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  1. @Dylan: It's a routine called StrongLifts 5x5, which focuses on compounds. I seem to be having decent results so far, putting on some of that truant leg muscle. I try to increase 5 lbs (2.5 each) each time I hit the gym. Stats: Squats: 160 (57.5) Bench: 145 (50) Deadlifts: same Overhead press: 80 (17.5) Barbell row: 95 (25)
  2. Around a month into Stronglifts 5x5: All in pounds () are for weight on each side [makes it easier for me] Squats: 150 (52.5) Bench: 140 (47.5) Deadlifts: 105 (30) Overhead Press: 75 (15) Barbell row: 90 (22.5) Pullups: 12
  3. Hi, I'm 22, been vegan for over a year - vegetarian and male since forever. Vegan not for any health reasons, but pretty much the moral arguments. Started hitting the gym (on and off) few years back in true n00b progression - doing machines, not doing lower body et al. Anyway I'm a month into Stronglifts 5x5 after it was recommended by a friend - I've gotten gains (in strength anyway). I also swim a fair bit (2-3 times a week, 40-ish laps) and plan to cycle seriously. Not taking any supplements. Right now my diet is pretty random - I try to eat raw healthy but I don't say no to junk food. I like to cook though, so I'd like to learn about good ways to get good vegan protein. Anyway joined this forum to see what the bodybuilding experience is for other vegans (I don't know any other vegans here, let alone vegan gym rats). My goals: nothing lofty - just the basics like get stronger, and challenge myself.
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