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  1. wow... thats very little weight. you should post your diet, to see if you´re really eating that much (i thought i was eating more than I should until I counted the calories and realized that I was in fact undereating) anyway try with loads of oats, I let them soak overnight in rice milk and soy yoghurt with peanut butter and have it for breakfast. a lot of rice, pasta and brown bread including as many veggies as you can. and bananas, a lot of them. if you´re on the way u can make your own protein bars, in youtube u have many videos, choose the one u like most
  2. thanx, could u post more or less what u eat? I must be quite careful because i´m skinny fat so if I eat a little too much i get belly fat fast, very fast, and if i eat too little i lose the little muscle i have...
  3. i don´t take any dairy products. I have already protein powder but I can´t rely on it every time... its not a complete meal
  4. you get bored not because of what you´re eating but because of how you´re eating it... with those ingredients you can make many many different dishes... only rice is so versatile... learn to cook... buy a couple of books and try things
  5. if you want power try a homemade energy drink then... caffeine and taurine can be bought in the web and are quite cheap, add some vitamin B complex and some vitamin C and if you want some powder dextrose and there you have it. But be very careful with the amount of caffeine, think a red bull has 85mg per can, don´t use more. and no, taurine doesn´t come from any part or fluid of the bull... its synthetic (it would be rather expensive if not) I use this mix now and then and it works great. the amount of taurine is not so critical, I use around 1gr... that´s the amount in a red bull too.
  6. I usually cook something like for 4 or 5 days and freeze it... take it out the night before and in my work just heat it... specially with things which take long like lentils. the only thing I don´t freeze is potatoes... the become... juck
  7. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if u eat different on rest days. I´ve read it´s good to go higher on protein and lower on carbs on rest days. If so, what kind of things do you eat? for meat eaters is easy but without meat I cant figure out how to eat low carb. thanks
  8. Hello, due to an injury I´ve changed my training schedule, that means I have 2 days (instead of 1) with cardio training, so low carb. I usually eat green beans with a small potato... but its quite boring to eat that once a week every week... not to mention twice a week. Has someone recipes or ideas for a low carb meal which I can take to work? thanx
  9. in Regensburg, bayern... so we don´t drink Pils here... Helles only, which is 0,5L...or Starkbier in Autumn and Spring
  10. Hi, I like going out with friends quite often, and since I live in Germany, Beer here is a must... Luckily the law forbids any additive to beer... so it´s quite "healthy" I´m trying to cut it out or at least drink not so much. Fruit juice and soda usually has loads of sugar so, what do people here drink when partying? thanx
  11. thanks for the answer, ill try eating less calories... i can´t listen to my body... he´s always telling me to eat... doesn´t matter if I train or not...
  12. hi, yesterday i was injured and i wont be able to train for some time... at least a month or so. should i reduce my calorie intake? how much? thanx
  13. thanx for your answer. not animal is clear, if not it wouldnt be vegan body building my problem is: protein or CH? or both? which kind of CH? bread? banana?
  14. thanx, I´ll try to do something like that... let´s see how it works
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