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  1. Good idea and yeah the cardio is a whole 'nother story but true especially as it is so hard to put on size for me. Thanks for your input Richard!
  2. See I get more energised and alert (which I know is the opposite of most people) but my brother says it is hugely taxing on the body regardless of how I feel afterwards... Hmmm
  3. Please do not read if you are sensitive to this topic and if it is not the right topic for this area then I know the admins would remove it or move it. This is however an honest question. Anyone know if ejaculating before a workout is detrimental to the workout? Sometimes I feel it is better because I can focus on my workout and get my mind away from sex but I worry that it really takes a lot from the body... My brother has stopped ejaculating all together because Taoists believe it is destructive to do so, physically. But I wanted to get some bodybuilders opinions. I won't stop entirely lol but just in relation to before workouts. Thanks for help! Marcel
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