpress, 400 kg leg press, 80 kg squat and dl, in a natural non chemically enhanced state- I'm content. Single reps never have been my thing, that's just not strength for *me* but more a question of temper and momentum.
  22. Last week I realised that I had some stretch marks around my wing/arm pit area. Not particularly something I dig, but that's actually unavoidable when you go through bulk periods. I also noticed both of my male colleagues have mild to heavy stretch marks around their triceps and wings. Nobody tells you this you find out once you start adding muscle (and fat). So everyone (or most people) have something they'd like to change, some things are within our power, some aren't. the things that aren't, are usually what gives us character anyway (freckles, big calves, pointy ears and whatnot), so it's a win-win when ya think about it
  23. Ugh, I hate chimpanzees and how excited they get at ripping fellow monkeys and eating them alive. I truly can't stand them.
  24. @Stcalico: Very good points! I guess I didn't really think of it that way but I should just come to terms with the fact that there aren't any high-protein low-carb/low-fat vegan alternatives, except for protein powder. Your dip recipe sounds mouth watering delicious, might give it a go some dya. Same thing for the seitan recipe .-) don't know if I am lactose or gluten intolerant (hopefully I am, so I can lay off all rice/milk desserts and processed cr*p I'm eating lately), but I was tested last week and should recieve lab results sometime this week. Yesterday I tried to make a vegan stew of nuts, canned and and pickled veggies. I threw in a can of red kidney beans, a can of peas and carrots, added pickled beetroot and olives (green and black). Topped it off with a handful of peanuts. I was surprised at how good it came out (well the black olives mildly ruined it) and how the peanuts give a rich umami flavour. Will be adding many more and different kind of nuts in the future when I prepare dinner, especially if I'm craving meat. Works even better than legumes- never thought of nuts as a meat replacement in terms of flavour, but seems to work rather well
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