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  1. Hey all, First off glad to have found this forum, nice to know that this community exists! 7 months vegan and never happier! Went from a meat eater trying to build muscle and gain mass by eating steak, rips and drinking whey protein shakes(which didn't work for me) from age 16-18. Then went vegetarian at age 19 which only lasted a few months. Then right back to old ways began eating the animals again till age 23. One of my close friends mentioned a vegan diet, at first I was very skeptical. What he was talking about was a step beyond a vegetarian's diet, which I did understand but chose to throw away years prior. Also at this time my body was crap, to much booze and a cigarette addiction brought my body to a very slim 128 lbs. long story short, took my buddies advice, started to only eat plants, got the hang of veganism, found Robert Cheeke and Karl Ess(inspiration), quit the smokes just recently, cut down on the beers and now I'm 6 weeks into training. No bull, I am stronger than ever, I am still gaining weight, I have longer workout sessions without fatigue. I would like to post updates, pictures and stats soon just need to find the right thread haha Well that's my introduction, again I am thankful for this forum and this community of like minded people and the idea of shared rights for all, human and animals alike! Adam
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