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  1. At what point in my training would I stop weight lifting or deload. I am about 7 weeks into a 16 week program that leads up to my race day in early August. I don't want to stop lifting completely as it's my primary focus, but since adding a running program to my life I want to take a step to participating in a marathon next year. Both lifting (7 months on SL5x5) and running (2 months) are new into my life.
  2. I am currently using Endomondo to track my running.
  3. Thanks! I have a log going and I do get motivated seeing distance and time improvements.
  4. I know for a fact I am stronger. Not sure when the physical change will occur. I am sure it is now, just slowly.
  5. While I haven't done this yet following the Stronglifts program, I have read from other lifters to add a deload week into the routine. Hopefully someone has experience with this. I do deload if I am not able to do the 5x5, but I have not dedicated an entire week to it.
  6. I just put together the start of my own home gym. Thankfully it started with the help of a co-worker who gave me a Weider Club 500 rack and about 270 lbs of weight for free! I thought this was great, as it got me out of paying my monthly dues at the gym and didn't have to stand around waiting for the one rack to open up. About 2 weeks later I dropped the money and purchased anR3, utility bench and Beater Bar all from Rogue Fitness. The total came to about $1000, but I will be saving much more in the $120/month I was paying for a family membership at the local gym. I bolted the power rack in the garage. In the future I will be building my own power lifting platform using plywood and a heavy rubber stall mat. Don't have the room right now for it, but working out at home is great! Not to mention much more convenient.
  7. Just did a 1RM at 225 lbs, as I am working towards my goal of 300 lbs!
  8. klaatu, I am about where you are on Stronglifts 5x5, 6 months in and while my progress has slowed I am still seeing strength gains. Maybe I am wanting to see more physical changes in my body, but I am not going to argue about continuing to gain strength. I continue to look at some of the other programs that are talked about on SL 5x5, such as Madcow, the 5/3/1 and others. As Justin mentioned, I am hopeful that the more strength I gain the heavier the weights I will be able to lift, which should help with muscle definition.
  9. I just started the 1st of this month and have put in close to 30 miles this month. Most I think I have ever run in my life in one month. Much like you carrot topless, my rhythm seems to be hit and miss. As a few pointed out, the program I was following started out with simple walking, just a mile. As I got into the following week it was a power walk and by the end of the week it was a job. Since starting week 4 it's been nothing but running. I did go out and by a good pair of Brooks (Ghost 5) in which to run in, but being new I am sure I am missing some technique to improve my running form. Hopefully the more I run the better the form will become.
  10. Fallen_Horse, unfortunately my doctor called what I was doing last year "extreme" and that changing my diet, something he promoted a year prior, was only a "short term fix" for a "long term problem." Needless to say it did not sit well with me at all. I was livid! It that wasn't enough, he then had to ask, "Where do you get your protein?" Common sense tells me I should have found another doctor. After searching through thousands, I decided to give up the search and stay with him. Why? One to prove to him what I am doing works and two, because I won't need to seem him but maybe once a year for my physical and blood test results. I will be curious to see what he tries to prescribe to me this year.
  11. You know I didn't even consider the total carbs. Eating how I do, I don't fear the carbs, but I would like to attempt to keep the muscle and strength gains I have made, possibly dropping the carbs a bit. It might be time to look into something.
  12. Yeah I have been pleased with the progress I have been making. Hopefully I can continue those gains over the next 4 months. I actually found a mobile fat testing unit (truck) that comes to the gym I am leaving. He changes $49 for the initial and $39 for follow ups.
  13. I love quinoa, but I agree, eating it without something on it is rather boring. I usually top it with tamari and Furikake, but will use quinoa with soups and chili over it as well, which makes it go down very easy.
  14. After watching Forks Over Knives I was interested in the research from Dr. John McDougall, who provides a free program on his website. You might check it and get some ideas as to how he lays out his starch based way of eating. His book, The McDougall Program: 12 Days to Dynamic Health got me on the right track and best part was I was never hungry.
  15. Cook and eat quinoa (8 grams per cup) for your protein source, its' one of the main foods I turn to. I also enjoy adding flax meal (6 grams per Tablespoon) to recipes I cook. A quick Internet search will turn up many plants that are loaded with protein. You might have to mix and match, could easily get your required intake.
  16. I hate a cheat weekend in Vegas last year and while I still tried to follow my way of eating, I ended up consuming some food I knew shouldn't have. When I got back home I quickly returned to how I prefer to eat. I didn't dwell over the fact I ate poorly, but accepted it and moved on. I felt a bit bloated, but it was nothing that wasn't relieve soon after. I came home and ended up making a few potato dishes to get me back on track.
  17. I hear this all the time from a gal at work. Although it is said more in jest than in truth. Than again, it's a label, so if others want to label me that is fine. I am strict my way of eating because I now value nutrition and have taken an active interest in my health since I cannot depend on the medical institution to keep be healthy with their "miracle pills." Eating a plant based diet centered around starch (Dr. McDougall), I don't eat meat, dairy or added oil to my diet. Co-workers think I am nuts, but all I see are them getting fatter and more unhealthy every day. So why shouldn't I take an interest in my health? Friends are accepting of how I eat and will ask questions, but their response is always the same, "I couldn't do it." Yet many of them, like my co-workers are becoming heavier and more unhealthy. So tell me again, why I care if I wear this label?
  18. Not necessarily looking for weight gain, but I have seen about 6 pound increase since starting the Stronglifts program back in October, 2012. More importantly the lean body mass saw a 5.5 lbs increase compared to only 1.1 lbs of fat over a 4 month period, based on hydrostatic testing. It's a matter of working off the subcutaneous fat that still remains from my initial weight loss. As for protein intake, I can't say I really bump it up on training days, continuing to maintain an intake of approximately 70g per day, based on tracking my food the last 16 months. I have heard of different numbers to use as it relates to how much protein to eat with lifting weights in order to build muscle. Based on the .8 and lean body mass of 150 lbs based on hydrostatic testing (overall weight 179 lbs), I would have increase my protein intake by 40 grams.
  19. I've been on it since October, 2012 and made some good gains. More than I ever thought I would at age 43. The only limiting factor was myself. You can read myStronglift journal on my site, which covers the initial 12 week program. Good luck.
  20. On October 30, 2011 I decided to make a lifestyle change. On a recommendation from a co-worker, I was told to watch Forks Over Knives. I was surprised with the information that was presented and thus started my search for knowledge. I Googled the documentary and names of doctors who were presented in the movie. I stumbled upon Dr. John McDougall and his life changing way of eating that I have been following since. Unlike "going vegan" I don't include added oil into my diet and avoid all dairy and meats. What led me to lifestyle change at age 41 was the the inability to remember all the medication I prescribed when I was at my dentist office for a routine visit. Wanting to update my medical profile, I knew I had about 6 different medications, but I could not recite what they were. At the time I was suffering from constant migraine headaches, pains in my sides, foot pains, carried extra weight and struggled to keep my cholesterol within "normal" levels. Here were the blood test numbers in July, 2011 when I had my yearly physical and when the medication was prescribed. Just beneath those numbers my blood test results from December, 2011. I think the numbers speak for themselves. July 26, 2011 Weight: 216 pounds Chol: 263 mg/dL Trig: 269 mg/dL HDLC: 37 mg/dL Chol/HDLC Ratio: 7.1 H LDL: 172 mg/dL Non-HDLC: 225 mg/dL In just 10 months of changing my diet, with very little exercise I experienced amazing results! In preparation for another physical I had my blood work tested. Here are the results: July 31, 2012 Weight 173 pounds Chol: 130 mg/dL Trig: 162 mg/dL HDLC: 35 mg/dL Chol/HDLC Ratio: 3.7 H LDL: 63 mg/dL Non-HDLC: 95 mg/dL By my visit I had dropped that last 10 pounds (44 pounds overall) and was just below my goal weight (175 lbs) at 173 pounds. My total cholesterol (TC) went below that magical number of 150 mg/dL, now at 130 mg/dL (total drop of 134 mg/dL). Only a year prior my doctor told me that I could NEVER reduce my TC by diet alone to a healthy number. More importantly my triglycerides dropped to 162 mg/dL (46 points since March). This told me that reducing my alcohol intake was the reason my triglycerides remained high. There was a little fluctuation in my HDL (good cholesterol), up a single point, while the LDL (bad cholesterol) saw a 33 point drop to 63 md/dL. The blood work results combined with the weight loss had me on cloud nine as I walked confidently in for my yearly physical. After the initial weigh in, I had my hearing and eye sight checked, as well as an EKG administered. As I waited for the doctor to come in, I kept playing back in my mind my answers for his upcoming questions since I knew he was not pleased with my “extreme” decision last year to cut out meat, dairy and oil. January, 2012 brought me to start working out on a Bowflex Revolution. It was a good introduction to exercise, but I felt it was lacking. In May, I joined the local sports club and started lifting weights with a co-worker friend of mine. He had been into powerlifting and provided me a very good introduction to using free weights, as well as exercises to accomplish. Unfortunately, in October, 2012 he passed away due to a heart attack, which left me high and without direction when I went to the gym. I continued to do split routines, but was not sure what I wanted to accomplish. In October, 2012 I started following the Stronglifts 5x5 program and have seen some excellent strength gains. Following this program I lift 3 times a week doing squats, bench press, overhead press, rows and the deadlift. It continues to be part of my weekly routine lifting out of my garage using nothing more than a power rack and a barbell. I wanted to add some conditioning to my training, so I resolved to compete in a half marathon in August. I started running on April 1, on a 16 week plan to get me prepared for the 13.1 miles I will be running. I will also be competing in my first Tough Mudder event at Lake Tahoe in July. Hopefully I can continue to see positive changes in my life thanks in part to my diet, the weight lifting and conditioning I am doing. Maybe I have set personal expectations too high, but I was hoping to see more changes now 16 months into this new plant based lifestyle.
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