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  1. Sorry to go back to the "gorilla army" part, but I assume that it is meant to be a play on words because a "guerilla" army is an army that doesn't follow the mainstream military conventions and instead uses a more effective means to use their numbers. So I have a feeling "Gorilla Army" might on one level just be about being strong vegans, but on another level be also about thinking outside the square and not letting yourself be trapped by mainstream conventions. If you're wondering what I mean by "guerilla" warfare, thinking the Vietcong or Al Qaida, using much larger forces and much greater technology the US hasn't really been able to "win" because they don't play the game in a way in which there can be a winner.
  2. Muay thai and wrestling will stop you going to the ground and if you've done muay thai for a while they won't even get close to you... those leg kicks absolutely kill, even with a shield. Learn Brazillian jiu jitsu and you will use your wrestling to take people to the ground just so you can have some fun (only relevant for 1v1). Bjj has changed the way I look at everything, I also do some wrestling, but I really see it as a means to getting people to the ground or stopping them taking me down. I've done boxing, the foot work will win you a street fight easily (if you're not drunk) and I've done a bit of muay thai, only enough to learn a low and mid leg kick. At the end of the day any self defense training will probably lead you to win a fight against somebody who hasn't trained, if you do sparring, just because you learn to control your mind and body. I would probably recommend Krav Maga for somebody who is willing to kill if need be, Muay Thai and wrestling for somebody who is serious about self defense and would rather stay standing and BJJ for somebody who is a pacifist and would rather choke somebody out than KO them, or if you want to toy with them or rip their arm off
  3. I guess I may as well make this a meal log as well, get some critiques etc. Today has been a bit of a fail so far as I woke up too late and then tried to eat too much to compensate which just made me take ages to move on to the important stuff. So the the first thing I did when I woke up was drink 1l of water, which I heard is good to rehydrate you and might even increase your metabolism. Unfortunately I think that I had to much water this morning as my breakfast had a lot of watermelon! So I think I might try drinking 500mls and then the other 500mls after breakfast. Breakfast: 1.7kg of watermelon and 2 large pink ladies - 750 calories (I'm out of bananas atm, this will usually be about 1000 calories) After workout snack: 11 mandarines - 450 calories Late afternoon snack: 720g roast sweet potato (yum!) - 650 calories Dinner: 2 cups brown rice, salad mix, 400g sweet potato, 2 large celery sticks - 830 calories Snack: 500g grapes - 345 calories Total- 3025 calories. Usually I wouldn't eat sweet potato twice and fruit after rice, but I was trying to make up the calories because I didn't start eating until like midday. I'm pretty happy that I managed to get up to 3000 calories, but after I get more bananas I will be looking at at least 3500 calories per day.
  4. Yeah I usually die after 40. I have a female friend who lasted almost 10 minutes... like she's tiny, but still that's insane.
  5. Try and keep in mind that short term your weight doesn't really matter, especially since most of the weight from fruits is water, plus I assume you're drinking extra water to help with your digestion. The first time I tried the 811 diet I ate heaps, my digestion got really good, however I bombed out and had to give it up after a few weeks. I found out the hard way that just because I was eating heaps, it didn't mean I was getting enough calories. Fortunately this time round I have learnt from my mistakes and I force myself to eat enough calories (minimum of 2500, preferably closer to 3500). The problem I'm having this time is that I stopped eating for a bit over a week (who knew hard breakups could give you almost instant eating disorders??) before starting, so I'm still struggling to force enough food into my stomache. I also eat brown rice and sweet potato at night to give me a calorie boost. So yeah, the biggest problem that most people have is eating the wrong foods and ending up with like 1500 calories, even though they haven't stopped eating. Banana smoothies are your best friend! Easy 1000 calorie meal. I know I'm new, but I figure every bit of experience is relevant.
  6. Glad I got your attention... now give me feedback, advice and motivation! Ok today I started the first day of my new lifestyle. Not only am I eating a healthy vegan diet, but from today I am also doing a calisthenics based workout regime. I went to bed late last night and as a result I don't think I got in enough calories before my workout (woke up late, therefore had less time to workout) which resulted in me going at a lower intensity than I would have liked, however that doesn't mean it was easy! Unfortunately I didn't have access to a bar to do pull ups today, so I might do them tomorrow, but I will definitely include them in my next workout So today I did, in order: Diamond push ups- 2x 20 Squats (body weight, going the whole way down)- 3x 20 Push ups- 2x 20 Calf raises (didn't feel very effective)- 3x 20 Wide push ups- 2x 20 Plank- 1min, 40 secs, 30 secs. I know it was pretty basic and easy (in theory!) but as it was the first time I have worked out in close to a year I am already sore. I'm planning on doing a bit of skipping later. So yeah this is the beginning, everybody has to start somewhere and I can't wait to see what improvements I've made in a month.
  7. col0016

    Hey all.

    Hey everyone apparently I made an account here a while ago, but I've only just decided to get serious with some bodybuilding. So my back story, I'm Jamie, a 22 year old male uni student from Ballarat, Australia. I've always been pretty weak, I used to do traditional bodybuilding stuff with a mate which gave me an alright base, however that was a while ago. I just broke up with my girlfriend and I'm using that as motivation to get myself into a serious routine! I've recently turned vegan and am 80/10/10 (anybody else sick of bananas? ) My main goals are strength and aesthetics (aren't they everyones?) I never used to care about aesthetis, but I'd really love to get a solid chest and abs just because I have always been a bit tubby (not fat) and I have a slight pidgeon chest, which I'm hoping some muscle will cover up. I will mainly be doing calisthenic work outs and sprints/running, just mainly because I don't really like gyms and I'm really jealous of the functional strength that people who do calisthenics have. I went around and scouted out all the local playgrounds and schools and found one where I can do pull ups thankfully. At the moment I try to get around 3000 calories a day, mostly from fruit, however with this I'm going to assume I'll need to up it by at least 500. I'll start a training log tomorrow to try and motivate me to stay the course and I'd really appreciate it if you could all give me tonnes of feedback/advice anything to encourage me to keep coming back, because I really feel that some form of accountability will be key for me! Also if by chance anyone on here is from Ballarat, message me! Cheers, Jamie.
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