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  1. in my mind, wearing a shirt like "kale is the new beef" is like wearing a political shirt, asking for comments, or a reaction lol, you got one
  2. I believe the UK has a supplement store similar to my countries www.bulknutrients.com.au , i have seen it mentioned before, but i'm not exactly sure what the link is i'm fairly sure they sell unflavored rice/pea protein, it's not too palatable on its own, i find the best way to get it down is in a banana smoothie, which is quite nice -- just googled it, i think this is the site i've seen mentioned http://www.bulkpowders.co.uk/shop-by-range/pure-series/brown-rice-protein-80.html http://www.bulkpowders.co.uk/super-pea-protein-isolate.html if you do order from them, i'd buy one each of rice and pea protein, and combine them
  3. I used to use it, i found it difficult to keep up with the certain recommendations i ended up stopping using it, and just eating as much as i can, and including loads of nice cheap protein foods like lentils and beans, and hope for the best i think it's kinda a losing battle to follow macros set by carnivores without losing some quality of life, i've come to think that as long as you don't need to have a super low BMI, then i'm better off just getting a nice chunk of calories, with enough focus on protein as i can muster without chugging protein shakes all day
  4. well, of course i do, i didnt comment on that part so my opinion i guess wasnt complete, if they are saying that, perhaps there are certain health issues related to a vegan diet they are focusing on, i'm sure the benefits outweigh the downsides for most people, but yeah. Also, there is such a thing as b12 deficiency, certain fatty acids aren't easy to get as far as i know, i know things like flaxseed, chia, etc have certain parts of fatty acids, but lack in other parts (i'm not currently read up on it, i just take a capsule every day and not think about it lol) b12 is made in the body, yes, but it's also made in other things bodies, so when people on an omniverous diet eat them, they get an extra source of b12, otherwise you may take a supplement to help with that what magazine was this? i have a hard time believing they would say something so, i guess controversial, although they might be willing to since, veganism is somewhat of a niche diet.
  5. my usual is oats and strawberries : | it's good, but high carb i've made protein pancakes before using oat flour + protein powder before, i usually make the recipe up every time so i can't provide one right now they aren't as good as normal pancakes, or very nice, but they do do a good job of masking the protein gag factor i also make black bean patties sometimes, occasionally with gluten, which helps boost the protein content, i mainly do it for the texture though, again, no recipe, all you do is cook some black beans, then just add whatever you want untill it holds together oh, and walnuts too, they are good
  6. haha i have an opposing view, i like to think of food as fuel, the cheapest, most economical way to get nutritious calories into my mouth is the best- though i have to be able to get it down and keep it down, hence this thread also i make it taste good, even though it's cheap the spirulina is an interesting idea, i wonder if i can just overload it with wheatgrass or something, i'd much rather the taste of grass, than protein
  7. what's new about it? it's just a continuing thing the meat industry likes to market products you make it sound like there's a conspiracy, the anti-vegan revolution, it's really just people liking meat, and i'm guessing that it's just as prevalent today as yesterday. perhaps you just had certain things in your head which made you notice things, or just coincidentally encountered a few different things, "pushback" implies some sort of co-ordinated effort to exterminate vegans or something, it's just the usual deal "It claimed that all vegans are sick, they lack vitamins A, B12 and "essential fats". They even claimed that people should eat animal fats because they are good for the brain." what's wrong with that? it's perfectly correct it's difficult for vegans to get vitamin b12, omega fatty acids, which are also good for the brain, seems pretty reasonable to me, it's just a fact of life that we have to deal with
  8. well, people have different points of views your shirt is making a bit of a statement, andd you should expect to get some comments on it, and face it, the vast majority of people do like meat, some people love meat and meat culture, i wouldn't exactly judge them to be bad people for it, and i certainly wouldnt make trouble for them over some playful comment i agree, maybe they should have held their tongue on this issue, but it's part of their job to make meaningless smalltalk all day long lol
  9. Hey guys, just wondering what sort of grooming routines you follow Particularly for face, but anything notable/interesting too, perhaps you've had issues with acne or skin irritation in the past I usually use a facial cleanser in the shower (2 passes), then once i get out, as soon as possible, will shave using a double-edged razor, and a vege shaving soap, followed by a splash of cold water, and either/both pat of after shave balm, or witch hazel
  10. i've never come across a particularly palatable brands in my country, and i've tried a few i even tried the super expensive sunwarrior protein (which i heard so many good things about) - turned out that it tasted like ^&%$ for me the best ones i've come across are the unflavored bulk pea/rice , but then it's hard to put that in a portable form, or drink it on its own.
  11. just wondering what you guys do to make protein edible? i have a flavored vanilla rice/pea protein that's hard to get down, but banana smoothies cover it up extremely well (i've tried other fruits like mango, strawberry etc, bananas are magic) i also have some unflavored ones that are easier to get down i've made pancakes which help them go down quite a bit, but have a bit off texture, and more carbs for the trouble i've made bars too, but again, more carbs for the trouble just wondering if you guys have any exceptional ingredients for masking the textures/tastes of protein powders and making them more palatable, i'd recommend using frozen bananas to anyone who hasn't yet
  12. >I had this thread in the fitness forum, but i moved it because it was there for 3 days without any traffix :S< Greetings, i've been out of commission for about a month or so (no transport, it's driving me nuts), and my sports season is coming up in a few months this year i was hoping to really up my game, and stand out more, particularly on recovery/stamina, possibly so i can get into a higher grade i want some tips on how i can improve my stamina and recovery when i'm on the field, so i can sprint more often, and stay in the game more of the time anyway, i want to get cardio-fit, without compromising any weight gain goals, personally i don't really like running or jogging, i'd prefer a routine that would be something like 30 min to an hour of things like suicides, sprints, and flexibility exercises, that i could do every day, or every second day during rest days while i don't really like jogging, or running (always been rather boring to me), if it will get results i'll do it i'd like to hear opinions involving both with and without that sort of thing, along with circuit type exercises (like i explained, suicides etc), or a comination of both i haven't done any cardio for about a month, since the season ended, when it did i think i was reasonably fit cardiovascular, but not particularly above average ( unless you're counting all the old guys on my team ) please tell me what you think would work, thanks thanks
  13. nope, i like applying thermal energy too much
  14. loaded with oil? hmm i usually make my own, or buy diet versions from the store ( i find the flavored hummus from stores are better for dipping crackers and stuff) but yeah, depending on your use, it's dead simple to make sometimes i just blend a can of chickpeas, with some water, or juice from the tin, then just use that without adding anything, dip wholemeal lebanese bread in and eat it some good things to add can be garlic lemon juice tahini (though i've never noticed a huge difference for this) harissa
  15. this is personal opinion, but do you drink much caffein? i find if i drink something high in caffein, it makes me feel tired/sluggish and dehydrated soon after (which is why i cut back alot of caffein, usually stick to green/herbal teas, traditional chinese teas, and maybe a rare black tea) edit: watch out for those electrolyte drinks, most are loaded with sugar, and will give you a sugar rush, i recall seeing a pure electrolyte blend on my local supplement site (i ordered some too, but never tried it) http://www.bulknutrients.com.au/buy/electrolyte-blend/EB , it's unflavored, unsweetened, i think i tried it once, and it added a slight milky taste to water, and wouldnt dissolve easily (wasnt a problem though), i intended to use it during my sports season, but then it ended
  16. i usually try to drink some water whenever i think about it, or see someone else drinking, sometimes i draw a circle, or mark a hand somehow , and every time i look at it, i can get a drink i probably drink too much, but i don't think that's possible
  17. LOL just realise, i meant unflavored, stupid autocorrect, i made the post from my phone
  18. i've had q few such encounters too, ordering meals without cheese, getting cheese, and years ago, when i was still more questionably vegetarian, and not as health conscious, i would get plain cheese pizza, or the vegetarian ones (they used non-animal rennet cheeses), always shit on them like meatballs, bacon, ham etc, even on plain cheese i find it very hard to trust places, recently i've been putting a little more trust into sushi places (though i'm not sure i should since i'm not entirely sure just how well they wash up after slicing raw fish) had some recent successes with salads though at a few local cafes, ordered a pumpkin + feta salad (without the feta), was very nice, roasted pumpkin with leafy salad, and roasted seeds and nuts i find the best places to eat vegan is italian places, they have lots of pasta dishes with just sauce, no meat, and can ask them to leave the cheese off (if it's on there), and also can get nice olive+chilli sides one place i trust fairly well is a local business that is friends with the family, we usually let them knowing when i'm booking and they give me a few no-meat options
  19. i've seen a few made from a rubbery type of material, or carpet type material, i think it would depend on where you live, i don't think there are many name brands for these things that i could mention, and you would have the same thing avaliable
  20. Greetings everyone, i've recently been roped into some off season sport, i had planned to bulk for the entire off season anyway, it's a much less serious competition, within the club, but i wanted to get in shape, as i've been rather sedentary cardio-wise since the season ended so yeah, i'm hoping to improve my stamina, and recovery somewhat without effecting my bulking any ideas? i know that cardio effecting gains is a little bit of a misconception, but yeah, any ideas? i was thinking of just doing sprints for 30 mins- an hour every day on my days out of the gym, i don't really like jogging/running that much, but i don't mind the higher intensity stuff like sprints, and suicides, or intervals
  21. pretty interesting, would you recommend taking a week off every 3-4 months of training for this reason? i should also mention i didnt often hit the same thing twice in the week (might in the future when i have more free time), but yeah
  22. hi guys, i've been on holidays (away from university) for the last two weeks, and the gym i usually go to is on the way there, anyway, i've basically been slacking off for most of the time, after going to the gym without breaks for like 6 months beforehand, i've worked in a few push and pull days, and a leg day, but not nearly as frequent as normal ontop of that i've prettymuch forgot about my macros almost completely (stopped taking protein powders, and sofu/beans every day) and just been eating some nice whole foods anyway, i'm working back into my routine, and after about a week without lifting, ihit the bench at home and noticed my strength has gone way up since befpre the break, i'm able to add a very nice chunk more weight, and able to do more reps on them so i'm wondering, is there any science behind this, and has anyone actually used breaks like this as a tool, or refined it to the most useful aspects?, interested to hear about your experiences
  23. Hi aurijus, i had a similar thing before i committed to bodybuilding, some enzymes were a little off, at the time my diet was already pretty good, but afterwards i started taking some vitamins, and improving my diet, on my 2nd test, they were still a little off but had improved to the normal range not exactly sure what helped the change, i think it may have actually been bodybuilding that helped, at the time i was working into a higher protein diet, containing stuff like quinoa, grains, tofu, leafy vegetables, soy milks etc, perhaps improving my emphasis on nutritional quality of foods but yeah, after the first blood test, i started taking a multivitamin, vitamin d(3?) and b12 all from deva, so that may have helped aswell anywho i might see if i can find my test results, perhaps it's a completely different liver problem though so i cant gurantee everything
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