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  1. Meatless today and I hit some good macro numbers: 41%protein,41%carbs,18%fat. 170grams of protein 1544 calories. Calories a little low but the nights not over yet. Cardiologist would be proud, also the perfect BBing ratio. Might be something to this. I am trying to cut and found if I stay around 1600- 1800 I will lose 3 lbs a week. I did have 2 servings of whey protein and 1/2c of 1% cottage cheese whey I will replace with plant based protein when I run out. I know its not perfect yet but I am pretty new, like my first day and trying to clean out fridge.
  2. Good morning everyone My wife turned me on to this site to convince me that I dont need meat to be a bodybuilder. My wife being 100% vegan my biggest argument with her was my high protein (150-200g) per day requirement. So I'm basically here to see what you guys eat. With some searching I found that its possible and really not that hard. I'm not saying I will go vegan tomorrow but I am defiantly going much more plant based. My next protein powder purchase will be plant based and I am starting to replace meat with other options. Red meat and chicken will be easy to replace but dairy and seafood a little harder for me. I watched many videos and recently forks over knives. As I approach 50 years old I would not mind improving my risk of heart disease and cancer before I have issues. I never was a hunter and love animals if I had to do my own killing I would have been vegan along time ago. I guess out of site out of mind but my wife has really opened my eyes to things. I have to give her credit she is a strong advocate for your causes Mostly animal cruelty. Thanks for all the help and I admire all your dedication for Helping save animals. Bob
  3. Sorry for that I thought he was, I did check out his fb page and he seems kinda weird about talking about his food but I did see him talking about eggs. I know back in the day he was not natural but I would hope at 60 years old he would be. He looked to be one of the smaller guys in the masters Olympia. Not off to a very good start for my first post.
  4. Justin its the Julie Palmer I know hes doing the Canton, some Francio. Here's a pic of him so far. He's not vegan or natural just so you know. Myself I'm trying to go more plant based switching from whey to plant protein powder, but still going to eat eggs, and fish and seafood. Trying to cut out the red meats and chicken. My wife is 100% vegan.
  5. This guy is standing up to the test of time.
  6. Just joined here I'm a little late but me and my wife go every year. My wife is vegan and I am trying to go more plant based so I am looking for some sample diets on here and came across your post. We plan on going again next year though. Hey my nephew is doing a bodybuilding show in 11 weeks in Dayton He will be in the heavy weight division not vegan.
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