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  1. A zinc deficiency and overtraining can also cause decreased test levels. I've been there and I ended up taking clomid for a few months which definitely helped. I also started taking zinc and I decreased my training volume. Now my test levels are normal. I think overtraining was the biggest culprit though.
  2. From what I read, a natural athlete following a typical bodybuilding diet with supplementation can build about 30 pounds of muscle. I'm guessing that a vegetarian that doesn't eat a lot of animal products/protein can't build that without supplementation, but I would like to know how much they could actually build. My goal is pretty much about 15 pounds of muscle and I was wondering if that's doable.
  3. Don't even bother with casein. I don't even know why people bother buying that. I know that they say it's a slow release protein, but is the fact that it's slow release going to make you build more muscle? I say no. Just look for a quality whey isolate without artificial sweeteners like now food's whey protein isolate unflavored. I've tried a bunch of protein supplements and that's the only one that didn't destroy my colon. I also tried vitamin shoppe's non-soy vegetable protein and that was pretty good as well.
  4. 80/10/10 really only makes sense for endurance athletes like marathon runners imo. It really doesn't make sense for a bodybuilder or a sedentary individual. Endurance athletes need so many carbs in relation to the amount of protein and fat that they are consuming because of the amount of energy that they use up. What I'm trying to say is that there's a big difference between 3200 calories from carbs, 400 calories from protein, and 400 calories from fat than there is 320 calories from carbs, 40 calories from protein, and 40 calories from fat.
  5. I don't even run that now because I just started to get back into running and I'm not in great cardiovascular shape yet. I'm not planning on being a marathon runner. I actually plan on running 5ks and maybe a 10k when I get more experienced. As for doing both bodybuilding and running, that would be difficult for me because I have a physical job as well and I don't want to over train. I do dips and pull ups and dips at my house from time to time so I do incorporate some form of resistance training.
  6. Well I basically went from being a meat eating bodybuilder (I wasn't actually a bodybuilder but I was on a bodybuilding diet) and now I'm a vegetarian (almost a vegan) runner. From my personal experiences running and avoiding animal products is much healthier. I almost destroyed my bowel from following that diet, I was constantly bloated, I had diarrhea every day (probably from lactose intolerance), I had low testosterone, I had no energy, and I simply felt like shit. I recently got into a heated debate from a nutritionist/bodybuilder Alan Aragon about veganism and bodybuilding which is what motivated me to start this thread. To sum up the debate, I asked him about if it's healthy to use wheat protein as my primary source of protein on a vegan diet and he responded to me by asking me why I want to become vegan. I told him that I want to become vegan because of my views on animal rights and he responded by telling me that becoming a vegan will be detrimental to my health and that I'm sacrificing my health for animals. I responded to him by telling him that bodybuilding isn't necessarily healthy either and there are studies that show that calorie restriction could lead to longevity which is basically the opposite of bodybuilding. He really didn't know how to respond to that and he basically told me that he's not interested in what I have to say because I'm not a professional in his field and he eventually decided to block me on facebook which was really mature of him (sarcasm).
  7. I'm talking about a person who eats a healthy vegan diet compared to someone who eats a traditional bodybuilding diet like this http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/animalpak68.htm
  8. These two lifestyles are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but which lifestyle is healthier? I figured I'd post this question on a vegan bodybuilding forum since the people on this forum have lifestyles that are a combination of the two. It's really difficult to find people who will give you an unbiased opinion on this. If you go on a vegan site they say their lifestyle is the healthiest and if you go on a bodybuilding site you'll find people who constantly bash vegans.
  9. How many sets of pull ups and push ups are you doing? The only person who can tell if you're overtraining is you. If you feel completely drained the day after you work out chances are you're overtraining. What I do is give myself a push day where I do pressing movements (for you this would be push ups and shoulder press) and a pull day where I do pulling movements (for you this would be pull ups and chin ups). I don't see a problem with doing all of them in one day though.
  10. My posture is horrible also. I have anterior pelvic tilt and that completely throws my physique off. It's probably from wearing a knapsack during my elementary school years and sitting at the computer for long periods of time. I hate it because it gives the illusion of a big belly and a big butt. This isn't a picture of me, but this is basically my exact posture. http://ericcressey.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/APT.jpg
  11. That's overkill. I wouldn't even be able to function doing a routine like that. If I was a marathon runner training for endurance, I'd just do a 2 day upper, lower split and I'd stick to compound movements. I'd lift weights 3 days a week so I'd do something like mon-upper, wed-lower, fri-upper, following mon-upper, etc. As far as routine, do something like this Upper Bench Press Row Shoulder Press Pull up Dips Curls Lower Squat Deadlift Leg Press Leg Curl Leg Extension Calf Raise
  12. Thanks for the response. My question has been answered. I'm going to take your advice and try something like 60,20,20 and I'll see how my body responds to it. I really don't mind gaining fat (as long as I'm gaining muscle as well) since I'd rather have a husky build than an athletic, ripped physique.
  13. Not sure if you were directing that post at me, but I already knew just about everything you wrote. I already knew that bodybuilders recommend 40, 40, 20 especially during a cut, but I'd like to know if that's actually proven to build more muscle than something like 60,20,20. I've seen a few guys on youtube who get by on a pretty low protein diet and their physiques look amazing so it makes me wonder if the 40,40,20 macro-nutrient ratio is just broscience that the supplement companies made up to sell more protein. This guy said that he only gets about 100 grams a day http://www.youtube.com/user/HomeGymFitness and this guy said that he only gets about 15% of his macros from protein http://www.youtube.com/user/fitnessforlifetv?feature=g-high-u
  14. Part of it is genetics though. I store most of my fat in my belly region. My dad is the same way and even my aunt (my dad's sister) who's almost anorexic has some belly fat. On my mom's side the men were the same way. Some people have a six pack without working out because of their genetics. I've even seen fat guys who barely look like they lift that have visible abs. They just seem to store fat everywhere but their belly region.
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