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  1. Here I am at two weeks out - Operation "See My Six Pack" in full effect! Thanks for the encouragement
  2. Looking very shredded! I love Vega products for the recovery aspect, too. I'm doing my first figure competition in 2 weeks and have been cranking out two a days for at least two months now. The employees at my gym comment on how nice and happy I am this close to showtime, because they say everyone else complains. Naturally it's because they eat dry chicken breast all day every day. I tell them it's because I eat real food that is good for me and tastes good, too. I especially like seeing men go vegan because so many people still think you have to eat steak to be a "real man." Kudos to you for doing research and taking control of your health
  3. Greetings from Greenville, SC! This is Erin, 29, and I'm competing in my first figure show June 15. I posted my "six weeks out" pic in the progress section but realized I never completed an intro. I love my job, which is teaching personal training at a technical college. My students are fascinated by my lifestyle and much more open minded and inquisitive about it than I thought they would be in this part of the country. I have proven to them that a person can be strong, healthy, beautiful and have tons of energy on a plant-based diet, and I try to give them as much information as I can so they can help clients who are interested in going vegetarian or vegan. I have been vegetarian since age 17 and about 90% vegan from 2007-2013, and I made the commitment three months ago to be 100% vegan from now on. I love spreading the message, and I can't wait to represent on stage! I plan on doing a few shows this summer, and my goal after that may be training for fitness competitions because I have a dance and gymnastics background. I also hope to get involved with plant-powered athlete teams and writing and activism opportunities. I'm feeling pretty alone and this stage in the training, because I'm surrounded by meatheads and juiceheads. I still need some advice for the last two weeks of prep, so please direct me to links already posted on here and/or some good resources or online coaching I can purchase. Thanks, and I look forward to "meeting" more fit vegans!!!
  4. WOW, you look incredible! I'm doing my first figure show on June 15 and am terrified, but seeing you has boosted my motivation a notch. Keep up the fantastic work!
  5. I live in SC now, but I lived in Pensacola for 11 years and traveled the panhandle frequently. The Pensacola options listed are great ones, and you can also have success with Mellow Mushroom and Moe's in the Ft. Walton/Destin area. There is a Cactus Flower in Navarre, and also try The Slippery Mermaid. They will substitute tofu in the sushi rolls that contain fish. There's one that has avocado, toasted coconut and sweet chili sauce that is to die for! Hope you enjoy it there - it's so beautiful and I miss it!
  6. I am competing as a vegan in my first natural figure show June 15 in Spartanburg, SC. I just got my suit last night, and I'm excited to keep building and shredding! I love when people can't believe I built these muscles with plants I'm actually incredibly nervous about pulling this off, so any advice or encouragement would be wonderful!
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