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  1. Over the past three years, I've become an incredibly healthy person. I lost 60 pounds. I dropped my total cholesterol over 80 points. I've been running long distances for almost two years and lifting weights for one. I am at a comfortable maintenance weight would like to focus on losing troublesome body fat and building muscle. I'm incredibly frustrated with my abdomen and glutes. Does anyone have any advice for these two areas or just advice for general improvements? Below are my current workout routines and progress pictures. MWF -- Lift AM Bench press Leg press Dumbbell Lunge Decline Fly Triceps Kickback Arnold Press Barbell Reverse Curl Upright Row Seated Cable Row Assisted Pull up Kettlebell Russian Twist Kettlebell Leg-Hip Raise Kettlebell Windmill TR -- Cardio AM: Elliptical 30 - 45 minutes PM: Run 2 - 6 miles or Bike 30 - 60 minutes Weekend -- At least one exercise listed below, sometimes all four. Run 6 - 16 miles Hike 2 - 4 hours Bike 30 - 60 minutes Manual Labor 2 - 4 hours July 2010 -- 190 lbs February 2013 -- 130 lbs
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