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  1. So this happens on my second set lol, filmed a couple months ago. Me and my buddies had our own meet that weekend, neglecting the use of clips. I think this was like a 398lbs, I recently hit a new dead lift pr of 485; I'll film when I hit 5 plates http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSz5vQDx3FI
  2. I'm just looking him up and he sounds like a total beast. He weighed over 400 lbs :0
  3. Cardio to me is counter productive when trying to gain weight, I just have to eat more to make up for those calories burnt. I wont even go swimming haha, but hey shoot me a message if you're interested and ill give you tips on getting big arms.
  4. Hey whats up ken. From your physical description you sound like an ectomorph (just like me). How do you balance running that much with hypertrophy training? I know when I start running I loose lots of weight, and if I go into a calorie deficit i'll loose muscle quite easy. Yoga is awesome, i'm trying to land a job atm with a yoga studio so i can get free yoga haha. If you're new to bodybuilding try playing around the the cardio and see what happens to your body composition. Best of luck:)
  5. Everyones caloric intake is different?? 6'2 at 215lbs is decent, but to maintain that weight his calories (assuming his macros correspond) would have to be greater than that. My resting rm (resting metabolism) is between 1800-1950* 4 different tests. And i'm 6'3 205lbs You can't just generalize everyones caloric needs. Not everyone is a hard gainer
  6. This is a huge problem for me. I'm really sensitive with food combinations, diferent fooods use different digestive emzymes. So if I ate a grapefruit with a bowl of nuts, it would tie up my digestion and make me tired. I have nothing agaisnt fruit, I think the healthiest diets imcorporate fruits. But when it comes to hitting high macros, it becomes harder the more and more you have to eat. And yeaaah it's gi/gl is quite high.. even though it's natty sugar, it's easier for your body to utulize. Compared to refined sugars that leach other nutrients from your body to complete it. (or something like that)
  7. This is my buddy Ahmad. Huge into power lifting, he lives and breathes the sport. He's just starting his own YouTube channel; This and his failed squat video are my favorite. They're so funny. He's on the Candito training program right now, and for every pound his PR's goes up by, he's donating 1$. (Bench PR 2$ per pound) There's a video on his setup. One of the most down to earth, honest and humblest guys I've ever met. Very intuitive, can back up anything he does. look at his dead lifts.. just wow. And after watching some of his videos you'll know what I mean. He'll go vegan one day;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7y0wrUIP-4
  8. +1 Whole foods man You didn't talk about your diet but if you're having problems with excess calories and fats, it's probably not as clean as it could be. Cut the sugars and eat foods with a lower glycemic load. No white flour, gelato ice cream, corn ect..
  9. Lemon water, juiced fruits and veggies as a post workout and 90% of my supper variations are mostly vegetables. And once a blue moon i'll make a shake with mostly kale and spinach with a ton of other stuff. like hemp seed,avacados,tumeric ect..
  10. ..you know the human body naturally produces creatine right? This isn't some new MuscleTech product made in a lab bro
  11. that's almost exactly where i started man. When I started I wasn't vegan, but my staple was cashews. I'm not saying that's the best supplementary meal, but I made the effort of always making sure I had meals lined up, and I always had a full stomach. So more or less the principle of always eating. I personally wouldn't worry about the macro ratios yet(Obviously higher in protein). Since we're both hard gainers i would encourage you to simply surplus your current intake of food, as it's more difficult to put on fat/ easier to loose. Big breakfast, go to the gym on a full stomach, post workout high in glucose (natty sugar). What broke my plateau recently was understanding my body type. Cut my workout time in half, went to the gym only 3 times a week, and ate every two hours. So i assume this would imply to you too. Cheers
  12. what precautions do you take before you contract tonsillitis?
  13. The China study is AMAZING. Really gives the vegan community strong grounding.
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