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  1. Thank you Thank you! Sexy tofu whaaaaat?! I'll have to try that! Where is that at? Seattle has such great places to eat!
  2. Thank you! I am really happy with my decision, I just can't believe it took me so long to get it right! Yes I still care about my appearance of course but I'm 100% positive if I eat healthy, workout and enjoy myself then results aka my appearance will follow too xoxo <3
  3. Did you want my sample diet and routine? I'll try my best to write one out. My routine just changed starting this week to a fat burning program so I don't know how that will go. But the one I had before was a muscle building program which was like : Monday: Back/Chest Tuesday: Shoulders/quads Wednesday: Hams/Arms Thursday:Cardio strength Friday:cardio Saturday: Full body Sunday:Rest. And I did 30 min cardio/intervals on a empty stomach about 3-4xs a week. My rep range was 8-12 and 3 sets. I stopped measuring my food and eating the same thing since I committed to being vegan but the foods I ate were quinoa, Ezekiel bread, avocado, kale, fruits, pea protein, beans, faux meats, yams, vegan protein baked goods, oats, green veggies for example. I eat out a lot so its tough to calculate now. haha Had a protein shake about 2-3xs a day and juiced a lot. Tried to eat about 1470 cals a day. Hope that helps
  4. THANK YOU!!! <3 I'm trying to get people to recognize how good food can taste being vegan and its working Enjoying life more than ever now! Pretty proud haha
  5. http://i46.tinypic.com/35bdu6s.jpg My non-vegan "before" picture. Eating 6xs a day, high protein, low carbs. Lifted 5xs a week. Not really doing any cardio. http://i48.tinypic.com/kbanuq.jpg After turning vegan a few months after the before pic. Cardio and intervals, lift weights 3-4xs a week. I started juicing my veggies and fruits too. I feel so much better and enjoy food more I'm new to this forum so decided to check it out and upload progress pictures like everyone else. haha I recently committed to being vegan after a lot of relapsing. I was too caught up on getting protein which made it hard for me to commit. I didn't feel that great during my meatless intense weight training days. I built muscle in all the right places and I felt strong and looked good. But I still wasn't happy. After making the change, I am feeling better than ever. I'm not even concerned about looks anymore and I feel like my food variety is much bigger and healthier. Why did it take me this long to commit! Now I can eat at Chaco Canyon everyday But, I still would like to cut up. I have my workouts all figured out. But the food I'm still concerned about. The high protein foods in a vegan diet is also high in carbs. Is there a high protein food that is low in carbs, not too processed and not tofu/soy?!
  6. Hi everyone! My name is Emily Young and I'm a junior in college. Oh by the way, I'm only 20. Well anyways, I sparked an interest in fitness and health when I was 16 or somewhere around that. I didn't really know what to eat or do but I ran a lot! Then I read the book skinny bitch and watched food inc. which made me look at food totally different. I've attempted streaks of being meatless for years and kept on relapsing. When I was 18 I became interested in bodybuilding and lifting weights so I got a trainer which helped me so much. I began eating extremely clean but my diet was mainly meat and vegetables. All I cared about was protein. I cut dairy out almost completely. Then in September 2012 I became a trainer at 24 hour fitness in downtown Seattle for a while. There I began detoxing. But after so when I returned to my normal diet I didn't feel good. I was also obsessed with my image which drove me nuts. After all the detoxing I've done, I realized that I was ready to commit to being vegan. After all the attempts and relapses I've had, I knew I was ready. I committed to being vegan then I began feel mentally and physically better. I changed my goals to performance rather than appearance. But, I was still concerned with keeping muscle, so I bought Vegan bodybuilding and fitness and ended up on here. Well that's my introduction. Don't be afraid to ask me any questions
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