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  1. its unrealistic comments / huge wish lists like that that kinda makes us blokes totally uninterested... what ever happened to liking a guy (or gal in my case) and having to weigh up the pros and cons of their personality (obviously you have to really like them) and learning to compromise which is a two way thing... i remember when i split up from my wife i had a silly wish list of things that i wanted etc but in the end it all boiled down to wether i was happy for once.. i soon discovered that if you have an open mind and are happy...... folk will flock.. and im not so bothered about a partner being vegan either as im not a preacher.. in fact, live and let live is what i say as we is all different, i rememeber 20 years ago when i was a carnivor and i was seeing this young lady who was vegan and she drove me nuts with her forcing me to be vegan and have quorn breath just like her... it wasnt until i kicked her into touch and a year later i started being interested in any possibility of a change of diet but i sure as hell wasnt gonna do it with her seeing as she was ramming it down my throat every 10 mins... people will change willingly if they want to and i know many a carnivor who eat meat only a few times a week now and never have meat for breakfast or lunch and kinda follow the RAW diet during the day and have interesting foods on an evening... its the pig sandwiches they always miss (of which thats the one i miss too) anyway..... reduce your list and i may think about moving to NY...lol
  2. im trying to work out which Post-Workout Recovery Drink Powder is the best out there... iv heard USN Recover Xcell aint so shabby.... but what do "you" think?
  3. sun warrior is all natural and doesnt have any sugar in it.... oh, and the price difference is cool too... far better than pea powder or soy... i hear folk prefer the choc shakeology out of the 3
  4. hi guys, iv just signed up and am still working myself around all the topics but i kinda need some specific help regarding my training... Im on week 4 of the "Insanity home fitness jobby" and iv hit an energy wall (i havent really worked out in 10 years and i was a carnivor then) issue.. Im trying my best to eat the right things but im really struggling... i dont understand the calories thing so im kinda making it up but my typical day is as follows 6am- small coconut yogurt with half tin of prunes or soya milk and porrage + 2 pints of water 6:30am - insanity fitness (apparently burns about 1400 calories durning and post workout) 7:30am - 2 oranges, 2 bananas and 30grams ofgoji berries in a homemade smoothie.. i do add other things like grapes or strawberries etc to it if i have any spare but the first 3 items are my staple 10am - apple or summit same 12pm - 2 pints of green juice.. 5 carrots, 4 celery, 1 apple,1 beet, 2 inch of ginger, half fresh chillie, and top up stuff like stalk of Broccoli, some fresh spinich n other bits 3pm - apple or summit 6-7pm wholewheat pasta with homemade tomato and basil sauce with craploads of olive oil with a salad for my sweet... which is normal salad staples and 2 beetroot, half avacado, grated carrot, 1 mushroom chopped, half apple chopped up with maybe strawberries or a quarter mango chopped up or both.... i have lost 6" from my waist and now just have a pesky bit around my tummy button which im hoping will go in next few weeks.... and the rest of my stomach is flat and have abs showing... but i just have flatlined with my energy.... im new to vegan btw so any help would be really helpful... in a weeks time im on month 2 and im gonna need more energy
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