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  1. Absolutely, dates are a gift! However, it does not stop me from munching on chocolate.
  2. Mayhaps; I think I eat a lot of proteins as it is (beans, nuts, lentils, soyproducts) - perhaps I should, as you state, increase my intake of protein shakes. I'm taking 'Lamberts Pea Protein' (http://www.lambertshealthcare.co.uk/pea-protein-(powder)-p8333/), adding it with yogurt (soy or rice) or in a smoothie - that's about every supplement I take (and also multivitamins for B12, D etc).
  3. off-topic/I know that this topic occurs frequently on health forums, so if there is a well informative thread about this already, please just direct me to it./end off-topic As long as I remember, I always been a sucker for unhealthy stuff, such as candy, cookies, chocolate bars, nougat, sodas (especially coke). I'm aware what this kind of sh*t does to me, been obese (weighed in at 145kg September 2009, current weight (fluctuates) is 78-81kg April 2013). As well too much of sugars cause inflammations, which in turn cause my stomach and intestines to go haywire (which will lower the intake of well needed vitamins and such) – and to forget how it triggers headaches, migraines and speeds up my ADHD – and of course, completely destroys the success I have with running, cycling and strength training. Yet, I cannot resist. I can keep myself clean for about 8 days, then this occurs: I've tried to battle this with different approaches; food and training journal, raw food, eating on defined times (I've kept this one, currently eating in such order: pre-breakfast, breakfast, snack, lunch/dinner, snack), 1-day a week with unhealthy foods (it doesn't work), tried with zinc supplements. It's not as I only eat crappy stuff, eat healthy too, a lot of fresh fruits, beans, lentils, sprouts, veggies, dried soyproducts, tofu, nuts and seeds, different vegan dairy-products etc – I eat a lot of healthy food – and sh*tty stuff too. How do you plan your food intake? I will try to eat 80-90% raw food starting end of month again (this helped me quite a bit back in the fat days, worried poorly planned will cause lack of energy, hence no success at strength training). My main focus regarding training is long-distance running (will turn into 60/40, running/strength). Currently hit the gym for strength training 3 times a week, running 3-4 (at least one hill-training and one speed-interval + strength w body-weight exercises) times a week (sometimes swimming or cycling instead of a running session) – and regular everyday activity, such as walk to workplace (2x 30-40min, 4-6 days a week) and yoga/body-weight exercise two times per day; push-ups, crunches, gym-ball lift etc). Do I have to reconsider the amount of training?
  4. Maybe 8-12 in a row. 150 in one day is way too much.. for now.
  5. Pre-breakfast: Fruits (often bananas, pears, apples, grapes) and/or 1-2 cup soygurt, water Breakfast (after work-out): 3-7 cups soygurt with pea protein, 1-1½ cup gluten-free corn & buckwheat flakes, fruits (as above mostly), home-baked gluten-free bread with margarine, water OR yesterdays dinner with pea protein, fruits and water OR bowl of rice with spices and pea protein Snack Nuts, fruits, seeds, water (alone or in combo) Lunch/Dinner: Greens, beans, rice, potatoes, soyproducts (dried soyproducts), nuts, pea protein... varies. Snack: Fruits Evening meal: Left-overs and/or fruits, nuts, seeds. Direct after every work-out; no matter if it's gym, running session, yoga/bodyweight exercise... I always eat fruits and nuts. EDIT: Alas, I'm not strict with my intake of shitty stuff, such as candy, cakes, fizzy soda drinks.
  6. No, it's not taken into DSM-V even.
  7. So, I'm back here with an account - have visited the forums from time to time, but havn't registrered until now. Had an accont here years ago - back then, I was obese (145kg/176cm) and struggled to lose the excessive weight and become more fit. Back then, I did not exercise on regular basis nor took care of my health as I should. Now, I weigh in at 78-80kg - exercises everyday (active rest included), more aware what I eat etc (however, that won't stop me from overconsuming crappy, sugary foods). My training primarily focus on long-distance running (roads to rough terrain) and cycling. Couple of weeks ago, I started a strength program to perform better on my running and in same time become stronger (and look well-trained) - however, I follow my routines strict - pushing the limits. Every morning and evening, I do perform yoga/strength routines (body weigth exercises). I have also a separate program for my running - 3-4 times a week, when the weather allows it, I tend to swap a running session for HIC-pass at gym (3-4x20min with bodyweight exercises in between) or swimming when it's too cold/snowy outdoors.
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