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  1. about dry yeast http://www.pnas.org/content/81/15/4722.full.pdf are nutritional or deactivated yeast has the same concentration of estradiol ?
  2. hi..... i use lupins as a source of protein containing more than 30% protein and less carbs and fats ...i mix it with other source to make complete protein but i hear that lupins decrease my test is that really ??! thanks
  3. thanks ... but this source said that Tuna,hot dog and cow milk has phytoestrogen content less than only 3.1 mcg/100 g !! http://www.encognitive.com/files/Phytoestrogen%20Content%20of%20Foods%20Consumed%20in%20Canada,%20Including%20Isoflavones,%20Lignans,%20and%20Coumestan.pdf I eat daily 4 large egyptian pitas that support me with about 50 g of protein ...when adding lentils that will be equal to 130 g protein ...I am only 60 kg and this amount will be sufficient . I hope this topic non boring to you.
  4. thanks very much to help ....that is first time I know that animal foods contain estrogen stronger than phytos 1000 times ! ...are you sure? I read in some sources that cows milk contain only 1.2 mcg/100 g and meat products contain only 20 mcg/100 g.! that is pretty low ! I eat some 330 grams of dry red lentils after cooking .that is equal roughly to about 4 cups cooked , one cup four times daily . support me with about 80 grams proteins. really I hope lentils not decrease my test .
  5. thanks too much ....I hope find the answer soonly
  6. thanks .. but many sources says contrary informations to this . and my topic talking about phytoestrogen removal and upper limit of phytoestrogen intake . please talking about my topic not another subs. please
  7. hi.... I am a novice and I love lentils so much . I eating it every day about a third of kilogram daily. but I read that lentils conatain 37mcg/100 g in dry basis . when soaking it the amount of phytoestrogens increased . I do not know how much certainly , but a lot of sources said that lentils increase estrogen . I do not know the upper limit of phytoestrogen intake for bodybuilders, has anyone know it ? I have some ideas to prevent lentils from producing more phytoestrogen by boiling it before soaking to kill lentil seeds and prevent them from producing phtyos. I do not have idea if this process effective or not ? please help lentil lovers thanks.
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