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  1. page 39. beware, he looks like a bad m****ker ... lol Thanks Maybenot, I've just seen it and the new one as well! Hmm glad he doesn't live anywhere close to mines, would be scared if I met him at night
  2. Thanks, Mr Bear My motivation is coming back, going back to gym on Sat, yoohoo Will be counting calories for two weeks now My yesterday's smoothie: Pineapple, blackberries, raspberries, some soy yoghurt and crushed ice
  3. well done, Mister Bear I'm back in gym on Sat, can't wait now
  4. I thought I will share this picture of me enjoying the amazing British Spring today! But my friends say that it's probably my last winter and I love this phrase so much
  5. Led Zeppelin That was my dad's favorite band ever, he even had a wooden engraved picture of them, I remember when I went to visit him he still had it and he was nearly 50 that time And my first guitar (well it was my grandma's actually) had a little engraving LED - mom told me that she caught dad engraving Led Zeppelin on that guitar but she didn't let him finish And me, as one my friend always says, I have a very ECLECTIC taste in music
  6. yes, please!! I added you on FB if you don't mind, so let me know!!! Aaaaah
  7. Not really, but I grew up with metal. My dad listens to all that kind of music and I remember him saying that thrash or death metal is too soft for him So yeah, my childhood was very tough, I've been listening to Sepultura and Sex Pistols and been seeing Alice Cooper biting the head of chicken and I only heard the kids' songs when I was a preschool teacher myself But he listened to rock and had a very big collection of jazz and blues vinyl as well. I remember sitting on the window sill and listening to Don't Cry of Gnr when I was twelve So I've been more in to rock since then and now I'm listening to a very wide range of music From rock to jazz and blues, from soul to latino tunes (Coz I love salsa!!!), even electric tango and so on
  8. Is that kind of music you listen to? It reminds me of one pub in my town, every time I go there I ask them to play Sepultura's Bloody Roots and they are very happy to please me Where about in that island you live?
  9. OMG OMG OMG, how many sleeps to go now?? And I don't even have sky Atlantic, my friend's dad is going to record it for me so I will be able to watch it only the next day
  10. MF started, but you have continued, so I can't blame only him Naughty boys You must be consuming too much maca You don't like travelling? Aaaww does that mean you won't come for a visit?
  11. Hmmm... guys... I've forgotten what I wanted to say Anyway, 6a.m. way to early Yeah, Mike, Lithuania is cool, but I don't miss it even a bit I miss Italy (but I go back 3-4 times every year), and I know, I will not miss UK But will be definitely coming back often to see my friends
  12. Mike, don't really now, I don't even know to the which part of the island I'm moving to Anyway I will sort the gym thing in the first couple of months, I reckon, after I settle down Well yeah, when you have family commitments, it's not that you can pack your bag and just leave. Stay strong, I'll send you a postcard In my case, I've been living on my own for about 7 years now (Lithuania, Italy, UK), my family's doing well back in my country, I've got no kids no husband, my ex boyfriend was allergic to cats so that stopped me from getting one All positive So I'm free like a bird and ready for some new adventures
  13. Yeah, I'm looking forward to the fruits as well and to the going for a run on the beach I already thought that as at the beginning I'll be definitely not be able to go the gym there, so I'm taking my resistance tubs with me so I can do my Cxworks exercises So what's holding you in UK?
  14. Awww, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, sorry But then just think, even if you fit in the luggage, what about weight restrictions? I don't think I'm allowed more that 25kg! You just better get a ticket and come with me there's enough place under the palms for everybody
  15. Ross, I heard that they miss loads of things, but I think that's normal, as the books are always more informative and better than the movies! Confusing? I'm already confused sometimes while watching the series, coz I normally do something, like ironing and stuff, so I don't really get sometimes how they are all related or how can they be all kings and so on
  16. Haha, non of my expectations were fulfilled How tall are you? Yeah at least I have a short simple name, coz when it comes to my surname... it's quiet challenging normally people in offices and places like that just say, do you mind if I call you... Toma?
  17. btw, Ross, is each book for a season? Like if I wanna know what happens in the 3rd season, should I read the 3rd book then?
  18. Toma And yeah, I might have some space for a bear, if it's a cute little teddy bear
  19. no, pasta is EVIL, it controls me and tells me to it more I wouldn't mind to be a student (normally I study something on my own all the time!), what I mean is that I always wanted a comfy life in a nice stylish house, so I spent loads of money on all of that, all the interior shit and so on Yeah, I started selling some things already, the things that I don't need/use anyway, even if I decide to stay at the end. And yeah, I will definitely use ebay - it takes time, but if I can get some of my money back, so it's okay. Every little helps
  20. I haven't read the books, my friend has them all but they are way to big But I love the series!!! Watched the last four episodes in two nights now
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