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  1. wow good luck with this thats a awesome thing to accomplish. I ran a marathon in 93 and that was enough for me. Might go for a triathlon this summer.
  2. Sounds pretty good, for as much as I weigh people think I dont eat enough but I track my nutrition with a program called dietpower and have found that with my metabolism I dont loose weight unless I'm eating around 1800 cal maintenance around. Breakfast: Shot of wheat grass juice protein shake made with water poured on some kashi go lean or shake and 1/2c oats. snack: protein bar lunch: Left over dinner from night before stir fry with tofu, My high protein bean burgers, my reciept high protein veggie pizza 1 slice. snack: protein shake or wheat gluten type food. Dinner: one of the above Snack: protein shack piece of fruit
  3. You guys need to go to bodybuilding.com and learn about nutrition its a science proven by thousands of athletes. Its pretty simple eat more then you burn you get fat. Can not see abs fat. Too much protein will turn to fat, too much carbs turns to fat. Muscle is made up of proteins (amino acids). carbs cannot be used to build muscle you must have protein. I dont think you need as much as they say 1g per lean body weight that means for you at 165 lbs @ 20% bf you would need 132g of protein. I guess if your seeing gains with a 15% of your cal from protein great every bodies different have to find out what works for you. Macro requirements are the same for everyone we just need to get ours from a none animal source. Generally speaking everyone's metabolisms different people handle carbs differently some can eat more then others and not can weight, protein should be a pretty consistent number and carbs should be adjusted to either bulk or cut. So far the bodybuilders on this site that look like main stream bb still try and follow the macros of regular bodybuilders 40%,40%20% and I have been impressed with the way they look. My protein intake has dropped since going going veggie but I have been able to stay around 130ish with no strength lose and have lost some weight. There is something called skinny fat and malnutrition people in Africa with protein deficiency are skinny with big abdomens from fluids collecting there.
  4. I am new to veganism but concentrate on a high protein diet my research is into this is finding most people use a combination of pea and rice as a main stay the two combined make a complete protein. I am just starting to experiment with these so I will have to get back to you on taste. Vega seems to make a good one but expensive. Sunwarrior seems to be very good also. I just ordered from truenutrition.com and have another thread going on blending. Soy is also good. I have been using a lot of tofu, seitan, tempeh. Your muscles are protein (amino acids) so if you want them you have to eat protein.
  5. Wow sounds like a good plan, as I get older I'm realizing that doing something you love for work is more important then money. Unfortunately I'm working for the money. Getting your muscles to show is all about being lean, your muscles are there just got to see them. There's an old saying that's Abs are made in the kitchen. Most bb cut diets are 40/40/20 macros. I just converted to pescatarian-vegatarian and find myself eating a lot of tofu, tempeh, wheat gluten and pea & rice protein powder. Stcalico is right about the test thing the extremely muscled women are all on the juice even some of the fitness competitors they just dont take the dosages as the bodybuilder women.
  6. Chris do you find that mix to be the best tasting and texture? Do you get it pre flavored and which flavors have you liked? I ordered 1lbs with the premium vanilla. and two pounds plan with the digestive enzyme with a flavor pack choc. peanut butter cup.
  7. I just ordered one pound of pea and rice with the digestive enzyme added. I will experiment with different ratios to come up with the best taste and texture. I opted out of hemp do to bad taste and texture from what I already have here at home. I also bought the flavor additive separate so I can experiment with that also. I'm looking to add it plain into some foods to boost protein content and plain hemp so far is not working bad taste and to gritty. Research is showing that these proteins will not denature (breakdown) under 400 deg. So I should be able to make a high protein veggie burger,pancake,muffin etc. I did order 1lbs. of 45/45/10 pea,rice, sachi with digestive enzyme and vanilla birthday cake flavor to try. The cost per lbs. with shipping is at $12.52 so is way cheaper then any you can buy. Ingredients and are natural non gmo and BCAA's should be around 5000 mg. per serving and 23g protein with only 3 carbs. Exact numbers will come when finally ratio is found.
  8. Sounds good but not a lot of info, is it on the market yet? Then we have the being a processed food dilemma.
  9. punker I seen that site too and want to blend my own, Looking for the best combination to form the most complete protein. I would like to add hemp since it seems to have more bcaa then the other two. Curious about flavors two should I get it unsweetened and add my own? I was thinking 40/40/20 Pea, rice, hemp but been hearing bad things about the flavor of pea protein and causing gas? Has anyone out there experimented with their own blends Vega sport sounds awesome but ridiculously expensive.
  10. I like the idea, I hope more people use it and enter places, would be quick way of finding places while out of town.
  11. Arvid I too do a whole body work out every other day, and on off day I'm doing some cardio and stretching/yoga. To bad were not closer I could use a training partner. Train hard show is approaching.
  12. Thanks stcalico I'm going to try the power house burger next, I did make some Saturday. Kidney beans, quinoa,barbaque, ketchup,mustard, onions, garlic and some spices. I added some hemp protein, wheat gluten, and seitan to bring up the protein numbers got it to 16g/burger. Tasted good ones cooked in the oven where a little dry, ones fried in oil in iron skillet I think where better. Would like to get protein to around 20g/burger. Made a pizza last night 274 cal. 21g protein per slice. Everything was good except did not like aidya cheese. If I made it vegatarian with real cheese would be very main stream.
  13. I wonder how this turned out? would a been a good excuse for a road trip.
  14. Welcome fellow Ohioan, I'm brand new to the veggie world only been two weeks for me duing the lacto- ovo thing too. Wife is a hard core vegan. Hey hows the lake level up there will it be boat-able this year.
  15. Good luck with your marathon training. I did one in 93 great experience. I joined team in training through the leukemia society and ran the rock and roll marathon in San Diego. They were a great support system from training to meeting others like you plus you can raise money for a good cause.
  16. Grammar is not my strong point, big dumb guy. Most of missed it with spell check.
  17. Arvid you're looking great, I'm new to the site just went vegetarian still using diary and fish for now only been a week. I am trying to get lean for the first time in my 48 years going to use you for motivation hope you dont mind. Me and my buddy call the getting leaner and looking bigger the smoke and mirror effect. Hope it works for me I got a long way to go. Good luck with your show. Bob
  18. looking at vega proteins web site I noticed both the owners of the company are personnel trainers and nutritional cancelers.
  19. I did do search only found 2 non where high protein.
  20. I am trying to come up with a receipt for a high protein burger anyone else every make one? So far the highest I have come up with is 18g per burger about 250 calories on paper. going to try and make it this weekend I will let you know how it comes out.
  21. I just seen this post on fb from Andreas: Andreas Cahling As a pro bodybuilder I like to experiment with my eating without restraints and indulge for "cheating" pleasures as well. From experience I know I can stay in great muscular condition on a vegan, lacto vegetarian, lacto ovo vegetarian or with fish, chicken or meat included. I did not eat red meat for 27 years, then had it again in the way of organic grass fed meat. I have not had shrimps in a long time but will have some right now. Most shrimps are farm raised or from polluted environments and best avoided.
  22. Soy being bad for men seems to be a myth here is somthing I just found tonight on bb.com: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/can-adding-soy-protein-lead-to-more-growth.html?mcid=facenutrition I've been eating a lot of tofu, with whey powder, greek yogurt and I'm not having any troubles keeping my levels around 150g's.
  23. I just came across this article in the mainstream Bodybuilding site very positive and breaks the lowers test myth. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/can-adding-soy-protein-lead-to-more-growth.html?mcid=facenutrition
  24. Mrbear I just got done watching earthlings and all I can say is WOW. Now I have a problem I have to figure out what I'm going to do with the meat left in the fridge. I cant eat it, I dont want to through it away since an animal had to die for it and I'm unprepared for my lunch for work. I guess my protein will have to come from whey powder till I get home from work.
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