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  1. First pic was March 21st, Second pic was taken May 4th, yesterday. So a little more than 6 weeks progress. I have gained 1 inch of muscle mass in my biceps. I lost 5 inches total in my hips, the love handle area. Love handles should be completely gone in a few weeks. I also lost 2 inches of fat in my thighs, measuring at the biggest part of my thigh. I finally have some muscle definition in my arms, thighs, calves, and abs! I'm one very happy mama! I gained 2 lbs as well, which is a very big deal for me because I've had a hard time keeping on lbs my entire life. I'm now 90lbs. I know that doesn't seem like a lot but it's awesome for me! My goal is to be 95-97lbs. Also, I bought a pull up bar a few weeks ago and I can do 3 chin ups in a row, and 2 pull ups, which is great because when I first got it I couldn't even do ONE of either!
  2. I have been working out for 43 days now, and seeing great results. I am 5 feet tall and weigh 90lbs. I have gained 2 lbs since I started, which is part of my goal, and have lost a lot of my 'love handles'. I would like to weight 95lb, so basically I want to gain 5 lbs of muscle. I hope to accomplish this in the next 9-12 months. At that point I would like to compete in bikini competitions. I use to be a gymnast and was very muscular, so I know I can get all those muscles back. I was a vegetarian when I was a gymnast, but I have been vegan for the past 7 years, and had two kids in that time. Is it best to focus on upper body one day, then core/abs the next, the lower body the next, and so forth? I don't really need to take rest days. My muscles don't even ache the day after a workout, though I do feel the burn intensely during workouts. I guess I recover quickly. I'm a freak of nature, I know. I already don't have much body fat. My butt and thighs need work, and a little bit on my obliques, but that's it. I heard that doing cardio is bad for someone with my body type because I will burn the muscle instead of fat. I have a high metabolism, and I eat 5-6 small meals a day. Eating healthy comes easy for me since I had to eat super healthy during both my pregnancies. I got used to not eating sugars. I still do enjoy fruit but usually only in the morning hours, or I have a banana after a workout. Right now the only grains I eat is quinoa and brown rice. I occasionally eat Ezekiel bread. I take a vegan organic protein shake every day, sometimes twice a day, which I know has helped me build muscle mass. I don't have access to a gym. I live in a rural area and being a mom, I don't want to drive half an hour, then workout for an hour and a half, then drive home for half an hour. That's just too much time away from my family. I currently workout at home, while my younger son is napping.. I have a pull up bar, and I can do chin ups very well, and just started being able to do pull ups. I love doing body weight exercises. I'm buying some weights this weekend. 8 and 10 lbs. I also own a rebounder, but don't use it much anymore, because I don't know if I should be doing cardio or not. Is it better do focus on specific sections of the body, each day? Or is doing overall body workouts better? Any tips on toning up my butt without gym equipment? I would like one of those sexy bubble butts I keep seeing CrossFit girl having. I assume they get that from doing dead lifts. Any thoughts or advice are much appreciated!
  3. I like to eat soba noodles, which are half buckwheat flour, half whole wheat flour. Tastes way better than quinoa pasta. If you aren't gluten free, it's a good way to add some protein to some pasta meals.
  4. I am still pretty new to exercising. I was a gymnast for most my youth, but I have since had 2 kids and wasn't exercising much because my abs muscles split apart pretty badly during my pregnancies. I wasn't even able to do one sit up. It was so embarrassing. I felt so weak. I've been vegan for 7 years, and decided I wanted to build muscle and get strong for my 2013 New Year's resolution. My husband had bought a ReboundAir mini trampoline, and I used that for an hour a day, just bouncing on it, in hopes that my abdominal muscles would get strong enough so I could exercise again. Well, it worked. I can do sit ups now! And the gap in my muscles is gone! Yay! I started working out intensely the past 35 days (today is day 36 of working out every day). I recently bought a pull up bar, and was wondering what workouts I can do, at home, that will help me get better at doing pull ups? I can currently do 2 chin-ups, then rest, then do 2 more. I can get up to about 10 before I can't do any more. I can do 1 pull up, total. I've been doing pike presses, every day. And push-ups. I'm really liking the Sumo Push-ups. Do pike presses work the same muscles I would need to get good at pull ups? Any other upper back workouts I can do at home? I have a goal of wanting my upper body, arms and upper back to be strong, because the extra weight from pregnancy on my tiny frame (I am 5ft tall and currently weigh 90lbs, gained 2 lbs in the past month, which is really good for me, since my goal is to weigh 95lbs) made me have a bit of hunch back, and I slouch a lot. I think I slouch because of lack of upper back muscle. I don't have the money to go the gym right now, but I bought the pull up bar in hopes that I can increase my upper back strength, and hopefully not be so slouchy anymore. I just don't think the pull up bar is doing much since I can't really do more than 1 pull up! My husband is very support (he is working out every day as well) and I think I am doing well with my other workouts, to get my entire body into shape. I'm doing a lot of HIIT training, like the BodyRock.tv type stuff, rebounding (for my cardio) and attempting to do pull-ups every day. Any tricks or tips for beginners doing pull ups? Any videos I can watch? And I don't own any weights, but want to get some soon, so everything needs to be "body weight" type exercises, or using items around the home like chairs. Since I don't have a trainer I like having videos so I can see the proper form on how to do exercises. Hopefully, I'll be able to pay for a trainer soon. Thanks in advance Kimra Luna
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