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  1. I'm a few weeks in. It's going well but I'm still finding me feet with the whole damn thing. What I'm trying to get a handle on is volume. I'm only doing 9 sets per work out, some times it feels like I nail it and other times I feel like I should be belting out another 9 sets, I suppose more experience will level it all out. Oh and dear lord! I tried to eat 300 grams of protein the other day... How the hell do people keep that up :/ I swear it's a good hundred grams past what I can handle. The Max OT calculator put me on 300g P 280g C and around 80g F... Seems crazy to me. I'll post again when I have something interesting to post. Cheers guys!
  2. Hi guys I'm currently undertaking the Max-OT program. http://www.ast-ss.com/maxot.php What do you guys think of this program, and this type of lifting? Any experience with it? I'm currently 2 weeks in so I can't really judge. I do think I've put on a little fat :/ I really need to step up my game as far as recording all my deets goes. I recently undertook this program http://harrycloudfoot.com/2012/05/11/self-experiment-barstarrz-increase-your-pull-ups-reviewed-get-mad-results-in-6-weeks/ I mixed in dead lifting and did bench press as well because I love both of those exercises. I got a 200% improvement in my chin ups in 6 weeks so it worked a treat. My goal at the moment however is mass+power on a scale I've never had before. So what do you guys think/do, what's your experience with super heavy low rep low set work outs? Cheers
  3. Hi my name is Lachlan. I'm from Brisbane Australia. I've been vegan a little of a year and I was vegetarian before that for about 10 years. In the last 6 months I've transformed my body. I cut down from 110kgs to 80kgs. Dumped most of my fat (I'm down to a couple pockets of resistance) and have started bulking up. I'm back up to 86kgs and working hard. I thought I would join the forums to learn more and get some inspiration and advice. Cheers guys
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