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  1. woah, sweet site, i just bought everything for these http://www.proteinpow.com/2013/03/dark-chocolate-goji-berry-protein-magic.html#more lots of good recipes, sweet, gonna replace the egg whites with orgran no-egg not really partial to the choc coated ones though
  2. well,i mainly want something to do with my powder, or some high protein meals,vega is also quite expencive, and not really avaliable here, the stuff i have doesn't taste that great, but it's alot easier to eat when i put it into recipes, not to mention i dont really want to be carrying around the shake and liquid stuff i'll need on campus
  3. Hi, i haven't been on these forums in a little while, mainly due to just being busy, anyway i recently started studying full timee, and i've been finding it hard to prepare good meals to take with me, and ending up buying stuff from the health food section (which i doubt is very healthy, sesame bars, museli bars etc) just to get my blood sugar back up, i was hoping for some suggestions, i'm looking for stuff like protein bars meal bars anything else convinient that i could pack, and won't go soggy or anything i'm also thinking about joining the campus gym, do you guys think it matters if protein comes from a bar or a shake? it would be more convinient if i didnt have to take a shaker and powder and liquid etc around with me
  4. being a vegetarian doesnt automatically balance your calories, or make the calories you eat healthy
  5. i recently ordered 4kg of pea/rice blend, tastes much better than sunwarrior, doesnt overpower stuff like sunwarrior does, it's vanilla and tastes good with frozen raspberries + soy milk + ice and maybe soy yoghurt as a smoothie but yeah, it's a very smooth pea/rice vanilla blend, mixes very well and dissolves fast, still no milkshake like every protein, but best tasting *affordable* protein i've tried though i think the product is only sold in AU
  6. i doubt it's anything to worry about, not much fat accumulates in the forearms anyway
  7. good luck, i had blood tests recently, my b12 was right in the middle of the healthy/ref range partially from a daily multi, but mainly from fortified foods (soy milk) but yeah, my b12 was 415 nmol/l and the ref range is 135-650 nmol/l, most soy milks are fortified, my main source is 1 cup soymilk in oats for breakfast and a multi, though i'm not sure that does much anyway, good luck, it's a good idea to start counting your calories, making sure you are at a defecit, and start exercising
  8. from quick search, the brand i'm being offered(boostrix) contains the following ingredients Fenton media with bovine casein, Lathan medium derived from bovine casein, Linggoud-Fenton medium derived from bovine extract, Stainer-Scholte liquid medium, synthetic or semisynthetic i wouldnt mind if it was made using dairy/egg so much, but it looks like it's made from the flesh aswell anyone done any research on this?
  9. legs, mine aren't very flexible so squats are awkward
  10. hi, i play field hockey, i'd like to recover faster afte sprinting across the field to get the ball, and just have more energy currently i'm doing a 3 day split, rep range of around 10-14, 3 sets, been doing so for probably 7 weeks now, and i've been kinda avoiding cardio, even though i'm sure i'd be fine to do some- since i get some in with hockey we play once a week and train once a week too, and it can be pretty intense depending on how hard you push but yeah, will light cardio really do anything to help? brisk walks/jogs?, i don't know about intense running or HIIT as i'm already skinny enough without it edit: oh as for my diet, i've been working to improve it lately, lots of beans, legumes, more tofu/seiten/quinoa type things etc, i'm still working on it though
  11. Hey guys, i'm wondering if this is realistic, ideally i'd like to keep building muscle, but i'd also like to improve my *cardio heavy* sports performance is it possible to do both? will light jogs improve my recovery/stamina on the field if i do them on my rest days or something? any advice appreciated
  12. if it were me, i would just sell it, i wouldn't push my personal values onto anyone i wouldn't sell my car only to someone who wouldnt buy fast food, buy groceries etc with it but yeah, if was me, it wouldnt be any of my business what a buyer intended to use it for it's a strange issue just another thought, is angling wild fish worse than buying farmed fish or mass haul fish?
  13. Hi anna, your best bet for super high protein without carbs would be supplements, pea/rice/hemp protein, i don't think there is anything close to the protein content of egg whites without being processed egg white 90%+ protein calories wheat gluten/seitan 75%+ protein calories protein supplements 90%+ protein calories i imagine a low carb day for me (i don't really cut carbs) but i would do something like lots of leafy greens, smoothies, mushrooms, broccoli in stir fries etc + seitan and tofu
  14. even if being a vegan doesnt change the number of animals mistreated/murdered, doesn't mean i can still support it i'm sure that vegans as a whole deny atleast some of the meat market, so it would make some difference i just became disgusted by meat at a young age and i will not support the industry, i don't see a large distinction between murdering people for food, and murdering animals for food, the only difference is, they can't speak
  15. from what i understand, to produce the actual vaccines, they use chicken foetus cells, human foetus cells , monkey cells.. of some sort, some use bovine blood, and gelatine to produce them, so it's not just an issue of them testing on animals however long ago- you can bet they don't leave these animals alive after extracting these cells
  16. hi yall, i'm being pushed to get vaccs done, though, from what i see, alot are... well, not vegan whats your take on this? would you compromise your health, tetnis, flu, etc to avoid taking vaccinations?
  17. from when we used to grow it, it produced a gel rather than a juice, i think you'd have to mix it with water to get it thru the juicer
  18. good luck aspirant, maybe you could try to avoid the more *pure* non-vegan products as much as you can, cream, sour cream, cheese, milk, whey powder etc for me i started avoiding those types of things, but not if say, there was milk in chocolate or a little sour cream on a taco or something but yeah, good luck aspirant, give it another shot when you're ready
  19. aspirant, i have to say i'm personally pretty free of all food cravings, but if you arent, it will take willpower to just stop those things personally, i developed a distaste for meat - the reality that i was being fed dead, ground up animals was revolting, and at a very young age(i think around 9-12) and went vegetarian with very little, if any cravings for meat foods, though my diet was still pretty junky, lots of nachos, white bread, processed foods/chips etc, not caring much about what i ate (though at that age it didnt matter as much), though i avoided milk/yoghurt products, still used cheeses, until i was about 16 or 17 and just made a decision "why don't i care about my diet"- and cleaned it up, then more recently, like a year or two ago, i started avoiding the last few animal products i still used, and recently changed my diet for muscle building anyhow, in my case, nutritional gaps/lack of strength etc wasn't a problem, and i'm not very susceptible to cravings, i never looked back when i for example, gave an extra animal product up, or say, a junk food, though i had a long time to adjust it's hard to give up foods when you're still attached to them,perhaps similar to (but not as extreme as) quitting smoking for some people my best advice would be to try to develop a mental distaste for the chocolate/cakes/whatever you want to get rid of, avoid those foods, then never look back- for me, i the earliest experience i could remember was, when i was at a friends house for dinner, they had sausages, and vegetable type things, i remember just looking at the sausage, i ate about a quater of it, and i remember fat or oil oozing out of it, and i just thought- why do our parents feed this to us? it's disgusting, it cant be healthy, and the idea stuck with me PS if you're a fan of very dark chocolate, there are some that are vegan- i usually get an 80% once a year for easter, and there's vegan pancakes you can make that are nearly identical to a bowl of oats ( in ingredients)
  20. first thing i would do is clean up my diet could you outline a typical days food for you? other than that, just get started, do something every 2nd day or something, go to the gym for abour 40 minutes or so, figure out a routine and stick to it what i do is chest+tris rest day legs rest back+biceps rest repeat and some light cardio after workouts and on rest days but yeah, outline a typical days diet so we can take a look
  21. I used to grow aloe in the old house, you could cut a leaf off and squeeze the gel out of it, if that's what you're after either way, it cant hurt to spend 5 bucks on a plant, rather than 5 or 10 on a bottle of juice
  22. what's the market like there? maybe you could supplement your diet with protein rich foods, and rely less on vega
  23. Hey guys, i was hoping for some advice on how i could improve my diet, here's an example of a day in my diet where i'm prettymuch having trouble eating all of it, and being full all day http://i.imgur.com/ukQ5db7.png so yeah, here's my typical day first meal: 1 cup oats w/ 1 cup soy milk, maybe a little brown sugar and cinnamon- some days a banana if we have alot of them second meal: either the previous nights dinner, or a fruit smoothie and a sandwich third meal: some sort of stir fry, or maybe a curry, trying to load with as much protein as possible and then maybe a handfull of nuts (pepitas atm) , some fruit, and peanut butter sandwich and i possibly ate less before i began trying to plan out my diet anyway, here's what i'd like to do: reach 140g protein a day reach around 2600 calories a day tomorrow i'll be going to a market, which stocks all types of dried beans and foodstuffs, i'm hoping to buy a bunch and add them to my diet in patties or something anyways, any advice appreciated, i'll add any ingredients suggested to my shopping list for tomorrow
  24. 3-4000 calories a day? fruits and greens tend to be low in protein, and fats, if you aren't getting enough of each macro (and water) it could effect you but yeah, try include more beans/lentils and nuts and avocados in your diet for protein and good fats BTW what is your weight/height?
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