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  1. At what point in my training would I stop weight lifting or deload. I am about 7 weeks into a 16 week program that leads up to my race day in early August. I don't want to stop lifting completely as it's my primary focus, but since adding a running program to my life I want to take a step to participating in a marathon next year. Both lifting (7 months on SL5x5) and running (2 months) are new into my life.
  2. I am currently using Endomondo to track my running.
  3. Thanks! I have a log going and I do get motivated seeing distance and time improvements.
  4. I know for a fact I am stronger. Not sure when the physical change will occur. I am sure it is now, just slowly.
  5. While I haven't done this yet following the Stronglifts program, I have read from other lifters to add a deload week into the routine. Hopefully someone has experience with this. I do deload if I am not able to do the 5x5, but I have not dedicated an entire week to it.
  6. I just put together the start of my own home gym. Thankfully it started with the help of a co-worker who gave me a Weider Club 500 rack and about 270 lbs of weight for free! I thought this was great, as it got me out of paying my monthly dues at the gym and didn't have to stand around waiting for the one rack to open up. About 2 weeks later I dropped the money and purchased anR3, utility bench and Beater Bar all from Rogue Fitness. The total came to about $1000, but I will be saving much more in the $120/month I was paying for a family membership at the local gym. I bolted the power rack in the garage. In the future I will be building my own power lifting platform using plywood and a heavy rubber stall mat. Don't have the room right now for it, but working out at home is great! Not to mention much more convenient.
  7. Just did a 1RM at 225 lbs, as I am working towards my goal of 300 lbs!
  8. klaatu, I am about where you are on Stronglifts 5x5, 6 months in and while my progress has slowed I am still seeing strength gains. Maybe I am wanting to see more physical changes in my body, but I am not going to argue about continuing to gain strength. I continue to look at some of the other programs that are talked about on SL 5x5, such as Madcow, the 5/3/1 and others. As Justin mentioned, I am hopeful that the more strength I gain the heavier the weights I will be able to lift, which should help with muscle definition.
  9. I just started the 1st of this month and have put in close to 30 miles this month. Most I think I have ever run in my life in one month. Much like you carrot topless, my rhythm seems to be hit and miss. As a few pointed out, the program I was following started out with simple walking, just a mile. As I got into the following week it was a power walk and by the end of the week it was a job. Since starting week 4 it's been nothing but running. I did go out and by a good pair of Brooks (Ghost 5) in which to run in, but being new I am sure I am missing some technique to improve my running form. Hopefully the more I run the better the form will become.
  10. Fallen_Horse, unfortunately my doctor called what I was doing last year "extreme" and that changing my diet, something he promoted a year prior, was only a "short term fix" for a "long term problem." Needless to say it did not sit well with me at all. I was livid! It that wasn't enough, he then had to ask, "Where do you get your protein?" Common sense tells me I should have found another doctor. After searching through thousands, I decided to give up the search and stay with him. Why? One to prove to him what I am doing works and two, because I won't need to seem him but maybe once a year for my physical and blood test results. I will be curious to see what he tries to prescribe to me this year.
  11. You know I didn't even consider the total carbs. Eating how I do, I don't fear the carbs, but I would like to attempt to keep the muscle and strength gains I have made, possibly dropping the carbs a bit. It might be time to look into something.
  12. Yeah I have been pleased with the progress I have been making. Hopefully I can continue those gains over the next 4 months. I actually found a mobile fat testing unit (truck) that comes to the gym I am leaving. He changes $49 for the initial and $39 for follow ups.
  13. I love quinoa, but I agree, eating it without something on it is rather boring. I usually top it with tamari and Furikake, but will use quinoa with soups and chili over it as well, which makes it go down very easy.
  14. After watching Forks Over Knives I was interested in the research from Dr. John McDougall, who provides a free program on his website. You might check it and get some ideas as to how he lays out his starch based way of eating. His book, The McDougall Program: 12 Days to Dynamic Health got me on the right track and best part was I was never hungry.
  15. Cook and eat quinoa (8 grams per cup) for your protein source, its' one of the main foods I turn to. I also enjoy adding flax meal (6 grams per Tablespoon) to recipes I cook. A quick Internet search will turn up many plants that are loaded with protein. You might have to mix and match, could easily get your required intake.
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