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  1. I watched U-tube videos and started off with really light weights. I stated off with the empty bars of 10kg for squat and deadlift, 3 sets of 15 reps 3 times a week. And I added 2kg at each workout. In the beginning I did not strain at all, really no effort at all. But I was so afraid hurting myself by rushing things that I really added only 2kg per workout. I concentrated on good form, looked a lot in the side mirror to check if my back is really straight. I continued that way for 3 months (where I lifted my bodyweight) and continued first with 3x8reps, then gradually with 5x5 and 3x5 reps until reaching 1.5x my bodyweight after 6 months of training. The method worked really well for my. I really gained in strength and I never hurt myself. Sore muscles yes, but never joint or tendon problems.
  2. Hi! I also want to learn proper pull ups, my goal is to master the Muscle Up! I do 3 sets of 8-12reps, 3 times a week. I think it is important to let the muscles rest at least one day before challenging them again. Since I'm not able to do one single real pull up I am currently working my way up with inversed push-ups (using a low bar to pull myself up in a inversed push-up position) or helping with my legs. My actual exercise program is very varied. Monday I do sprints (3 sprints over 500-1000m) and "vertical strength training": Wide grip chin ups helping with my legs and Holding myself on a wall only with my hands (= vertical push down) as long as I can in Superset. Another Superset with Close grip chin ups on a fence (thus working much more my biceps than my back) helping with my legs and Handstand (=vertical push up) as long as I can. Wednesday is my fun-workout where I do less strength training but more coordination work: Lizard walking (on all fours), Donkey-burpees, trying to do Kong Vaults and Cat Jumps. Friday I do easy, aerobic running for 30 Minutes and my "horizontal workout" : A superset with Plyometric pushups (against a bench or wall, as I am not strong enough to do them on the floor) and wide grip inversed "push-ups". And another one with Diamond Push-ups (also, against an obstacle) and close grip inversed "push-ups". I find it is working really well for me! I like the variety and the possibility to work out anywhere, especially outdoors!
  3. I know , I just love my dogs! I could talk hours and hours about them. How even though they come more or less from the same family and hat more or less the same raising, they are soooo different in character! I speak of them as persons and honestly, they DO understand everything I say! Ok, not everybody, but I'm sure for Daika and her father, Jaakko. Jaakko is my avatar because he was a really, really special dog that touched me more than any other dog. We got him when he was already 11 years old and we had only 4 years with him. He was extremely intelligent, used to be leader of a pack of 25 (!) dogs and he was just my idol. I always say that I would like to be able to interact with people the way Jaakko did with dogs, be it at work or at home. Sometime he did things or understood things that were just spooky, so deep was his understanding of the things around him. He was a wise dog that knew things I will never know. And this even though he barely knew us and he had a rather sparse upbringing (1 year with his breeder, a finish breeder and musher; 10 years with a french musher, living in a husky pack in the middle of the forest and knowing only pack life and sled pulling) with not very intense human contact. Daika really is his daugther, as intelligent as him but really, really crazy, as she is only 5 years old. She grew up with us, she has spent her first year 24 hours per day with us, even coming to work with my husband. She reminds me a lot of Jaakko and I am very happy about it. I have put quite some videos of them online until 2 years ago. Be it daily life, training or sledding. This is why the youngsters are still puppies on the videos, Jaakko is still "young" and even Berny, my first dog and little warrior who died at age 15 after years of health problems (arthritis, paralysis,... lots of pain!). Life and play Education of the dogs Roots can't wait to go sledding (the only one of our huskies who lives and dies for sledding!)
  4. Hi! I have to admit, I have never met a french vegan before! I'm living in the countryside between Chambéry and Lyon and I'm absolutely the only vegan (and even vegetarian) I know. People don't even know what vegan is, but I have never had any problems. I cook a lot to compensate for all the things one cannot buy here (cakes, good seitan stuff, ...) and people are somewhat bewildered but they always accept my weirdness (I don't leave them any choice anyway!). I got my equipment second hand and really cheap (boncoin.fr). It is Decathlon material : a squat rack, a bench, barbells and dumbbells. All together they cost me only 170 Euros!
  5. Thank you, I thought so myself when watching the video. This is the downside of training alone, no way to know how far down you actually go! I tried to look into a side mirror when doing ligther squats, but this doesn't really work either. If I was able to do 100kg like this, how much do you think with getting down a bit more? 95kg? 90kg are ok for sure, I have already done that pretty low.
  6. I needed quite some time to figure it out myself. First error: My huskies come from a (very good) breeder and I therefore "promote production of dogs and their treatement like material and not living, sensible beings". Second error: As they are sleddogs (two of them former professionnal sleddogs living their retirement with us) and LOVING to work out I actually let them pull during winter season. Which is bad for a vegan, so it seems. So if this bothers you, I would rather not discuss this subject here but stay with strength training, muscles, running and all the other sports I like doing! If not, I LOVE to talk about our dogs of course! http://imageshack.us/a/img600/3900/10511006.jpg Roots (13 years), Daika (5 years), Ewok (3 years), Ebi (3 years), Jaakko (died last year at an age of 15 years)
  7. Hi! I'm austrian and living in France. I'm vegan since 3 years when I read "Vegan Freak", decided to just give it a try for 3 weeks and never turned back. I love animals and outdoor sports. This is also why 4 siberian huskies are living with us. Please don't hate me, we got them before I became vegan (I got thrown out of another vegan forum for saying this)! I have done 10 years of Shotokan Karate und love running with or without my dogs. I have done two halfmarathons, the last one in 1:52 hours. I have never lifted weights bevore. Last October I stumbled upon the FB page of a former school collegue and found out she is doing bodybuilding now. I became curious and then interested. I decided to give it a try this winter, in my running off-season. My husband got into weight training at the same time, so we decided to by a squat rack to complete our equipment. My husband (non-vegan) is training in a gym, I am training alone at home. The first 3 months I have eased myself progressively into this new sport, starting with very low weights und increasing by 2kg every workout, doing 3x15reps. End of January I decided to continue training for maximum strength increase. Doing 3x5reps, modifying my training program and aiming to gain 1.5kg/month during the following 3 months. I have now achieved this phase and am really proud to be able to squat 100kg, deadlift 92kg and bench press 48kg at 63kg bodyweight. It must be the Karate, I have found out that I have really strong legs and a really weak upper body. Now I will start my running season again, loose 5kg and aim for a 21km trail in september!
  8. Hi! I am new to this forum, I'm coming from VeganStrengthGermany forum. I'm vegan since 2010 and am doing weight lifting since 6 months. Could you put me onto the strength table? I have finaly found my current 1repMax and it is: Female, 1.65m, 63kg Deadlift : 92kg Squat : 100kg Bench : 48kg As I'm really proud of my progression I will share my video with you: Jaakko
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