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  1. no idea, i'm sure pea/rice/hemp/soy proteins digest at different rates
  2. Well, my goal is to target everything as well as i can, build muscle, and add a few more exercises to my routine
  3. Hey guys, i'm hoping for some advice on my current routine at the moment, here's what i'm doing day 1 chests, triceps, shoulders military press, about 12 reps, 2-3 sets bench press about 12 reps 2-3 sets crunches- 20 then a set till i can't keep going (leg raises?) 20, then a set till i can't keep going rest day day 3 legs Squats 2-3 sets 10-20 reps lunges- 2-3 sets 15 reps -i need to improve my legs day, as most the routines i see involve gym equipment rest day day 5 back, biceps bent over rows 3 sets about 12 reps pull ups- as many as i can do, then slow-downs (jump up, slow down) 2-3 sets of 8 reps (hopefully i will get stronger and do all pull-ups) palms-in pullups, as many as i can, then slow-downs about 8 reps and 2 sets barbell curls, 3 sets of 8-13 reps depending on weight rest day start again anyway, i'm hoping to improve my routine, perhaps a little more frequent, or just better exercises, i ripped my routine out of several other ones, with some replacements for gym equipment stuff this is all home workout at the moment, right now i have dumbbells, barbell and enough weights for any of my muscles, and soon will be getting a bench so yeah, any advice on how to improve my routine? edit: my goal is to target as many muscles as i can, to gain some weight, right now i don't have any specific groups i want to improve, because i'm still a skinny bugger
  4. classic vanilla, it's edible in banana smoothie, but gag-worthy on its own in water
  5. try indian places, they very often have vegan/vegetarian stuff is absolutely delicious, and filling, and they will usually ask you how spicy you want it, incase that upsets you but yeah, there are a hell of alot of vegetarians (maybe not so much vegans, but they cater for that too) in india, so their cuisine has alot of suitable stuff should also do a google search on organic/whole food/ vegetarian resturaunts in your area, they will all have vegan options edit: maybe you should get some bloodwork done, maybe there's a few small things that you are missing in your diet? or just arent eating right? i've never felt tired/weak/malnourished even before i was on a thought out diet, and im curious, what you think that dairy/eggs could give you that a vegan diet couldnt?
  6. So my sunwarrior arrived the other day and it tastes terrible, as bad as the cheap $20 one i got off of ebay, only upside is a better texture, just tastes like uh.. stevia/artificial sweetner, hard to keep down, i've ordered some free samples from a local company so hopefully they taste better (pea/rice blend)- think i'd prefer an unflavored one to this, guhck now i just gotta buy 50 bananas to make smoothies with to help get this sunwarrior down =\
  7. i'm no doctor, but just from googling, from what i see, hernias, cysts, blood clots are normally painful- i would guess that it's an engorged vein or something from blood pumping harder after exercise anyway, google has alot of very similar results you should check over https://www.google.com.au/search?q=lump+appears+after+exercise some say it's a reaction to certain plants in your diet like sunflowers/chamomile edit: some people on bodybuilding.com say they have similar conditions, caused by tears above the muscle, and under the skin that show up after running and if you're worried about it after reading through, you should get it checked out, i'm not qualified.
  8. Wheat gluten (seitan, and good recipes), soy yoghurt or cottage cheese/dairy yoghurt if you have no problems with animal products, swap to wholemeal bread though if you're a vegetarian, and not a vegan, you have some additional protein sources just dont buy all that at once or you will spoil it what are your goals for the shopping list anyway? just looking for good nutritional food to buy, or looking for high protein/certain macros? or are you looking to change to a vegan diet or something?
  9. http://www.sistersrunningthekitchen.com/recipes/burgers/favorite-black-bean-burgers/ these look nice, from my calculations, they have about 16 grams protein, and are about 166 calories if you divide them like they suggest seems too good my calculations say(for the whole 6 burgers) http://i.imgur.com/I9Mf2Ux.png hopefully this site has right values, didnt bother with the small spices etc 54% carb 5% fat 39% protein (rounded up) anyway, dang, they look easy, cheap and tasty, i'll have to make some tonight or tomorrow
  10. Don't think we get yams in our area, they are similar to sweet potatoes right? loaded with carbs too
  11. Hey everyone, i wanted to know if anyone had some good recipes that i could prepare in bulk on the weekend or something, divide into portions, then eat throughout the week that are nice and high in protein, i was thinking, some sorts of bean chillis, vege burgers, soups and stir fries right now i'm finding it hard to fill my caloric goals, and ratio goals, so i thought it would help alot if i could prepare alot of the weeks meals in advance, right now i've just been cooking for dinner, about 2 servings, and eating the 2nd one the next day, but i don't always have time and energy to cook, so it means i have to russel something out, usually without thinking about it thanks, peace
  12. you could try making seitan, it's made of wheat gluten if you can handle that, the gluten contains 75%+ protein, and if you cook it right, it tastes great, in stir fries and stuff as a meat replacement, or just to eat on its own as a snack, it's like... very very very chewy, dense bread, boiled
  13. Hi everyone, this is a subject i'm very worried about, right now i'm in the situation where i need to find a cheaper protein (which i might have found) i can buy in bulk than sunwarrior, i have a 1kg bag ordered, which was very expensively priced, but due to my last experience with a supplement, i rash-bought the best rated, most pricey one i could find, my previous experience being, buying a ~!20 for 1kg or soy protein isolate off ebay, the most generic, no brand, and the texture and taste was almost impossible to get down, and nearly made me vomit when i took it, and because of this i'm pretty reluctant to spend $100 on a questionable quality protein that might make me barf anyway, my hope is to start a thread about the taste & texture of different protein supplements, and share experiences, particularly for cheaper brands, and experiences with generic proteins, so people can save money by buying cheaper proteins that can be kept down, with the hope that most of the cheap proteins taste similar due to using the cheapest methods of isolating them, and can be used as a guide for other generics. also, the reason sunwarrior is.. even more pricey is because i'm in AUS. (over $65 i think) peace
  14. hi, a good way to strengthen your muscles is to, instead of doing pullups, grab the bar as you would if you were going to do one,push yourself up with a jump, then slowly lower yourself down with your muscles do several sets of it, it will work the same muscles you would if you were doing pullups (do it with several different grips to work all the diff muscles) be careful with the HIIT cardio though, as it can burn your muscle instead of fat if your heart rate gets too high, i usually like to go at a pace where i could still easily talk to someone without huffing and puffing
  15. my fav thing to do with quinoa is cook about a cup (of dry stuff) with 2 cups water, with a little stock, then stirfry some vegetables ( my favorites would be brocolli, mushrooms and tomatoes, high protein also ) with about a cup of solid tofu, and a sauce made up of soy sauce, garlic, ginger and lemon juice, maybe some chilli powder too if you like the spice, just chuck chuck all these ingredients ( aside from quinoa ) stirfry them for about a minute, then add the sauce ( probably ends up about 1 3rd- 1 half cups sauce, vary ingredients to taste) and stirfry for a couple more minutes, then server over quinoa, makes 2 servings when i make it, though i made this with protein more in mind than carbs, should still have a good hit from the quinoa and veg though as for lentils, and stuff, i usually like to cook them in a tomato gravy type curry with peas, and some other vegetables i havent cooked for lentils in a while, i think it was something along the lines of 3 tomatoes blended, with a tablespoon of tomato paste, garlic and an onion, along with indian spices ( garam masala, ground cumin, red chilli powder, turmeric ) cooking and mixing in a pan, then vegetables added (like peas, pre steamed carrot/potato chunks etc, whatever you like) and cooked for a bit, then some flour( i think about half a tbsp) added, and mixed a round, aswell as some red lentils (or whatever you like) boiling in another pot, after cooking for a while, tomato gravy added, aswell as lentils and about half cup of vege stock, then cooked till done - though you take your chances with this recipe, i made this a while ago, i think it was along these lines though. chick peas are good blended (as hummus or just with some liquid) and put on grilled wraps, and... almost everything
  16. well if you guys would like, come up with some categories, eg: leafy greens, legumes/beans, vegetables, fruits, processed- and maybe some others and i'll put them into induvidual docs with my macros to determine the protein content etc, aswell as one large one with everything, might also change the calories listed to a calculation yes, the calories from x (protein) is the percentage of calories from (protein*4+carbs*4+fats*9) rather than the calories in the data so if the data says the calories are 1000, but there's only 1 gram protein, 1 gram carbs and 1 gram fat, it will use (1*4+1*4+1*9) calorites for the percentages if anyone has suggestions for foodstuffs to add, just comment below, if you can include gams of fat/protein/carbs, that would be good, otherwise i'll look it up and add it myself
  17. the oil helps with constipation? i thought it was the actual fiber in the seeds, and the slimy coating that did that? i'm not sure though have you tried increasing fiber in your diet, taking prunes/chia seeds(soaked in water, google it) or psyllim husks? that stuff will help with constipation
  18. Should try googling "vegan", going to google maps and look around your new area for some hits other than that, you could try just googling "vegan, vegetarian" etc + your area in google
  19. hi, i personally started taking deva multivitamins for vegans, depending on how serious/picky you are you might want to make sure your vitamins are going to be cruelty free, as a few ingredients in multis always seem to be sourced from animals, fish oil, possibly beef/pork depending on the tablet deva is relatively cheap, for me it was like $12 or something for a pack of 90 large tablets, and about $7 for a pack of 90 "mini" tablets (less stuff in them, easier to swallow) and i can gurantee it will be cheaper for you than me, as i'm in oz, stuff isnt cheap here but yeah, i'm pretty sure deva is formulated for vegans to help fill nutritional gaps, either that or it's just made with cruelty free ingredients. i could just be paying ofr "expensive pee" though
  20. hi thanks for the reply, i bought them because i was worried about b12 and vitamin D (and they are relatively cheap) i don't get a whole lot of sun every day, and the only fortified thing i take regularly is soy milk the large one also seemed to contain comparable amounts of D/b12 to the dedicated vitamins by the same company(i think, i looked at it a while ago)
  21. hi dk i just want to say sorry about the tone of my previous post, reading back on it now, it seemed a bit too aggressive anywho, you could try sunwarror, they offer free samples from their site, or vega ( this site is affiliated with vega ) and maybe they can give you some samples so you can see if they upset your stomache both cost a premium, but i think both are organic & raw, which might be easier on your digestive system if you cant handle protein powders, but if you can find a generic or a lower price brand name that works for you, your wallet will thank you. btw what were you using before? just a generic brand from ebay or something? but yeah, sorry about the aggressive last post, i'm on the other end of the spectrum, i'm a skinny guy and 1400 calories is like, just about half of what i need in a day, and just sounds totally unhealthy to cut that much of your diet. i would also recommend trying to eat more dietary fiber, as it will help you feel fuller for longer, and aid with digestion.
  22. happily, most fruits are nice and low in calories, could eat strawberries all day just a couple more things i might add the my spreadsheet alfalfa sprouts mushrooms alfalfa is something like 34% incomplete proteins, and mushrooms are loaded also edit: why exactly are legumes bad anyway? high carb content? might still be useful to add them to the list for comparison
  23. in my humble opinion, you sound like you're doing these ridiculous fad diets flying around 80-10-10- is that high protein or carb? if it's protein it sounds like the atkins diet, in which case it could be not the tofu and protein powders upsetting your stomach, but only eating protein is making you shit bricks seriously, these fad diets arent good for you, stop eating, your body will say "shit, i aint getting any food, i'll keep this fat i got stored up for later" and maybe burn some muscle instead?- coupled with the high protein diet(if thats what it is) your body prefers carbs as a food source, if it doesnt have that, it will burn other things you like. but seriously, you shouldnt starve yourself, if you feel like shit while you're on a diet, you need to find something else, you need more than 1400 calories a day, someone please correct me if i'm spilling bullshit though, i'm no expert.
  24. so you packed on moobs at the same time you started taking flaxseed oil? isnt exactly a solid case for saying "a teaspoon of flaxseed oil a day gave me moobs"- unless your oil was like, heavily tainted with oestrogen or something - not to mention, i mean it would have had to be atleast weeks after you started taking it, if not months that you developed man boobs, hard to link man boobs to flaxseed oil i started taking x months ago. anyway, i'm not too familiar with taking it, but what were you wanting to get out of it? omega 3's? if so, you could just swap to another source like walnuts or something.
  25. I didnt have any spinach so i used a bunch of basil, probably too much as it ended up tasting a bit grassy , might try again when i have some spinach tomorrow. also, what is that white vegetable between the bag & the carrots? green onions?
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