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  1. Saw them play Toronto twice. Band was really cool, glad they're not hopping on the band wagon with a lot of other bands playing reunions. To be honest though, you weren't missing too much live, pretty sloppy. Haha good to know!! I'm sure the energy made up for it! I miss shows
  2. Warm up Flat bench 10x155 8x175 5x185 Decline bench machine Weight is on each arm 12x70 10x90 6x105 Drop set until failure Cable flys 10x45 10x35 10x30 5x60 Incline bench press 10x115 6x135 5x135 8x115 Flat bench burn outs 130lbs
  3. ^dude! I know. Never got to see them play before they broke up
  4. Warm up Squats 10x185 10x205 6x225 Calfs and hamstring burn outs Leg curls 10x50 10x70 8x90 50 lbs until failure Deadlifts 10x155 8x205 6x225 3x245 5x155 Leg extensions 10x70 10x90 12x150
  5. Yes! I've been training them harder these past few weeks. I want to get them a bit bigger.
  6. Thursday: 2.6 mile run Friday: 5 min jogging warm up Supert set 1: Hammer curls 10x30 8x35 6x40 Skull crushers 10x60 10x70 6x80 Set 2: Dumbell curls 10x35 10x35 10x35 Tricep pushdown 10x65 8x90 5x100 Set 3: Reverse grip curls barbell 10x40 8x50 6x70 Dumbell standing tricep extensions 20x20 20x20 20x20 Burn outs with dumbel curls 15 lbs to 10 lbs
  7. I'm not a trainer.. But hey! I'm a newbie also! Good luck on your journey
  8. Some of my fav Final Fight Have Heart Righteous Jams
  9. I don't feel i'm slower. Perhaps, since i didn't really loose weight just eliminated some fat and gained muscle
  10. Supposedly it helps with burning fat. I just like it for the energy. Gives me an alert energy feeling
  11. 5 min warmup Mini super sets Set 1: Dumbell side raises 15x15lbs 10x20 10x30 3setsx25x45lbs plate each arm Set2: Bar shrugs 10x205 10x225 10x225 Standing shoulder press bar 10x105 10x95 8x95 Set3: Bar shrugs (behind the legs) 10x225 10x225 10x225 Standing shoulder press bar (behind neck) 10x95 8x95 6x95 --- Bar 45lbs until failure Wide grip shrugs 135 until failure
  12. 30 min core training Circuits of crunches, kicks, and free- weight squats
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