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  1. Unemployed, back and lifting with a passion Stronglifts 5x5 Week 2 Day 1: Pattern B Warmup: 5 minute row, 1100 meters Squats 27.5kg 5x5 Benchpress 22.5kg 5x5 Barbell Row 20kg 5x5 Pull ups (60kg assist= 25kg lift..ish) 5x5 5 35 Second planks (in between the sets of the barbell row)
  2. Right. I'm back, I'm married, I've got a new job. I'm restarting Stronglifts 5x5 (with added upper body excercises too) tonight. From the bottom and properly paced
  3. Right I'm back on it! 02.04.2014 5x5 Assisted Pull ups alternating with 5x5 Assisted Dips Both with 60kg counterweight 3x15 20kg overhead press 3x10 25kg (2x12.5kg dumbell) press. These last two were experiements with lower weights and varying speeds, doing a1/3 warmups, 1/3 controlled 1/3 explosive speed. certainly got me into a sweat!) Tried to go rowing (as i accidentally packed my flat soled shoes instead of running shoes) but my movement kept making the machine jump backwards a little with every cycle! I'm so bad*ss I can row a stationary rowing machine! Couldve done more but it wasnt until afterwards I realised I'm really not feeling great. Not particularly ill, just not on form
  4. 24th Feb: Stronglifts A (also day 1 of my nerdfitness challenge) Pressups: 2x10 1/3-1/2 way down Plank: 20secs, 10 second side planks Dumbrbell Press: 5x5 12kg in each hand. Will attempt 14kg next time Barbell row: 25kg 5x5 May attempt 30kg next time but need to work on form Squats: 3x10 20kg barbell. Gym was crazy-busy and squatrack was occupied all the time (though I cant pass judgement on their routine or method) so did lower weight highter rep. Better than nothing! Assisted Pullup: 60kg counter weight (so about 30kg lift) 5/5/5/5/4! So close on this, really pushed myself on the last one. I swear, even with assist, you cant do pullups and not feel badass!
  5. Just as a note. Went skating around the business park on friday on my lunch proving that it is a feasible source of summer excercise. and Skated into town and up to bath road (about an hours skating in total) as a bit of exploration of town. Bloody awful pavements and my form sucked. A big of core workout maybe? Starting my Nerdfitness challenge #3 today as a warrior (lifting and strengh focused rather than a ranger) and am already in my routine of a minimum of 10 attempted pressups a day (I still cant do full ones) and a (for now) a 20 sec plank. Fell on my bum and wrist on Saturday while failing to navigate a dipp in a pavement, pain is slightly worrying, hopefully it wont get in the way of excercise.
  6. 18th February Went to the Gym Before work!! I'm probably busy later so I got up with my fiance (who's on an early shift) walked her to work then went on to the gym. Didn't manage my full stronglifts routine but •4x5 and 1x4 25kg Vertical Press. So Close!!! Might be able to do it if it wasn't first thing in the day. Stronglifts say drop down (so a week at 20kg) but I might give it one last go. •3x5 35kg deadlifts. I might've been able to do hevier but my back is still hurting from my fall •5x5 Assisted Dips with 60kg counter. My aim was 55kg but I did 1 set with it and i could feel my body really hurting so I wound it down slightly and went for just the 60kg. Really pleased I went before work. Now to see how knackered I am at work!
  7. Definitely! Haven't been to the gym recently. Was planning to do two more Stronglift sessions Friday and Sunday but I slipped on the stairs leading to our front door on thursday and fell down half a flight. Hurt my back, kinda sprained my wrist and twisted my ankle so I thought it best to rest it some. I did manage to take advantage of the good weather and go skating outdoors yesterday. I will probably return to lifting this week (a strong lifts BAB) but realise I've forgotten my gym shoes, so might not tonight!
  8. Nice, I've got the beard at the moment but I got my hair cut to find a job. I may grow it again in the future. Maybe when I'm retired I can look like a wizard
  9. Modified Stronglifts B Squats 5x5 47.5kg (on smith machine as racks in use, will do again) Deadlifts 5x5 35kg (new pb, still working on form) Overhead press 5/5/4/3/2. 25kg Compared to Sunday I've improved so much! assisted dips 5/5/5/5/4! (noooooo!) 55kg counterweight.
  10. Last Friday: Couldnt make it to the gym. Home workout 3x10 Squats with overhead lift (Carrying 7.5kg dumbell in each hand) 3x10 Lunges with one arm 7.5kg row. Yesterday: Injured knee and back from falling over while cleaning the bathroom ceiling. So Upper body 5x5 12kg dumbell press (New PB, woo, will attempt 14kg next time) 5x5 25kg Barbell row (may try 30kg next time) 5/2/1/1/1 25kg overhead press (Will try again) 5/3/2/1/1 assisted Dip with 60kg counterweight (will try 55kg next time)
  11. (modiied) Stronglifts A Squat 5x5 45kg (New PB, will try 47.5 kg next time) Dumbell Press 12kg in each hand, 5/5/5/4/3 (will do again next time) 5x5 25kg Barbell Row (may do this again as form wasn't Great) Pullups with 60kg counter, (lift of 29kg) 5/3/3/3/1 (will try again)
  12. Don't trust myself doing pressess without a spotter. My upper body strength has never given me reason to trust it before! Likewise, I may do Overhead presses with dumbells Stronglifts 5x5 Day 2 Squats: 5x5 42.5 (up from 40kg, will try 45 kg next time) Overhead press: 5x5 20kg (will try 25 next time) Deadlift: 35kg (will try 40kg next time probably) Assisted dips: 60kg counterweight so 26kg
  13. 5x5 40kg Squats (will attempt 42.5 next) 5x5 2x10kg Dumbell press (will attempt 12 next) 5x5 20kg barbell row (will attempt 25 next) 5x5 Assisted Chinups with 65 kg counterweight= 21kg lift. Will attempt with 60kg counterweight next
  14. Any advice on areas of focus? I'm just starting stronglifts 5x5 for now and keeping my protein intake up . Should I give extra focus to my upper body? or will it catch up with time.
  15. Kinda sucky photo but shows problem, skinny arms and not much definiton else where. I'll ask my fiance to take a better photo later. I want to improve my upper body size and definition, any specific suggestions? I'm doing starting strength at the moment (more or less)
  16. Warmup 10x5 5kg (each hand) dumbell press (not trusting myself with barbell press without spotter Main 5x5 10kg Dumbell press 5x5 40kg Squat (tried 45kg but lost balance, realised last time it was easy because I used a smith machine 2x5 25kg Deadlift 3x5 35kg Deadlift 5x5 (each side) 12.5kg dumbell row (new maximum weight!) Protein: 160g from various different sources,
  17. Wow! Very very cool. Thats amazing SannedK. Well done! Pretty inspirational too. I went from very big to fairly skinny (particularly in arms) but am kind of stuck there. So this is good to see.
  18. Inspired by Starting Strength Warmup 2x5 15kg Deadlift to practice form. Not bad, really tensing core, shoulders back 2x5 8kg (each hand) dumbell press (not trusting myself with barbell press without spotter Main 5x5 10kg Dumbell press 5x5 45kg Squat (tried extra 5kg as 40kg was getting easy, woohoo!) 3x5 25kg Deadlift (Couldve done more, but practicing form) 5x5 Assisted Chin up with 65kg weight (so 21kg lift) Dead now!! Feel really good though
  19. I'm looking to lift free weights three times a week for strength and size. I have very weak and skinny arms+poor upper body strength due to developmental dyspraxia, which lag greatly behind my lower body. Given my constraints, should I do a workout a week focused on this area? or will a good full body workout improve my arms, shoulders and chest and make them catch up with the rest of me?
  20. I've not been weight training regularly for that long. Illness and Christmas have got in the way. I've been skating for around six months though. Skating is for fun. I'd just like to bulk up some, particularly in my near-permanently skinny and almost medically badly toned arms.
  21. Well logging an approximation on myfitnesspal suggests I get about as much as I need (including excercise) am I right in saying I need more to promote muscle growth? (really crap way of putting it ) or does liftingburn that many calories.
  22. wow, I barely get 3/4 of that. And the idea is if getting enough excercise and the right nutrients rather than turn it into fat, it will turn more into muscle? I'm a little paranoid about getting fat again
  23. Kind of a simple/awkward question but I am 6'6 and 192lbs, I'm looking to add muscle mass and strength with the aim of lifting 3-4 times a week (possibly in all over routines, possibly in targetted workouts) as well as mild to moderate cardio 2-3 times a week (roller derby practice) In your opinions What kind of calorie levels should I aim for? Should it be the standard 2,500-3000? More?
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