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  1. Oh well... The West will inevitably lose its hold on World resources (once the amo runs dry or the east surpasses them in weapon technology)...Sooner or later. Perhaps sooner?
  2. Bob Marley never gets old, but with a house beat added to his voice, he's epic!
  3. Hey there. Seems like you're overkilling it. I noticed you do a lot of single joint /machine exercises and a few compound lifts. Perhaps a reverse approach might do it? As in more compound lifts and fewer single joint lifts/presses. I only have one day where I do a plethora of single joint exercises (arms day) and even then I try work several muscles out at the same time. The rest of my training days I try to include as many several joint/free weight exercises as possible and finish it off with some machine/single joint exercises as icing on the cake. I currently split my training in a back, thigh/legs and arms day with intermittent abs exercises and this 3-split program gives me as much, in fact more, than my previous work out program that consisted of a lot of single joint exercises.
  4. Could just be genetics or that you don't have that thick skin. also depends on how old you are. the older, the less skin, the more vascularity. But in your case though, it's just hott I coached this one girl who had a 6-pack, wide shoulders and just generally a defined musculare body and she lives off of smokes and candy. Some people are just genetically wired to look fit
  5. My thoughts exactly! Especially the last two pics where you went from "normal" to defined. Great job!
  6. Great shape! I didn't know that kind of massive musclemass was possible on a vegan diet (or without roids for that matter).
  7. Heh! That's one of the perks of strength training- it actually serves it purpose best for things like moving.And with relative quick restitution time
  8. Do you have any bacteria fobias (or any other sorts)that make you wash your hands/body excessively? And/or if it's cold where you live wear lots of clothes (aside from keeping hydrated) preventing over expossure to cold air and subsequent dry skin. Not sure if any of this applicable in your case, but often a times small practical adjustments go a long way (I have had and still have skin issues,so know where you're coming from).
  9. Hey guys. So my weight has been more or less steady the last year, but I guess I must have grown around back and shoulders, because all my shirts, jackets and in general upper body clothing have become too tight around my lats and I cant move properly, which is quite annoying. Don't want to buy bigger sized women clothing, because then its too lose around stomach and hips. Am seriously considering buying male clothing for upper body wear. Any one else with this problem? What do you do (aside from making your own clothing or ordering custom made)?
  10. Well... Shit to be honest. On my current take away food diet, I manage to take in about 3-3500 kcal a day, a lot of which consists of falafel, chocolate chip cookies, marzipan, bread, some pizza and vegan sushi inbetween. Every now and then some fruit and veggies as well. Seriously if I didn't work out I'd just be obese.
  11. Yeah, we're looking for max lifts here. Although if you haven't done a 1 rep max recently, just list your best set (recent) of heaviest weight at x reps and I'll do the math for you on your theoretical 1RM. I've found found personal experience that the theoretical is actually really close if not spot on what I can lift. Lol the ones I listed are my best lifts/press thus far. For me though it's more of a psychological thing (getting through the mental barrier), because it's only when I "feel" okay with a certain weight that I progress and lift heavier. The moment I start to doubt, during a set for instance, I just stop. And at other times when I am indifferent to the weight and concentrate on just pressing/lifting I actually get away with 6-8 reps at weights I usually steer away from. So I honestly don't know what my max is, because the truth is I could probably do 15 reps at 80 kg squat, 10-12 reps at 80 kg deadlift and 9 reps at 60 kg bench press. so yeah based on that you're welcome to calculate what my max would be
  12. Bodyweight: 85 kg Squat: 80 kg Deadlift: 80 kg Bench: 60 kg But these aren't my max (1 rep), I do up to 10 reps in 80 kg squat, up to 8 reps in 80 kg deadlifts and up to 6 reps in 60 kg bench. Are you asking for max lifts (sorry if this has already been clarified, have only skimmed briefly through the thread)?
  13. LOL, that is awesome! Your back muscles look pretty huge as well - nice work! Lol thanks! Eeh back could be better, just not really an area I've focused on that much until recently. Somewhere along the line I realised defined musculature on ones backside of the body is just as important as the front lol. In other words a nice butt, nice hams as well as a broad back and defined set of calves is just as important as abs, arms and quads. Unfortunately took me 1½ year to realise that but better late than never!
  14. On a different note, I've realised that the reason I haven't transitioned to veganism is *not* because I don't want to or couldn't live off of only vegan food... It's simply a matter of availability. As I've said somewhere else I currently live off of take-away and whatever I can find that's ready made in the super markets. This means I inevitably end up consuming dairy products. On particularly bad days (or rather weak moments) I also eat things like cake that contains eggs and/or whipped cream (at births days/when I'm invited or generally if it's presented to me in a particularly tempting way). Because when the vegan alternative is there, I chose it without blinking even if it's not as tasty as the non-vegan version.
  15. Yesterday was back day and for once I tried something new: I completed all my excersizes in 45 mins, which is 1/3 of the time it usually takes me on an efficient day! Reason for this is because I skipped my strength sets in DL and Bent over Barbells and did supersets consisting of dumbell rows and cable pull downs with 5 seconds max in between the sets. I had to chew my ego on this one, because these supersets had me lifting only on medium capacity. so yeah this is what I did Warm-up (cardio): 50 mins house/dancehall (real cardio) 50 mins funk (just some routine practise, so no high heart rate) Stiff leg deadlift: 40 kg: 15 reps 50 kg: 15 reps 60 kg: 12 reps 70 kg: 2 x 8 reps Bent over Barbell (this was almost sheer technique and basically no real resistance involved because I've been dodging this excersize for a very long time due to lack of balance in lower back): 30 kg: 3 x 15 reps 35 kg: 12 reps Dumbell rows and cable pull down SS DB rows/ cable pull downs: 18 kg- 12 reps/ 40 kg- 12 reps DB rows/ cable pull downs: 20 kg - 12 reps/ 35 kg- 12 reps DB rows/ cable pull downs: 18 kg- 12 reps/ 35 kg- 12 reps Currently this is what my back looks like:
  16. Oh and on a little side note, my new jeans leggings cracked on my left leg after flexing them at ballet today lol
  17. Thanks Dylan Alright here are some pics of my - without a doubt- *most* musculare body features, namely my thighs and calves. I actually used to hate my thighs and legs and thought they belonged to male bodybuilders (before I got into bodybuilding) and would actually envy people with chicken legs (can you believe that? lol). Now I strut them at (almost) every oppurtunity I get, because on high heels, these babies (flexed thighs and calves) look like something taken out of the Amazons and that's *definitely* nothing to be ashamed of! In fact I've been getting compliments on them- something I'm not used to being surrounded by stick thin (more like thin-fat, 'cos basically no muscle there anyway) chicks all my life, so never actually thought people (especially the opposite sex) found big muscular legs attractive. Anyway enough babbling, here they are and currently my calves measure 46 cm in circumference:-p
  18. So when murder of af human being is commited, it is refered to as homocide. What's the latin equvilant of animal murder?
  19. Hey there. Nothing funky, just fundamentals like dumbell chest press, shoulder-press and dumbell rows. I used to hate all three, especially shoulder press. But once I saw and felt the results (increased muscle mass, more defined upper body) I stuck to them. Though the chest press I've replaced with bench, because my ego likes that better ('cos I can press more). But do try the aforementioned dumbell exercizes, they're good for strength, stability and gaining muscle mass. Though you might want to invest in heavier weights if you're truly to benefit from these exersizes
  20. @Stcalico: Damn girl your lifts are truly impressive! 175 lbs in squat?! That's as much as me and I've got like 75 lbs on you in bodyweight lol. And well your dead-lifts... Damn.. I think my self-esteem would take a serious blow if you and I were training together hahah... On the other hand it would motivate me to do better Also I'd run out of excuses in terms of diet haha But seriously though one of the main reasons I haven't upped my compound lifts is because I haven't been doing them for that long, I lack in flexibility in my hams and calves (I can't pull off a deep squat) and am worried once I transition to the 220 pound lifts, that any minor flaw in technique would have detrimental and potentially permanent affects on my ligaments... I'm pretty iffy about that and only started doing 880 pound legpresses, after a dude punked me to it lol... And you weigh considerably less than me, so how do you find that 220 + pound compound lifts affect you in terms of ligaments and restitution time? Again wow at your accomplishments!
  21. I noticed you wrote sprinting and not running. That's interesting, because more muscle mass gives you better explosiveness, but the added weight makes you slower in stamina related sports like running. do you find it slows you during regular running?
  22. Yeah see that's the thing. You don't necessarily realise the affect of weight-lifting in your dday-to-day errands and/or hobbies. I know I didn't, until I had to move and lift heavy furniture and luggage. I was at the point of failure and just couldn't be bothered to use my arms any more (they were pretty sore at this point), so I went down in a dead lift position (without realising it) just took this heavy-ass piece of luggage (maybe 35 kg), set off with my legs and thighs and out of nowhere just threw it over my head! I never knew the sensation of a standing planck up until that moment! I seriously think I might have done major damage to my body had I not had the core muscle/strength to pull that lift off, because I was already pretty tired from 2 hours of lifting and transporting furniture. So yeah I definitely think those cameras would be causing you hurt/pain if you didn't have the stamina/strength to do for hours on end. Bodybuilding is truly a life-style.
  23. Yeah I love that set b-girl AT threw at the all dude-crew, so fresh, so energetic and best of all: sheer style! Would you happen to know which battle that was? Been youtubing it for some time and can't seem to find it. B-girl narumi is sheer power and attitude and I love her for that! Her sister, Ayumi, however is more about the foot/floorwork which is something I've come to appreciate more and more with time, because this requires a different type of strength and stamina. I used to think toprock and foot-work came second and third to power/tricks, but it's foundation- simple as. without it, you just have fancy acrobatics which is nice, but not dance. Also b-girl Michan (who's supposedly off the game now- major loss to the world of b-boying!) is really something else. She's the perfect merge of Narumi (power, force) and Ayumi (minimalism and clean footwork). Check her out (she's comes in as the first breaker to respond to Urban force's initial throw-off)... Check that slow-mo headspin... Out of this >&%%#" world!
  24. Hey Stcalico You raise some interesting points and I really appreciate the constructive advice in how to go about dealing with carnivore urgings. It's reassuring to hear (or rather read) that other people have tread the same path as me and that there is "redemption" at the end of the road. This is especially good for me to hear because I tend to have a rather absolute approach to things and sometimes neglect the fact that changes are gradual processes and "over the night" type of changes are not necessarily viable because there are certain things you need to get out of your system first (like undoing and re-patterning 27 years of diet socialisation). And when things haven't been properly processed, for instance how to deal with and control urges, you tend to feel like you " are missing out" or are being deprived. Right now I (inadvertently) accept that I am a vegetarian and not vegan. I will still have dairy products every now and then (although I try not to make this a habit) and on morally low days I'll even have food that contains egg and smaller fish (a few days ago I had some shrimp chips with my veggie sushi- even though I didn't order this- it just came with the sushi and I was pretty hungry after work out). To be honest though I am more repulsed by eggs than (smaller) fish and seafood... Given sufficient time, eggs will develop in to concious beings... But small fish and water-creatures (like shrimp and, oysters, crab etc.) I don't really associate with concious beings and hence don't feel moral apprehension in consuming them. Like how coral are living beings but not concious (well at least not to my knowledge). Of course this might be due to ignorance on my part and I do stand to be corrected. I also realise that this is somewhat of a grey zone and entering this zone will make it easier for me to enter the black zones and consume more questionable things. And I don't really want to be in those zones, so the best thing would obviously be to avoid all sea-food, but yeah it's a process and like Dylan and others have said, the more educated one becomes on the reality of things, the more motivated you become and the easier it is to control your desires. So by all means if you have knowledge/facts that contradict my current stance on sea-food, feel free to correct me.
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