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  1. Hey there. So I'm not going to lie. I'm a carnivore. I LOVE meat. But for some time now my conscience doesn't.I don't just view veganism as a healthier approach to food, but as an ideal way of life in that it actually respects life, regardless of race. But here's the deal. I love budybuilding and am an aspiring bodybuilder. Add to that I'm female. Add to that I lift heavy (not just for a chick but heavy period). Add to that I want to cut and get trimmed ( 8-10% bodyfat) and you have is this: - a redundance of fat-depositing estrogen - lack of muscle building hormones (I had my test-levels checked and I'm in the buttom 30 % of low levels for FEMALES) - lack of essential amino acids - and on top of all that, a maximum of a 2000 kcal diet, to do good with. How on this grey earth, would I ever accomplish all of these goals, while effectively getting trimmed and *not* losing more muscle mass than necessary? And subsequently ending up with a higher bodyfat-percent, due to my body having to usurp muscle tissue in order to maintain my training and in the process maybe even damage my ligaments? Now I get that being female and all- I am naturally unlucky when it comes to muscle building. However during my bulking periods with lots of meat and good carbs I'm very prone to becomming big and gaining strength (despite my naturally low test levels- and NO I don't do juice), so I know that I *am* able to be more than just toned (my calves currently measure 46 cm and this is *without* lower body/leg workouts) if I put in the necessary effort. I'm just afraid I'll lose the ability to achieve proper hypertrophy and muscle gain once I go vegan. (And might I add I actually have been vegan/vegetarian before (but back then I didn't bodybuild), which just makes my being a carnivore now somehwat of a disgrace.) Any ideas on how to put together a good vegan bodybuilding diet for trimming down (2000 kcal)with the necessary amount of essential acids? Any help would be appreciaated:-)
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