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  1. cheers Dylan...I'll give that a go
  2. Hello everyone. Have spent the last couple of days reading this board and have really enjoyed all of your posts. I've been a member of this board before (some years ago). I was vegan- high end raw, and felt great. Unfortunately I went back to eating meat. For several reasons that I won't go into. However, within a matter of weeks I saw my health deteriorate and noticed more injuries occuring from my training. I am now returning to veganism and am already feeling the benefits. I've missed this lifestyle a lot. At present my training is pretty limited to legs (with machine weights only) and cardio, due to a painful rotator cuff/pec injury. Does anyone out there have any experience of injuries clearing up when switching to a more alkaline diet? I'm assuming that inflammation will be greatly reduced?? Look forward to hearing from everyone and chatting in the future. x
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