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  1. Meh. f**k specieism, murder is murder. Just wish there was a more incriminating term for animal-murder other than "slaughter" (thereby making the act of murder seem more benign because it is for human consumption). The way we talk about things shape our thoughts and subsequently our minds (beliefs, convictions etc.), so when words that describe callous and brutal acts have neutral (non-incriminating) value, people tend to think less of the act/crime those words describe (such as animal murder). But yeah Richard's suggestion seems the closest to an incriminating term for animal murder.
  2. @ Asparagus: I upped my dl to 90 kg, so now I'm lifting more than body weight
  3. Yay! Hopefully that exponential growth will continue and eventually the vegan diet will be dominant! I conversed with the sushi guy about their veggie clientel and he told me more and more youngsters (i.e. prepubescents) are going green, which was pretty heart warning:-) I thought gorillas- although generally herbivores - would have their "meat on" every now and then (sometimes in rather brutal ways by going cannibalistic and slaughtering one of their own and consuming him/her alive)?
  4. @Richard: Yeah I know I the singular approach sucks on a vegam diet and am fully prepared to eat varied. Had just hoped there were a list of vegetables that were high in protein and low in carbs. My fat intake is relatively little, but can't really say the same for my carb intake. Normally I don't have an issue with carbs, it's just that I want to get leaner (even though this means I'll become smaller) and the only real hindrance is my carb intake, so this is where I need to make the adjustment.
  5. @lepiante: Thanks for the link, very inspiring to see such successful vegan athletes! So the wobbly fat that blurs muscular definition is sheer animal cholesterol?
  6. Hi Jr17 and welcome to the forums. What Haz said. To be honest I don't think I've ever been able to do a high protein low carb diet, even though I've really wanted to. Its just difficult, tiresome and energy depleting to always be getting your primary nutrition from proteins for the reasons stated by Haz above. I've pretty much lived like you for the past eighteen months or so and have indeed made muscle gains but I'm bulky muscular, not lean. So it's really a matter of what your end goal is and from you say, it seems you've reached your goal:-)
  7. Lol you know it! Man I'm sooo going to be showing off my veganism to folks, especially to the juiced up guys at my gym hahah. Gorilla army? Lol I think I get it, but just in case I don't, explain to me why "Gorilla army" @Compassion: I think once my home-situation is a little more stable and he vegan diet has become a more natural part of my daily planning (grocery shopping, how to prepare for nights out with friends, how to respond to dinner invites and all that) it will be easier for me and I won't have to constantly think about animals having their skin ripped or living under shit conditions in slaughter houses.
  8. Hi Lachlan, welcome on board and congrats on your amazing transformation!
  9. Oh and I didn't do it to gain weight (that sh*t seems to be running on its own, fat as well as muscle- the double edged sword), so your advice is good and solid for everyone, whether they're on bulk or cut.
  10. NOMn, thank you for your thread, I've actually applied some of your advice and I can say that it feels better. while still like to stick to my 3, actually more like 4-split program, if I'm not up to- sa- thighs because they're still recovering from last work-out, I will change my program and work on something else, for instance arms or back and exert a full effort in this specific body area as opposed to continuing with thighs and exerting a sloppy to mediocre effort.
  11. You look great, not fat at all I see a clear development on the quads in your update pic. Do you have any other goal except losing those 3-5 kg? I mean do you want something like a 6-pack, veiny thighs, big guns etc?
  12. @Compassion: The only reason I used the word "carnivore" is because I am not "omni(all)vore(eating)" and never were, even before I became vegetarian. I would eat meat, but not all kinds and steered away from weird looking see food. But I guess the word "carnivore" is a bit misleading because I didn't live solely on meat, but I wouldn't eat all kinds of meat either. @lepiante: The problem I have with vegan alternatives that are rich in protein (legumes such as soy, chickpeas, kidney beans etc) is that they are also rich in carbs which means I'll take in 3-4 times the amount of over all calories per 100 gram to get the protein I would receive from 100 grams of chicken breast fillet. I know there's vegan protein powder, but I don't want to be surviving on that in order to keep my calorie intake down. I like food-I like to chew and protein powder gets old really quick and I generally don't like to "drink" my meals and will typically only do it after work out. As for inflamed joints, I don't know to be honest. I just know that legumes don't exactly do wonders for my stomach, which is quite problematic in terms of getting enough protein. But rice, bulgur and home-made bread ("naan" to be specific) are mandatory side-dishes in my homeland culture, so I've been eating it all my life. I'm the type of person who'll walk around with all kinds of bodily nuisances and will only do something when shit hits the fan and I either can't walk, scratch myself to a full-blown staff infection and have to receive hospital treatment or until my intestines (literally) are about to blow. So I can't really give you a qualified answer but I think I might be allergic to quite a few food items (deep fried food- whatever it is- kills my stomach and trans fatty acids in general will f* up my intestines). Thanks for the suggestions though, will definitely be looking through the other suggestions
  13. Alright I've set a different goal now- the moment my vegan fitness apparel arrives I will transition to full on veganism. Figure I can't wear it if I don't live it. Never underestimate the power of punking yourself to results.
  14. All very interesting replies and certainly some food for thought. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who has these cravings. Today I bought pizza with actual cheese and had some chocolate chip buns with milk powder of some kind. Eggs I've steered away from completely (except this one time at my friends birth day) but other than that I still come back to milk, milk powder or butter in some way or form. While I am not satisfied with this, I am a vegetarian for the time being and *not* a vegan- and I accept that, because my ultimate goal is veganism (well preferably organic at least 50 % raw veganism) and this is my comfort.
  15. It's an Excell file I know the ratios seem extreme, but bear in mind I weigh 85 kg and lift heavy, so the 2 grams of protein pr bodyweight as a rule of thumb isn't completely unreasonable. Just to give you a picture I need 3500-4000 kcal to maintain my current form, training and muscle-mass, so a 2000 kcal is a actually somewhat of a drastic cut. but I'm just fed up with being "bulky muscular" and want some lean definition for a try, preferrably within the next 3 or 4 months- which should be entirely possible with a 2000 kcal a day intake. The carnivore supplements/food items I want replaced are Tuna, Macherel, lean poultry and milk with equally low in calorie vegan alternatives with similar protein profiles. I'm a novice to cutting (for more than a week anyway - yes I've been a perma bulker for a year now), so I'm susceptible to other cut diets as long as they stay within 2000 kcal a day and my macros are in sync with the level of heavy lifting I do. I say this because I become lethargic rather quickly when I'm cutting. The last few times I tried, my strength decreased by up to 40 % and this was a weeks cutting max, which just goes to show you the amount of calories I need to maintain my training. But I figure if my macros are in sync then hopefully that problem can be avoided
  16. So for those of you who don't know I was a carnivore a little over a month ago and have been a vegetarian since then (check my introduction thread for more info). The reason I haven't transitioned into full out veganism is because of personal circumstances and also because I find that it's generally difficult to buy vegan in commercial supermarkets. And very importantly I want to cut and am afraid I'd be missing out on essential macro nutrients if I went all green with my current green options. But I've been dodging both my cut season and the vegan transition for way too long and am now ready - or rather forced- to take the leap into both a healthier and greener diet if I am to make some serious progress. For this I need a fixed and nicely structured but healthy diet that'll make eating habits and subsequently my life easier. I already have a tailor made cut diet. Please download and check it at http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g846d23258b5a7e57999256975c452bf9c56292c46 in order to replace the concrete carnivore nutrients and supplements with vegan alternatives. I like this diet and just need a vegan version of it, which is where all you wonderful herbivores come in. Please veganise this for me, so I can join the vegan front-line ranks I'm working with a 2000 kcal cut diet and my macros are as follows: http://i50.tinypic.com/dh4g89.jpg
  17. Cellar Yetti, can you infect me with your hyper functioning metabolism? Seriously though, if you're just looking for a quick fix, why not try a dirty bulk with lots of cake, ice cream, chips etc? I mean obviously you can't live like that for many weeks at a time without crashing, so perhaps alternate between your usual diet and a dirty bulk? Other than that, nice back dude
  18. The taste of meat I mean... the other day I had some grilled falafel that was prepared on a grill with left over grease from kebab meat- and while I made sure to ask the cook to place my falafels on some tin foil, so that it wouldn't come in touch with meat fat- I ended up tasting meat fat anyways... ...And DAMN did that taste good! I realise this is an admission that doesn't go too well with my veggie convictions but it's the truth. Because unlike the few vegetarians I know I didn't become vegetarian for health reasons or simply because I didn't like the taste of meat. In fact quite the opposite- I primarily became vegetarian for moral reasons- my conscience just couldn't deal with me consuming living concious creatures. Lol I kind of feel like a vampire fighting my carnivore urges (much like those "good guy" vampires that lay off human beings and feed on rats instead- except my "rats" are veggies haha). For a moment there I seriously questioned my will and purpose for becoming a vegetarian. I guess I still can't quite believe that I haven't touched meat in a month and a week and on a subconcious level just think this is a temporary arrangement. I am a spontaneous person known to make important decisions in the spur of moment, so my close friends still remain undecided as to whether or not I can go through with this new green life style. In fact one of my closest friends who knows me the best didn't comment on my vegetarian transformation at all and when I asked her about it, she just said "Let's just wait and see". While that was kind of demotivating for me to hear I understand why she would react that way. How do you guys deal with this, other than watching videos on animal cruelty? Like when you're on the run and don't have time or the equipment to surf the net? Because I found that constantly thinking about animal cruelty- while effective- is too time consuming when you're on the run and shopping, so what I do instead is sign off mentally and just read the ingredient list on whatever I'm buying and if it says eggs, animal fat or whatever, I just put it aside and quickly walk over to the next item of interest and that's pretty much my strategy- not think about why I have to avoid it, just do it without any introspective analysis. And it does work until situations like the one last night occurred... Then I feel utterly weak. How long did it take you guys to be indifferent/dislike the taste of meat? Or does it ever happen? Is it a constant hurdle/ "inner struggle"?
  19. Back day Warm up: 10 mins on rooing machine Stiff leg deadlifts 40 kg: 15 reps 50 kg: 15 reps 60 kg: 12 reps 70 kg: 10 reps 75 kg: 8 reps 80 kg: 6 reps In between my sets I threw in sets of 15 rep push-ups, which means 120 push-ups all in all. Bent over barbell 30 kg: 15 reps 40 kg: 12 reps 45 kg: 10 reps Seated cable row 25 kg: 15 reps 30 kg: 12 reps 35 kg: 10 reps 40 kg: 10 reps Little note: I am usually strong in seated cable rows and can pull without any greater effort, but these last 3 times or so I've done them I've decreased in strength and I wonder if it's because I've upped my compound lifts that I am losing strength in the lesser compound lifts? Dumbbell rows 16 kg: 12 reps 18 kg: 12 reps 20 kg: 12 reps 22 kg: 12 reps Same thing with my dumbbell rows, I couldn't even take 12 in a row but had to throw in a little pause my 6th, 7th or 8th rep in which is quite frustrating, because I usually peak at 28 or 30 kg with a minimum of 6 reps if I doing strength sets. Again I wonder if I am becoming weaker in the lesser compound movements because of my inclusion and greater focus on big and and compound exercises like dl and squats (well squats I've more or less put on a hold due to a lack of flexibility in calves and hams that prevent me from performing themwith proper technique)? Lateral cable pull downs: 35 kg: 12 reps 40 kg: 12 reps 45 kg: 8 reps 50 kg: 6 reps Again same thing as the previous exercises, decreased strength And for fun I threw in 60 reps (3 sets of 20) lying leg raises from an elevated bench and a 1 min. plank.
  20. And oh yeah BIG UP on the transformation- truly amazing!
  21. Hey Haz Am glad if anything I said has been of help to you. The great thing about multi-joint exercises is -as you correctly point out- that they not only act as strength training 8provided that there is sufficient resistance) but that your heart right goes significantly higher up thus giving you decent hypertrophy and cardio at the same time Also the quickest way to build more overall mass, which - although may not be what you're looking for- will give you a better physique in the long run. In terms of cardio you can go light on days where you lift and full out on your restitution days from lifting. However if you plan on doing a 3-split (which sounds great!) you won't have sufficient rest days from lifting to go full out on the cardio, so "cardio at morning, lifting at evening" might be the way to go. Also try to look through the training logs og other members in here, you will find that people fi in their cardio in different ways. Personally I fit it in by way of dance, typically right before lifting. Although to be honest I don't do it for the cardio, I just love dancing, so for me it's kind of a "two flies with one stone" scenario. Activities that require a good cardio, but surpasses simple motoric acts like running or cycling actually give you more both in terms of fat burn and agility. So my advice to you would be to perhaps find some high pulse activities that are a little more challenging (and fun ) than simple motoric cardio like running, cycling etc. For some it's dancing, for others it's football (or other sports) and others dig martial arts. Maybe you already have done this or maybe you haven't found your niche yet?
  22. Hey there Justin You're definitely right about the stress factor. Long story short, I'm basically living as a nomad because my own apartment is a giant mess that hasn't seen a (decent) renovation since 1931. This means that until I'm done cleaning, disinfecting, painting and bringing in furniture, I don't really have a place to store food and cook. But I'm almost done with the kitchen, 2 more rooms to go, the entrance and lastly the bathroom and I should be done. I'll look up Mike Mahler - but yeah logging my meals could at least shame me in to eating a little healthier. I try to refrain from animal fat and eggs altogether, but I would be lying if I said I haven't fallen off the wagon a few times and had some cake/Danish which both contain eggs and butter. Really diet is my only setback in terms of reaching my goal because truth be told I work as hard, lift as much (actually more) than pretty much all female athletes I've encountered in the gym. Only difference between me and these pro athletes I've seen is body fat percent. And the reason I don't call myself a body builder is because I can't bring myself to claim such a title until and unless I cut down to 10 % bodyfat or at least have a (visible) 6-pack in a natural un-flexed state (my current 4-pack in a hyper-flexed pose doesn't really count in my book). Thanks (at least all that cake is fuel for the quads... or at least I like to think so haha)
  23. Aww hope everything is okay? Here's some dancehall for ya (only second to House)
  24. Yeah I agree. But by the time the east takes over, hopefully we'll have usurped world resources to such an extent that capitalism will have been replaced by a resource based economy. One can hope.
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