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  1. If I'm fresh; 24 strict (no kipping, leg's hanging not raising at top). Approximately every second day I'd essentially do between 150-300 pull up's in a session. Although, at the moment I'm training with additional weight or using a latt pull down machine so I'll be down on those figures. Why do you ask? NB: I train for ice climbing. I ask because I want to see the connection between doing lots of pullups and pullup endurance. I must ask guys, any of you do mountain climbers? Very curious...
  2. Should I bulk to 200 pounds? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNHxYA6JKxM&feature=youtu.be I'm 5'11 155 pounds at the moment and my lifts suck.
  3. Anyone here do 150 pullups in a day? If so, how many pullups can you do?
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