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  1. Plant based registered dietitians might be able to help you out with a custom meal plan you can check out Julianna Hever R.D
  2. Hi Everyone I have been searching the net for days and days trying to find a VEGAN multi-vitamin that is good quality and completely hypoallergenic,the one I really like has lanolin s ourced D3 so I am looking for an alternative.It needs to be gluten and soy free as well.I usually find vegan and gluten free but it will contain soy.So its really hard to find. IF ANYONE KNOWS OF A BRAND PLEASE REFER ME TO IT!!!
  3. Hi I hope someone can answer my questions I have a serious D deficiency and I have been prescribed the prescription D2 50,000 iu per week,but I have read that D2 is not biologically as effective as D3.I am also worried about the source of D3 I do not want to take the prescription one because it has Gelatin caps,and I am looking for a cruelty free vegetarian source D that would be medical grade quality to truly get my levels up.I have found a few options but I am worried that it wont be as effective if its not lanolin sourced and because I do not believe in animal cruelty i would not want to contribute to the harm of animals.I keep putting off taking vitamin D because I am confused about which and how much to take.What should I do any suggestions?
  4. Hello Everyone greetings of peace be with all I am new here,I am currently battling allot of health problems and wanted to put myself in the midst of those who are doing so well It is to be my inspiration.I have been battling many health issues, and hit a rock bottom in life."There really is no where to go but up from here,and I am not looking back.I became a vegan when I was a teen and it changed my life,at first it went great and I was happy,however after a couple years I got really sick not because of the vegan diet,but because I did not know that I had multiple food allergies,I ended up with an eating disorder.Then I was diagnosed with severe inflammation in my intestines with IBS,I also developed hypoglycemia,PCOS insulin resistance and was so sick I did not know what to eat because everything made me sick,I thought adding chicken and fish back to my diet would help,I did not really want to but I did.My health never improved it only worsened.And then in 2005 I had a back injury and 3 bulging discs with spinal arthritis.I became bedridden for a long period of time and my diet was rice centered I ate rice for breakfast lunch and dinner rice cookies,rice milk.I was scared to eat because anytime i tried something else I would become horribly ill for days and was hospitalized with high blood pressure,severe diarrhea and dehydration.My diet was rice pasta,rice,rice bread,corn chips,boiled potatoes,with chicken or turkey a few times a week.This diet was disaster for me and made me become morbidly obese which was shocking to me since in my mind I did not eat any "junk food or fat.My cholesterol went up,blood pressure went up and I became insulin resistant with PCOS. Recently I underwent extensive food allergy testing and found out exactly what I am allergic to which has been a big help,but I still have extreme digestive issues,and cant handle allot of healthy things easily.I got a high powered blender and I am planning on blending things to make them easier to digest.I also found out I have rather severe vitamin deficiencies like D and Iron were in the dangerous low categories according to my lab tests.I also did soul searching and decided that I don't want to eat animal products,and I am going to try to get well as a vegetarian because I love animals and I think animal products are full of harmful poisons that someone who is ill doesn't need.My sis recently gave me a copy of Doctor Fuhrman's EAT TO LIVE and he explains why so many people end up sick eating vegan incorrectly because a starch centered diet which is low in fat,is a metabolic nightmare and is low in nutrients.Now I am wanting to get on a HIGH NUTRIENT DENSE DIET.I am way obese and in the danger zone.I am in pain every single day,exercise seems impossible due to my back,and I never had enough insurance for physical therapy or really good health care.So I decided that if DOCTORS wont help me then I need to heal myself with the right VEGAN DIET,tolerable exercise and having healthy and fit people to inspire me.I don't have an option to wait around trying to save up money to go to doctors,I need to take action now.And I have control over what I eat each day.Granted I will try and get checkups when I can afford it.But I really don't wanna take TOXIC prescription drugs and go under the knife.That really is the last resort.I am tired of being sick and in pain I want to look good and feel good too.And this is a total lifestyle change for me.If anyone knows some safe exercises for people with back injuries I would appreciate the advice.Also I am looking for some good VEGETARIAN SOURCE D3 i don't wanna take the GELATIN yucky prescription one.I hope one day I can have a truly healthy and fit body,and be able to have a life rather being stuck at home sick.Being morbidly obese makes me feel self conscious and forgotten,and at worst I am in severe danger of complications so I need to loose well over 100 plus pounds,but I need to recover my health too God willing LOVE AND LIGHT all
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