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  1. so ive got a question, hoping someone can help... i think ive got some abdominal separation happening from my first pregnancy about 3 years ago. i just found out what that is, so im kind of past the point of reversal (so i think, or it will be harder to reverse at this point). since then ive done lots of ab workouts (they say it worsens it). ok so heres my problem...i know of at least one workout that can help with it, which i really want to start doing, but im pregnant again. im about 15 weeks along. so my question is, is it pointless to do the reversal workout now? should i wait? or should i work on my abs like normal and then try to fix it after i give birth? or should i completely avoid the area? ps, the workout involves holding the abs together with a scarf or other form of binding. which im not sure is necessarily "good" to do while pregnant. i know that pregnancy isn't an excuse to not workout, but ya know- binding my tummy right now doesn't seems logical. thanks! cheers, Brezi
  2. you know that sounds a hell of a lot like the four hour body diet. its called the slow carb diet. but its not a plant based thing. when I ate meat, I did it and lost like 8 lbs in 7 days and like 8 inches around my whole body. what's a typical day look like for you? because I wanted to get back on that diet but I couldn't find foods to fit it. its a little different, you're supposed to eat 30grams of protien within the first 30minutes of waking. and then very little carbs all week except for one "cheat day" where you are told to pretty much eat your ass out of anything you want lol.
  3. hmm what's CBL? sounds cool lol. I'm always up for a challenge and a change. I have done a fair amount of reading on IF and I think the benefits are awesome. I like to train fasted..I feel a greater amount of energy when I do. idk yet about the mono thing. its basically where you only eat one type of food at meal time. some people only do it for breakfast, like having 6 bananas for breakfast then resume regular eating. some do just one food for days at a time. some only do one food for breakfast, a diff one for lunch and a diff one for dinner...you get the idea. its supposed to be easy on your digestive system while still providing enough calories and nutritional content to sustain you for a day, or days at a time.
  4. hey thanks Fork! i kicked my own ass the past few days, so i didnt go today- but heres what i did the yesterday or day before, in less detail because i have mommy brain! did arms and abs, abs first with the four-hour-body half ball crunches! HURT to do more abs i did slow leg lifts, and some bicycle crunches then hopped on a resistance machine and did ab twists about 20 each side arms: 15lb behind the head triceps X30 15lb bicep curls X20 each arm 20lb bicep resistance machine X10 each arm 20lb chest on the resistance machine X20-ish and i think thats it for strength cardio: 10-15 min on a bike plan on some yoga tonight for my recovery day, and tomorrow too! staying on my eating pretty well, thinking of doing a mono detox pretty soon. i did the master cleanse, well only for 4 days. i really enjoyed that. i do IF (intermittent fasting) everyday for at least 14 hours, and i really like it. im just trying to figure out if i can strength train on a mono diet...? hmm
  5. thanks D, I'm a recovering social phobic..... paranoia just comes natural i guess lol but , i really didnt mean it like that. here's what i did ta-day! 2-28-13 Cycle A Cardio (bike) 11 minutes 10lb kettle bell 1. Single Arm KB Swings (right) x 10 reps 2. KB Thrusters (right) x 10 reps 3. Single Arm KB Swings (left) x 10 reps 4. KB Thrusters (left) x 10 reps 5. 2-Handed KB Swings x 50 consecutive swings Cardio (bike) 14 minutes then i did on top of this, 1. 14 (7 each way) of the hands to forearm plank thing. 2. 10 or 15 leg lifts for abs 3. 20 kettle bell standing twist for abs 4. 20 goblet squats this was all done in about 45 minutes then, DH came home and wanted to go work out, so we did! i did this the second time around!...... 15lb kettle bell (uped it 5 lbs) 1. Single Arm KB Swings (right) x 15 reps 2. KB Thrusters (right) x 15 reps +5 w/o squating 3. Single Arm KB Swings (left) x 15 reps 4. KB Thrusters (left) x 15 reps +5 w/o squating 5. 2-Handed KB Swings x 45 consecutive swings Cardio (bike) 15 minutes
  6. alright so don't laugh...here's my starting measurements: 2-27-13 NECK:13 CHEST:35.75 BICEP:RT:12.25, LF:12.35 FOREARM:RT:9.5, LF:9.25 WAIST:32 HIPS:37 BUTT:37.25 THIGH:RT:21.75, LF:22.5 CALF:RT:13, LF:13.25 Haven't weighed today, but ill say 132, since that what's it was last time So here's vat i plan to do tomorrow.... anybody heard of the 4 hour body? well i like his logic, so lets see how this kettle bell thingy majigger goes! starting with an (a) (b) cycle for now til i find something that works for meh, or maybe stick wif it..who knows 2-28-13 Cycle A Cardio 10 minutes 1. Single Arm KB Swings (right) x 10 reps 2. KB Thrusters (right) x 5 reps 3. Single Arm KB Swings (left) x 10 reps 4. KB Thrusters (left) x 5 reps 5. 2-Handed KB Swings x 25 reps x 2 sets or 50 consecutive swings Leg press Lunges Cardio 15 minutes ill be back! (in Arnold vioce) to update if i actually made it through this! or did more than this! xoxo, Brezi
  7. hey thanks Dylan! i think ive found a great kettle bell routine, in fact ill get started on that journal right meow. you have one? ill look out for it!
  8. oop found the journals! thinking im going to make up a plan this week and next week really start training. i did full body the other day and im beat, so just guna do some cardio and recover and get on it monday morning. thanks again!!
  9. thanks guys, is there a sticky I'm missing for journals? anyways I'm from the Springs. never actually been to fort collins but I know a few people that moved there after high school. I do like that app from bodybuilding. com...awesome stuff. I just don't like that you gotta log in every time you enter the app, and that its like a website embedded in an app makes it hard to find your way around. lol, sorry...started getting picky about that stuff, my husband is an android programmer. anyways, ill look for those journals an start one myself thanks! ")
  10. HELLO! My name is Brezi, i reside in Colorado, love the shit out of Colorado. I've been vegan for almost a year, went vegetarian like 3 months before being vegan. I've always been interested in health and fitness, though my lifestyle didnt always reflect that. now, ill be 21 march 11th, i went from my heaviest at 186 (postpartum). but i quickly lost 20 lbs because of breast feeding, the next 20 lbs took almost a year...(poor yoyo dieting and lack of exercise/motivation) anyways, after the vegan transition the next 10 lbs came off, then i plateaued at like 135 which brings me to present time---- sw:186 cw:132 gw:??? im a newbie at lifting weights, now that ive read and seen a few things about how no matter your gender, LIFT WEIGHTS! yes, yes, sadly i fell victim to the dreaded phrase "i dont want to get too bulky" hahaha.... luckily, i.would.fuckin.love.to.get."bulky"! i just need a little help making a game plan as to when and what to do in the gym. im no stranger to the gym, just to the weight room. and honestly im a bit intimidated by the wonderfully stacked females that pretty much claim territory in there ._. oh how i long to lift like them! i have incredible will power, motivation, and TIME one my hands to get in shape! i just need some direction (free direction) im researching, and reading books, and what nots...just want to know if someone cant point me in the direction of a good beginners routine. my GW is at ??? bcuz i did a body fat percentage check and it said my GW should be 131....so really i have no goal weight anymore (thank the lord! i hate that shit) now its just about MUSCLE...GRRRRRRRRRRRRR THANKS!!!
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