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  1. Ive been doing a post workout shake when I get home from the gym. Unfortunately I don't get home until about an hour after my workout, sometimes an hour and a half. Should I scrap the post work out shake at that point and just work on having a meal? Just wondering if I am out of the "window" and if its worth it?
  2. I make my blends on truenutrition.com, not sure if they service out your way though.
  3. Thanks for the welcome Dylan, Past few years I've been living in Dayton, Ohio area. I guess we have a vegan cafe opening up soon in the area, pretty excited to check that place out. I mostly ignore their shenanigans. I think they're ridiculous comments help to strengthen my resolve in a way.
  4. ManOWar, Gods of War album! Hail and Kill!!!
  5. Welcome man, new here myself. I know how it is. I deal with this everyday at work. Some just playful banter that's usually so extreme and far off that you can't take it seriously anyway, the rest just furthers my resolve to stick with the diet. But you're among like minded folks here!
  6. Thanks for the reply. Thats the thing, my goals are exactly that, to get below 10% BF. I am only on the 3rd week of my program, tracking my progress and nutrition along the way. I have gone back and forth a little over the two weeks. I will try to nail down some more protein to bring down my carbs closer to 40-45% for a few weeks and see what that gets me.
  7. I am. I ate relatively healthy before and got interested after my wife and I had been trying alot of new recipes. Turned out that a lot of these recipes were vegetarian and some even vegan. I had considered trying vegetarian for a few weeks and possibly vegan if that went well, just to see what it was about. Then I come home from work one day and my wife had watched a few documentaries and wanted to give a vegan diet a shot for Lent (she's Catholic). We were so excited to begin we started a few weeks early and been going strong ever since. I enjoy it and don't dwell on tasty things I don't eat anymore. I like to think about all the healthier and new things we've added into our diet. My friends and coworkers don't understand and to be honest, maybe I didn't either until doing it.
  8. I have had certain protein, fat, carb ratios drilled into my head for the past few years. Usually something like 30%P, 40%C and 30%F or some variation shifting 5% or so around here and there depending on goals and results. But now on a vegan diet I find it harder to reach these ratios. I have been sticking mostly to legumes as my main protein sources, nuts, beans, seeds etc. I have been trying to avoid soy and gluten heavy products as a main source and enjoy them more as a treat from time to time. So far my goal has been to get a minimum amount of protein per meal (20g right now, 4-5 meals a day) via beans, nuts etc and filling out the rest of each meals with the other food groups. The issue I run into is, consuming the amount of legumes to get my 20g of protein per meal adds in so many carbs (beans, quinoa) or fats (nuts) that my ratios get all jacked up. So I am wondering, do I need to stress out about these ratios or just focus on meeting my protein, caloric, vitamin and overall nutrition needs for the day? Part of me, granted a ignorant part, says "these are healthy foods, slower digesting carbs/good fats" maybe its not that big of deal. I would greatly appreciate thoughts and comments on this, Thanks
  9. Bob here, I am relatively new to vegan lifestyle (mostly dietary at this point 5 weeks going strong) and excited to have found this community. I hope to gain valuable insight that will help me achieve my fitness goals while holding true to the vegan diet as well.
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