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  1. it's easy to be like "yeah i'm vegan, but i dont want to press my beliefs on someone, or hurt their feelings" but when they are like "that is morally terrible, this is morally good, you're a bad person if you do that, this is better for your health because X Y Z" they are psycho satanist(lol people care?) cunts. also, i hate to bad-mouth our fellow forum members, but there's no way has robert cheeke, carl lewis, jim morris given anywhere near the exposure that these youtubers with millions of views have http://puu.sh/kcCSl/6c2c0ac4e0.png http://puu.sh/kcCUE/b8635aaf07.png http://puu.sh/kcCWW/62a580032d.png
  2. first try this one is almost too easy... it's black beans, green lentils, red lentils, and yellow split peas, with veges, onion, capsicum, chilli, and zucchini and garlic/ginger haven't added salt, trying to keep sodium low. http://puu.sh/jMslj/07cedca621.jpg
  3. Sup all... i usually tend to cook stuff every day, but i'm thinking of getting into meal prep again. Anyone have any good ideas for beans/lentil based dishes i can prepare in bulk?
  4. I don't think embedding has worked here for a long time, it's not just you... it might be due to spambots or something.
  5. that title is making me think of an ice cold frozen garden pea shake.... it sounds like it could be really good, nice sweet peas blended with maybe some vanilla, oats, and mint + almond milk
  6. i think there are alot more particularly in the vegan community, who do it for health, and stick to whole foods, if you go through the bios on the main page, a good portion of them don't use protein powders, even the omni pros, alot of them just eat tons of chicken and rice lol, no protein powders. and i think the current mr universe barny du plessi doesn't use them either i think it's probably more valid on a vegan diet if you want to hit those high protein targets, but i think there are a good amount of downsides to them i'm not exactly anti protein powder though
  7. You probably cant, protein recommendations are usually way higher than necessary, without protein powders, it's very difficult to hit that sort of intake, and i wouldn't want to anyway, it's pretty gnarly to eat like that.
  8. oats and lentils, cheapest foods you can find, lots of calories, good protein.
  9. i dont think hand grippers will do much... only place they have i think is for therapy try dumbbell shrugs, bar hangs, and reverse grip back exercises
  10. are you implying because it is a natural insecticide, people should cut down..? i mean, many spices have insecticide properties, like cinnamon, but it's still overall quite good for you, weird point to focus on.. "if it's an insecticide, it's bad for you?"?
  11. lol, just saw this video as much as i hate mr repzion, i think that's were my understanding ends... just really stupid thing for him to say... it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion... also it seems like his twitch account was suspended following that i think this might be a direct response to the video too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz2ETV3gWJk
  12. worst thing to ever happen? being a bit dramatic ay number wise, in the period of like 6 months he has gone from nobody to the highest viewed vegan youtuber, and gained 85k subscribers.. they arent all there just to watch the controversy, atleast a portion are going to think about it, and possibly reduce, or remove animal consumption... if even 20% of his subs (or even more peope counting view counts) reduce their animal consumption by 20% on average, or just promotes people to think about it, then it's good for veganism.. shit he says may be in really bad taste, but i find it usually has some meaning or parallel to the meat industry that he's making fun of... might not be good for veganism, but should he really censor his passion & anger about peoples apathy? i dont think so... it's like if was routinely killing , and some guy made angry videos about it, i wouldnt be like "wow thats bad taste" or "wow he should sensor his expressions so it's easier to ignore" i think it's hilarious seeing these meat eaters (who obviously can't identify satire, and cant rectify animal death with human death) making response videos saying "wow he's so disgusting, he's a school shooter, sociopath", then go on to eat some dead creature that night
  13. well, i like the bad taste... i think the baby stpmp thing was obvious satire, but either way, if you can be outraged about someone saying they want to squick a baby into a bloody pulp, you should equally be outraged by someone grinding billions baby chickens into paste while they are alive... if you can be outraged by him saying "i hope he gets cancer and dies", you should be equally as outraged if someone says "i'm gonna slit this cows throat so it dies"... i dont think the controversy is probably the best way to promote veganism, but hey, it's a free media, and i think the bad taste/controversy is valid when you consider the cruelty on the other end of the spectrum..
  14. lol, his videos are entertaining, a few of his latest videos seem a little worse put together... like the rich piana video, just seemed incoherent to me. he does say stuff in bad taste, but it's not ofputting to me lol, like he just called out furiouspete about getting cancer again, bad taste, but i kinda agree with him, he makes fun of killing animals for food, is ignorant that the shitty diet he eats could have contributed to his cancer, and promotes it.. i think its reasonable to say... well, if you make fun of animal cruelty, i can make fun of you getting cancer again. i think some of his advice is kinda incoherent, but i like his non PC attitude lol..
  15. havent drunk coffee in a long time... i dont really like the taste for one.. and in the past when i have drunk it, i would get a bit hyper for a while, then feel like shit for a couple hours after that wore off i drink tea and water nowdays, don't get the caffeine shit from it, mostly low caffeine teas, or herbal stuff... developing a dependancy on a stimulant like caffeine seems just just a really poor idea to me, should be getting energy from food, not drugs.. also why i dont think i'll ever try a pre-workout if it were me, i would prefer to just go cold turkey, and feel miserable for a couple days or a week or something like that, then afterwards, feel alert all the time.
  16. just my 2c worth if you cant spend alot on food, using protein shakes seems weird... it's like $20/kilo right? here atleast it's around 25 aud for pea/rice blend contact your local greengrocer, ask them if they can order in some bulk lentils, or oats.. the oats should be under $1 a kilo, and lentils should be $1-3 a kilo with alot of protein in them in the past i have bought 25 kilo bags of lentils for 35 dollars, i'd basically boil them with garlic, ginger, salt, and cayenne, and that would be my meals for a while.
  17. Hi windynut, i also live in new south wales, not much to add, but if you stick to whole foods, eat as much as your apatite dictates you will be good, daily protein requirements are i think, 50g according to the FDA, which really is above whats necessary, just eating good foods, you will get enough to gain muscle aside from that, you could try to get some ground flaxseed, and add a few tablespoons to your daily diet, and eat leafy greens daily i think you will accelerate towards your goals now that you've gone vegan, theres alot of junk you can still eat as a vegetarian.. milk, cheese, cream, eggs, but particularly on a whole foods diet, you're much better off, if just to have a reason to be strict about that and other processed stuff. good luck
  18. You don't need to supplement with overt oils like that, there really is no health benefit for it, unless you just want the calories, but i would recommend eating some ground flaxseed every day, like 1-2tsb of it, it's quite fatty, and the benefit you get from it is the omega 3 fatty acids.. i think olive oil is richer in omega 6's which isnt so good but yeah, at least eat some peanut butter or some relatively whole food like that, rather than just adding a pure fat to your diet try adding oats somewhere.. i like to mash frozen fruit and flaxseed into them dry, oats are more calorie dense than cooked rice also, so it might make it easier for u to get the calories down cant comment on the amount of calories, for all i know you're like a 4'2 girl, and 1600 calories would be plenty, but i think chances are... depending on ur goals you might want ot eat more @vegan badass.. "Goes counter to a lot of experts out there" these experts are personal trainers, or bros, science doesnt really support eating more times per day, it only serves to allow u to eat more calories go ahead and eat 3 or 2 days a day, just make sure u eat enough lunch.. what sort of beans are those? i dont think i could eat 2 cans of just black beans or something like that lol, you can look into indian foods, dhal tadka, other lentil based stuff, easy to make quick versions of most of them, lots of protein and calories in them... but if ur able to just chug 2 cans of beans, that would work too xD good luck man
  19. i dont think it would hurt anything lol, it's just sugar and salt and flavourings... not really terrible if put in context with a good diet... yeah it's not micronutrient dense... but does something have to be to be healthy? i guess it would hydrate you faster, whenever i tried drinking them, the sugar just made me feel ill during intense sports, so i usually stick to water if you arent gaining weight just eat more
  20. Has anyone else noticed this? when i was active here about 2 years ago, the forums had alot more people actively posting, now it seems like someone will just post an update in a log every few days, what's up with that?
  21. just wondering, is cycling a good leg workout for bodybuilding? i have been cycling atleast every 2nd day on max resistance+ top gear, approximately 40 mins / 12 km trip (with a walking period), heart rate goes up a little, but i'm not out of breath. what do you guys think? im not good at squats/deadlifts (safely), i have a short achilles tendon which kinda doesnt let my knees go past my feet, so other wise i have to use machines
  22. by butter, i meant some dairy free spread like nutelex..
  23. here's my suggestion: uh, protein powder and butter i guess?
  24. think ill pass on paleo veganism lol
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