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  1. Yeah politics generally suck and more than often just epitomises human demise. Not saying anarchy is the way to go, but for some odd reason (well not odd just too comprehensive to get into here) "democrasy" in terms of public benifit and forreign policy is represnting "demos" less and less and "crazy" more and more.
  2. 80 kg squat today, 10 reps... once my technique improves, i gain a little more flexibility in my hams and calves as well as better core stability, i might venture on 3 digit kg lifts... for now though, 80 kg ain't bad.
  3. Hey C.O. Yes, you're right the accomplishments made by both men and women on a vegan diet are very imressing and indeed envy-worthy. The transition hasn't been easy and every now and then in a moment of weekness I find myself incredibly close to just "having some meat and getting it over with". Yesterday this resulted in me eating some punch rolls that contained eggs. I even felt disgust as I ate it, but continued until I was done. At that point I just started wondering if this transition in reality is just a self-delusion, yet another lifestyle fad or perhaps whether or not this is just a temporary plaster on some ill conscience over being a meat eater. I don't know where this will go and whether or not this is a permanent lifestyle change, but everytime I see joyous animals (like on wild life channels) I feel proud not to be amongst those who shoot and consume these beautiful creatures. Not to mention I get to eat a more green diet which is no doubt necessary if you want to have a fit lifestyle and be somewhat thin lol (munching on some broccoli while I'm typing this).
  4. Meh, taxate drugs and they won't be 'drugs' they'll be 'supplements'. It's all about public opinion, that's why alcohol and cigs are allowed and considered 'means of endulgence' despite their detrimental affect on the human body while cannabis is an outlawed drug. I don't advocate one or the other (I neither drink, smoke or do hormones) but never cease to be amazed by the hypocrisy in legislation.
  5. Well not as impressive as some of my counter gender's lifts, but I managed to 4x 60 kg in bench press. It's not so much the weight (I've had the strength to bench 60 + kg for some time and should have been able to bench at least 70 kg by now), it's that finally came through the psychological barriere and mentally accepted the big transition from adding the sub 20 kg weights on the bar to the much bigger 20 kg weights. I think next I'll even do it without a spotter (although this time the only thing the spotter did was look - no physical aid whatsoever).
  6. (Yesterday) Lower body day- short but to the point Lunges 30 metres of lunges with 6 kg dumbells 30 metres of lunges with 7 kg dumbells 30 metres of lunges with 8 kg dumbells Squat 40 kg: 15 reps 50 kg: 12 reps 60 kg: 12 reps 65 kg: 10 reps 70 kg: 8 reps 75 kg: 6 reps 80 kg: 5 (well more like 4½) reps Legpress on angled legpresser 200 kg: 12 reps 240 kg: 10 reps 280 kg: 8 reps 320 kg: 6 reps
  7. Thanks guys. I actually make sure to eat a lot of carbs (complex and simple), kind of goes with the vegan diet But I hope that I'll eventually regain my previous energy/strength levels soon enough, once I stop living off of falafel, bread and soy milk and start cooking my own food.
  8. Sounds nice! I only do hockey and soccer every Wednesday when I'm "forced" to "coach" (although kind of hard to coach when you can barely hit the ball) and yeah all the running back and forth is more than plenty for me. Unfortunately muscle won't do - all that mind-muscle coordination in hockey/soccer strategy meh! But props to those who make it seem like an effortless ballet. Who knew there was that much to a ball and a net ha!
  9. Also am still feeling lethargic, so the above logs I've shared with you so far is what I'd call mediocre effort on my part. I just feel low on sugar and unusually lethargic since I made the transition to vegetarianism/veganism. any f you encountered something similar in the begining? If yes does it eventually go away once your body gets used to the new diet?
  10. Upper body day 50 mins of some funk routine (not really cardio, but got some blood flow going... sort of eh) Bench press 40 kg: 12 reps 45 kg: 12 reps 50 kg: 8 reps 55 kg: 4 reps 60 kg: 2 reps with a spotter Dumbell shoulder press: 12 kg: 12 reps 14 kg: 10 reps 16 kg: 8 reps 18 kg: 5, barely 6 reps Lateral Dumbell raises 8 kg: 15 reps 9 kg: 12 reps 10 kg: 12 reps 12 kg: 9 reps followed by 6 more reps Cable pull down with wide grip (straight 90 degree back) 40 kg: 3x12 reps Bicep barbell curls 18.5 kg: 15 reps 23.5 kg: 3x 12 reps Finished off with 8 reps of bicep cable curls with rope bicep exhaustion. Skull crushers 18.5 kg: 12 reps 23.5 kg: 2 x 12 reps with some recovery time towards the end Finished off with 12 reps of tricep cable pull downs with rope for heavy pump. I coach and make training programs for people on a regular basis which includes me having to show the excersizes and many a times do at least a few sets of every work out I show. I did a program today where I pretty *worked out' with him and also did a little house dance routine that had my pulse up, but I don't include that in my total sum of neither resistance or cardio.
  11. Hi Kareno and Pope and thanks for the words of encouragement. Am finding the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle a bit difficult at the moment, though this mostly because I'm living off of take-away currently due to some circumstances at home. And also because I am in an unhealthy love-relationship with sweets that usually contain both eggs and butter (although technically I'd *still* be vegetarian if I ate sweets containing egg, but barely.. Just kind of seems self-defeating from both a moral and health point of view... But damn am I tempted!)
  12. Meh full body splits are- in my experience- very exhausting and demotivating if you want to hit ALL muscle groups every other day in *one* go. It'd take me anywhere from 5-7 hours (cardio included) to get both pump and strength sets in and I still would only achieve mediocre results at best. Definitely good for fat-burn but it didn't help me build particularly much up. Then I switched to a 2 split program and sh*t started happening, triceps I never knew existed started buldging, veins I didn't know I had started popping out and abs I thought were long gone started to slowly appear. Now I'm doing a 3 split. I'd rather do a 2 split, but I just don't hit all muscle groups the way I want to, so I single out an entire day for specific bulk (chest, shoulders, tri- and biceps). But callisthenics are pretty good for both strength and muscle, the BarBrotherzz on Youtube have some insane workouts and they're all pretty big and ripped. Check out Hannibal for King, he's exceptionally amazing.
  13. Yes and no. The female athletes I've seen in my gym are relatively strong but I lift as much if not more than them and I'm just in it for myself. It's about getting that good pump and subsequent hypertrophy if you want the physique. Of course that requires strength and you have to push yourself but not as much as say a power lifter. I feel you though I want both things as well, so I stick to my regular excersizes and the only change I make when I want to go from pump to strength is the resistance and adjust the reps accordingly. But I made a similar thread about wanting strength AND pump and I was suggested to try Mike O'Hearn's 12 week power body- building program. Here check it out: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mike-ohearn/power-bodybuilding/12-week-program.html
  14. Good question. I try to stick to a combination of single joint excersizes (for "specific" bulk) and compound lifts (for the overall bulk and strength) which gives me qives me a 3 split program. Every now and then I'll throw in some basic callisthenics and stability excersizes as well if I want to improve in a specific area or up my effort in footwork/floorwork in dance. Depends on what your goals are. Are you training for something specific?
  15. So for me it is without a doubt, dancing! In particular house and b-boying! Although for the time being I'm just concentrating on house, simply because house is life! Once I'm a little leaner and more flexible I might take up b-boying again. I hope to one day come within a 2 mile radius of b-girl Narumi (my favorite b girl). Her agility, strength and speed is simply amazing: How about you? What are your hobbies? do you find that body-building improves your effort in other physical hobbies?
  16. Hey Beans First of all I officially made the transition to vegetarianism a couple of days ago. Like I said in my initial post, I still very much like the taste of meat and have caught myself wondering if this is going to be yet another fad like my last attempt at veganism. When this happens I just try to think that if no meat was readily available in the supermarkets I wouldn't be out killing cows, and chickens and the very thought of shedding blood and murdering a living being with conciousness repulses me on several levels. So I just try to remind myself of how that meat ended up for sale in the first place. As for your question, then seeing as I joined the green ranks , I decided to share my training journal with you guys. Here have a look, I think you'll find that it answers most of your questions (except diet and currently mine sucks) http://veganbodybuilding.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=35018
  17. Alright so I now feel entitled to take part in this vegan sharing of training journals, because two days ago I finally made the leap in to vegetarianism (not quite vegan yet, but the only dairy products I ingest is chocolate chip cookies that contain some whey powder extracted from milk- aside from that I steer away from pretty much all dairy products). It's a gradual process and once I've gotten more used to the green lifestyle I'll probably take the full leap into veganism. So I currently do a 3-split program and today was back. Warm-up (cardio): 55 mins of house (this is househttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s6a8jOFuaM) Assisted wide grip chin-ups: 3 x 12 (pump) 1x 6 (strength) Stiff legged dead-lifts 40 kg: 12 reps 50 kg: 12 reps 55 kg: 12 reps 60 kg: 10 reps 65 kg: 8 reps 70 kg: 6 reps 75 kg: 4 reps 80 kg: ½ rep (needed sugar at this point) Dumbell rows 18 kg: 12 reps 20 kg: 12 reps 22 kg: 12 reps 24 kg: 8 reps Usually I do a couple of strength sets in dumbell rows as well and will top it off with 6 reps with a 28 kg or 30 kg dumbell, but was feeling lethargic today (perhaps due to the sudden change in diet- still need to adjust my macros) Lateral cable pull-downs 40 kg: 12 reps 45 kg: 10 reps 50 kg: 8 reps Seated cable rows with narrow grip 25 kg: 15 reps 30 kg: 12 reps 35 kg: 10 reps 40 kg: 8 reps Hyper back extensions on slanted stanner (without weight) 3 x 20 with simultaneous row movements Usually I try to skip in between sets and do some push-ups as well for back day, but like I said I was feeling kind of lethargic today. So anyway this is me now (pics below):
  18. Chilling to some Dancehall Mix from 2012... Nice pace of change from the usual house or b-boy music I listen to
  19. Hey Justin Might read up that program later. To be honest I haven't set any competition goals- right now I'm just doing it for myself... You know... Just to see how far I can get. Maybe when I'm more in control of my diet and actually have a low body fat%, I might reconsider. Thanks for the tip.
  20. Hey Beans Some interesting points you make there! I think both you and Jungle might be right. I weighed myself the other way (thinking I still weighed what I implied in my original post) and turns out I weigh 203 lbs! That means I've gained 30 + lbs since my leaner days where I still pushed heavy (just not as heavy as now). Of course let me be honest- it's not all muscle gain- I do have an unnatural fondness of sweets, so a lot of it is just undisciplined diet. For the past 8 months or so I've sort of been "bulking" which renders me a perma-bulker (yikes!) and if I'm not careful... FAT! But still a 2000 kcal cut diet is a little bit unrealistic, seeing as my current calorie maintenance (including training) is 4000 kcal +. I think I might start with a 2500 kcal cut diet with as much clean food as possible and a significantly greater amount of vegetables than what I'm consuming now. And for fast proteins I still have two big spans of whey protein powder I can be creative with, maybe make some good smoothies or protein ice-cream. Also- while idealistically I'd like to go vegan (again)- I realise this is not something I can do overnight and maybe not even in the future... Maybe vegetarianism might be what I can handle at most. Maybe I'll stay a carnivore. I don't know. But I do know my diet needs to be more lean and green- that's for sure! I guess the reason I found myself drawn to the notion of vegan body-building, aside from the obvious health and humanitarian aspect to it- is because it's fitness with a more spiritual approach to it. Anyway definitely some good tips there! Vegan or otherwise everyone could benefit from a more green diet!
  21. Hey all So yesterday was upper body day. And after some good warm up sets (at least 10 reps per set) I usually end up doing a single or maybe two sets of 4-6 repetitions. My current strength set in dumbell chest press is 24 kg (53 lbs) and the 6th rep I can barely do, but I manage to push it up. So just for kicks I tried with 26 kg dumbells and I failed miserably to say the least. I had someone to spot me for the 1st rep and as soon as he let go, the dumbells literally collapsed on my chest (no damage though! good training bras will go a long way!) lol. Okay so I'm not whining, because I acknowledge fully that it's my own fault for not being consistent with lifting at more than 70 % strength- it's honestly just something I do for kicks (occasionally to piss off guys who think I don't belong in the free weights section or the cardio chickens that mean mug me). But a female acquaintant of mine who took 1st place in figure advised me to go for power lifting once I told her about some of my lifts (current leg press is - on a really good day- 400 kg= 881 lbs). Thing is I don't want to be operating at 100% strength continuously and only be able to do low reps thereby losing out on pump and the subsequent bulk. I want the physique of a bodybuilder but the strength of a power-lifter. Is this in any way possible? Or will I be in perpetual conflict? Are any of you both bodybuilders *and* power-lifters? Any good ideas on how to combine a bodybuilding program with powerlifting WITHOUT confusing the body and debilitating the process of proper hyperthrophy? Any suggestions would be appreciated
  22. I haven't transitioned into veganism yet, so I don't know how much this will be worth. However from personal experience I can - with a pretty clear conscience- say that it hasn't helped me one bit. I find that hard-headedness goes a long way. Also if you're wanting to drop your bodyfat, how about incorporating a little more cardio in to your programme? It doesn't have to be a half marathon worth of spurting you add to the programme, but instead of for example warming up with a 20 minute run, warm up with 35 minute run at medium intensity and do that every day. Or there's the traditional approach of 45-60 mins morning cardio followed by many hours rest and then push weights in the evening. Just find that model somewhat inconvenient (or maybe I'm too lazy).
  23. Hey Jungle! Thanks for the elaborate answer, very helpful indeed. Wow you went from 0 pull-ups to 9 ON CUT? And a vegan one at that! That's impressive! I may have more lean mass than you but I'm also at 25 % bodyfat and have considerably more dead-weight to lose than you. I currently have 63.5 kg (ca. 140 lbs) lean mass and 21.5 kg fat ( ca. 47 lbs). Now if I weren't aiming at bodybuilding and just wanted *big but toned* than my current body state would be fine. But ideally I'd want to reduce to 65-70 kg (143 lbs) at 10 % fat and that's damn near impossible without resorting to "help" because -as a woman- the only way you *naturally* get to have as much lean mass as I do now, is if you've got the fat to support it This has been my dilemma for quite some time now, because I'm not just in it for the aesthetics- I'm in it for the strength as well and I especially don't want to lose the latter. And now I want to become vegan making matters even more complicated. I'd love to FB you and have just sent you a PM Regards.
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