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  1. i dont think broccoli is very good for bulking, not very calorie dense, and is quite filling anyway, one sort of recipe i like to make, 1 tin mixed beans, mixed with tomato passata, or other tomato base, spoonfull of coconut cream, add some frozen spinach, and nuke (low power thaws the spinach better, but doesnt matter much), add chopped chilli (the jarred variety, has a different taste to fresh stuff), sometimes add spices like paprika, or garam masala.
  2. Sup guys, so this is a somewhat old thread, just a couple updates i now use almost exclusively chocolate pea & rice protein by www.bioflex.com.au , it tastes decent on its own, with a little extra cocoa powder, it actually becomes a bit of a tread.. and a couple days ago... i discovered something incredible, add a small amount of quality coconut cream to a shake (like maybe 1-2 teaspoons) and it will change the taste of the shake so much, it becomes a desert if i do that, ruins the macros a little bit but damn, it's worth it lol the vanilla stuff from the same company... i dont like, never really liked vanilla protein powders, atleast vegan ones. i've also found that the powder tastes much nicer if mixed with part unsweetened soy milk, and water (unsweetened is hard to find, and it tastes like some kinda gross tofu juice on its own lol) it's quite nice in a shake though. but yeah, seriously, try adding coco cream to a shake, please tell me what you think, it makes such a massive difference to my tastebuds, it's not the coconut flavour or anything, but i expect the fats... somehow enhance the ability to taste the... whatever, idk, science man i no longer use unflavored stuff.. sometimes put it in recipes, but thats about it
  3. i have been drinking golden monkey black tea from teavivre lately, no sugar, no milk added, has a really nice taste & scent to it, usually like teas that dont need sugar/milk, definately not as strong as typical english black tea, the website says it has 80% less caffeine than coffee. the superfine green jasmine tea they have also has a really amazing scent to it, and it tastes quite nice too have mostly gone away from conventional teas, i drink cheap supermarket green/green jasmine teas occasionally, chamomile, and whatever weird shit that goes on special each week i will sometimes try lol, aswell as the chinese stuff
  4. i sometimes do... usually when certain things are on special, i will make a load of food using it, and put in chinese containers, or similar, also like to make protein bars and such for quick small meals.. alot of the time i like to just eat really cheap, quick meals that can be microwaved
  5. i think even the reputable stuff would have alot of conflict too lol, broscience.
  6. i have pre-measured & prepared snack packs that i usually eat most of right after, along with some other meal, packs contain 516 calories 33 carbs 36 fats 18 protein , so probabl;y 50-60% of that and usually combo with some pre-prepared meal... really anything substantial, and if nothing else, a protein shake and some oats
  7. Hi, i had something similar to this, i would try to have large protein shakes (like 2-2.5 scoops in a hell of alot of water), i think the combination of food + liquids in large quantities really upset my stomach now, i always spread the shakes out, and have much less water per. fruit is fine, i expect a large amount of liquids in your shakes, like mine may have a similar effect, try to make sure you don't get too much goop in one sitting, see if that helps
  8. what was your diet like beforehand?
  9. skipping a couple days posting here, some recipes were incorrect, throwing the values off significantly, will resume tomorrow
  10. http://puu.sh/g5Dkc/634217b0b8.png yesterday, again another hectic work day, i think i made decent macros out of it, i will have more time today to work more fresh foods in i find that i dont really bother with the categories, so from now on ill just put all the foods in breakfast
  11. you guys realise, this thread was 2 years old, and the poster hasnt been on these forums in just as long... what made you seek this out and bump it?
  12. yesterday http://puu.sh/g4pyM/c958ae40b0.png usually dont like eating so much processed foods, but work was really hectic, and didnt get alot of sleep, it came close enough to my goals I dont usually buy meat replacement/linda mccartney foods, not in a huge rush to try and mimic something which i dislike, but they were on half price, had decent protein content (their mince is alot better, and it tastes good, i've had it before), main reason i bought them was the half price special
  13. sup all, just wanted to bring this chart i made a while ago, for another thread back up to the front page, i found myself looking for the percentages of protein in vegetables usually, it's quite a bit of eating for the protein content, but it's probably worth considering, can get atleast 10-30g from these sources each day https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wYlhn07XNd_Obp3P-YEFX_nKi1sKhAhQrEPP5Ja5rCs/pubhtml i can't recall what quantities i based this on (perhaps it was for 10/100g), but the percentages i think are the most useful edit: looks like the quantities are for 100g servings
  14. Try drinking green tea, it helps to surpress my appetite
  15. snow shovelling, interesting workout, wonder if it can be refined lol, 5 sets of 10 side shovels, 5 sets of 10 front shovels lol
  16. http://puu.sh/g0GJA/5bd97cf472.png i haven't used myfitnesspal in a while, calculated it a while ago found it difficult to eat like this, might reduce calories a little tomorrow.
  17. Sup all, i want to keep a food diary, so i hope to post screencaptures of myfitnesspal logs here for commenting, would like to be more responsible with the macros
  18. ok they aren't that saucey, but they are quite tasty and a nice protein hit http://puu.sh/fYzJx/31884ae90e.jpg http://puu.sh/fYAsr/7a0f962d1c.png http://puu.sh/fYAAX/e3cebca6c4.png They taste quite nice, this isn't an exact recipe, a bit of eyeballing/personal taste, but here's how i made it seiten can be rather chewy, but this one is quite tender, and still has that nice, doughy texture similar to meats, and mock meats. baked seiten is much chewier, but also quite nice. SEITEN: 1 chilli 1 flat tsp baking powder 1 cup wheat gluten (i used a generic brand form a local market) 1/4 cup chickpea flour 1/4 cup nutritional yeast/savory yeast 1/4 cup soy sauce 1/4 cup stock of choice (liquid) 1 tsp garlic + ginger 1 tsp agave syrup BROTH: Ok, this is a bit of an eyeball soy sauce water sweetner of choice (agave syrup) stock of choice first, get a large saucepan, fill 2/3rd the way with water, and add stock, and soy sauce , and sweetner (this is really up to you, i just poured it in until i was happy with the colour) and bring it to a VERY GENTLE simmer, do this first so it's at its peak simmer by the time you have prepared the seiten, and you know it wont continue heating and boil after you have added the seiten, keep note of the temperature setting to make the seiten dough, blend the ginger, garlic, agave syrup (or other sweetner), stock, soy sauce, and chilli to make it a smooth liquid put all dry ingredients in a bowl and mix the blended liquid in with it, combine thoroughly, and knead for a minute or two (this wont get super springy like regular seiten because of the chickpea flour, so just use your judgement) split into 10 balls (i weighed each one at i think 32g), and drop them into the simmering water, at this point you might want to increase the heat for a while to return it to the simmer faster put lid on saucepan, and leave to simmer for 40 minutes pick out using tongs, and leave on something to dry OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL STEP: preheat oven to 200c (i dont recall what i used, but it was our max setting) put seiten balls in silicon cupcake tray (or a regular one, sprayed with cooking oil, may still stick a little) put seiten in oven, and let cook for 15-20 minutes, this will improve the outer skin of the seiten, and remove some excess moisture remove, cool, and enjoy maybe i will try to post a new recipe each week or something?, next time i think i will try baked seiten
  19. So i wanted to make something with a bit of a protein kick to it, i read a recipe somewhere, cant remember where a while ago on adzuki bean burgers, since it's harder to get black beans around here anyway, they didnt turn out well on the macros, but they taste good, they are also loaded in calories (whoops) http://puu.sh/fW1xt/bf71753940.jpg http://puu.sh/fW3jv/382338b0ce.png Yeah, i wanted to stay more true to the recipe, from what i recalled, the recipe didn't include chilli, or pecans, i kinda mis-estimated the macros for the bread crumbs and the pecans (i think the brand that i bought have more protein in them) it's not a massive bummer, i'll use the extra calories right now anyway anyway, here's the recipe 2 brown onions (finely chopped, or processed) 230g cooked adzuki beans 1 1/4 cup bread crumbs 35g flour 1tsp agave/ honey 110g pecans (these really added to the calories) mixed herbs several teaspoons worcestershire sauce, or barbeque sauce 1 chilli (finely chopped) teaspoon or so of garlic vegetable stock (i used under 1 tsp) lightly fry onions, chilli, and garlic, use your judgement for this now, just put all ingredients in a bowl and mix them all together, squish them in your hands until thoroughly combined i seperated mine into 150g (well, 148g) patties, and stacked them, seperated with baking paper, and put in a container in the fridge i think next time, i will make something similar, using these ingredients instead http://puu.sh/fW4Kz/beec8a2499.png comparison http://puu.sh/fW5h9/a7882c9da7.png - forgot to rename them to white bean patties lol (calores, carbs, fats, proteins, sodium, sugar) perhaps i'll replace some of the oat flour with just plain gluten, to boost the protein in it.
  20. so i've bought chinese teas whenever they have been avaliable, not a huge fan of black tea, and i don't drink coffee, but i do like green/ green jasmine teabags. i have enjoyed the chinese teas whenever i have been able to buy them, so a couple days ago, i put together aproper order from www.teavivre.com (i don't work for them) with a bunch of chinese teas, and a couple fruity ones to share, mainly low caffeine content ones, and also ordered the proper stuff to prepare it in from aliexpress.com what do you guys think about teas? can't possibly be bad for you, unless it's like, pesticide ridden cheap teas, most of them are rich in antioxidants and other good things. perhaps someone else would like to make an order and try some chinese teas at the same time.
  21. this is amazing, they have a text input version, i tested it out with my favorite recipe http://puu.sh/fTdjd/db2e3eb933.png http://puu.sh/fTdfx/411af3d4cd.png i think you should try to be somewhat specific with the ingredients, 500g chocolate came up with 2.14 cups milk chocolate also seems like it picks out the healthier options, so probably wise to include a brand name but yeah, this is incredible, thanks for bringing it to my attention
  22. woah, holy **** that's amazing, i wonder if they have a tool where you can just type out the ingredients on say, notepad, and upload it to that thing and have it work its magic, rather than recipes someone else has made... i will have to check this out, will report back later
  23. So i was at the supermarket, and as usual i was scoping out all the clearance items in the health food aisle, and i saw xanthan gum 100g packets marked down by 90% so naturally i bought all 7 or 8 packets of it, and i have nothing to use it on, and i've never bought any of this stuff before any ideas?
  24. 200g of protein, how did you get that figure? no doubt you're having trouble do you use powders? even if you didnt use them during bulking, it might help you cut
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