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  1. hi again filipina girl, just wondering, would you consider yourself as overweight? 1800 calories,and 21-2300 calories sound pretty average for a female to me (though i'm a guy, my calories are a little different) as for the high intensity/running/sprinting stuff, i wouldn't recommend that stuff myself, i'm sure it's great for fat loss, but it's very unpleasant to jump right into, and i really don't think that extended comfortable exercise, like a jog or a fast walk is going to make your body store more fat (what is this lol) i recommend fast walks/ comfortable jogs a bunch of times a week (say 3-5), enough to get your heart rate up, but not too much that you are wheezing, needing to rest/feel like puking, collapsing, etc, it just isnt encouraging to do that sort of thing every day, i should also mention i have done lots of high intensity stuff with sport & training. i personally have a fast metabolism, and i'm very good at following strict diets/calorie deficits and losing weight, i don't like extended periods without carbs, but it can be useful to cut them out occasionally for a day or two, with that said, i know alot of people have a harder time burning fat, and gain weight alot easier, so i might not be the best person to be giving advice about this
  2. black bean salad quite nice 392 calories 51g carbs 15g fats 15g protein also put some on a wrap, but that isnt in the macros
  3. soy milk all the other types of milks i've tried, rice milk, almond milk, oat milk... just arent milky, they tend to tast like sugar water (perhaps due to sweetners added, idk) for breakfast, usually toast with a nice slather of natural, unsweetened peanut butter and a dairy free butter (nutelex, not sure if that's a local brand) good amount of calories, carbs, fats, protein 473 calories, 41g carbs, 25g fats, 20g protein a little less if i put something else on one piece, but i'm usually not too worried
  4. here's another pancake experiment, i was seeing how low i could go on the oats while still having an edible and cookable pancake analogue this time i used orgran no egg instead of flax seed, simply because i ran out of flax also put cocoa in them because what the hell so in these pancakes, i used half the oats of the last lot, added cocoa and used less agave syrup, and i feel like the texture wasnt significantly different, and they required less frills/toppings etc, as they were smaller and the cocoa added a good amount of flavouring i think next time i'll try making them with coconut flour, i think it would taste better, and add some good fats, rather than sugars very good macros 615 calories 47g carbs 12g fats 82g protein i feel like protein pancakes are much easier to get down than smoothies, the only downside is the prep time, smoothies tend to get really yuck for the last 1/3rd, not from the taste, but from the texture tomorrow i'll try using a really big bag of flavored protein i didnt really like in shakes, i think it will work well in pancakes due to the sweetner, and cut any need for any sort of toppings like agave & banana, aswell as make use of a $100 dollar bag of protein >.>
  5. Hi again, i gave it a try the other day, i think it might bind better due to me using oats rather than flour, oats tend to soak up lots of water and stick together after a few minutes anyway the ones i made had 96g carbs, 28g fats, 92g protein, 1004 calories (i wanted a big meal, and not have to worry so much about my macros for the rest of the day) i ground 1 cup of oats, mixed about 1/5th cup ground flax seed with 1.5 cup soy milk, mixed together with about 4 teaspoons of agave syrup and 1 40g scoop of rice protein isolate, and 40g of pea protein isolate let it sit for a couple minutes, then cooked with a spray of cooking spray/olive oil, it was high heat for my stove, idk what it would be for other peoples, they tend to vary here's a picture i made them just so i could remember how, and post in this topic it's defianately not like traditional soft, sweet pancakes, the best way i can describe it is as a cooked bowl of oats, it definately covers all traces of the protein powders though, so that's good
  6. this is from a couple days ago oat protein pancakes 96g carbs, 28g fats, 92g protein (without banana) 1004 calories, alot of calories, but very useful for me, as i often have a hard time getting enough calories when i have to do stuff during the day and cant eat much, almost like one of those mass gainers some people are so fond of definately not like normal soft pancakes, it's almost like bowl of oats, cooked, the protein taste & texture are completely covered up though, very good macros
  7. 50g carbs, 17.5g protein, 5g fats per serving, 305 calories chickpea, cauliflower, bean sprouts
  8. Hi, i had an idea a couple days ago to post pictures of meals i make up on the spot, along with macros, no recipe, but you can ask anything about them
  9. Hi filipina, the first step for fat loss (in my opinion) is calculating your daily calorie needs ( just google tdee calculator, they are mostly the same ) and then tracking all your calories every day, so you can get an idea of how much you're actually eating compared to what you need, then remove a few hundred calories (2-400) , and try to get lots of protein in your diet (i recommend 2g per kg) Now if you want to gain muscle, while losing fat, bring your calories back up to maintenance, or a little under, and find or make up a program to use at the gym, i believe it doesn't really matter what program you use (gym trainers can usually make one for you, so just ask them), as long as you're consistant with it, on top of that start doing light cardio, and work it into your gym sessions, something like a fast walk or a slow jog, not so you're out of breath, wheezing and trying to catch your breath, something like an hour a day this method probably wont burn fat too fast, but it will help you to gain muscle, and burn a little fat if you want to speed up your fat loss, just remove some more calories, and work in some more cardio
  10. for the most part, i don't eat the types of processed foods that might contain those warnings anyways, i find alot of the foods with those warnings are .. well, junk food, stuff like biscuits, chips, rice crackers, noodles, etc, typical cheap and nasty foods
  11. Hey guys, i'm wanting to improve my flexibility, mainly in my ankles for squats-type lifts that require alot of flexibility anyway, here's a bit of a story as a kid i walked on my toes alot, alot alot, possibly related to a certain neurological thing that i have, i also played video games alot, and was off my feet alot, since i started lifting and fitness, i've avoided squats, deadlifts, and a couple other very good exercises because my ankles have a limited range of motion, particularly my right ankle over the last 2 or so months, i've been doing some stretching exercises every time i think of it, so like 3 or 4 times a day, along with throwing in some stretches in the leg press and holding for about 20 seconds at like 70 or 80 kilos i also would like to improve flexibility in the rest of my legs too, but my ankles are my biggest problem i guess my question is, has anyone else set out to improve their flexibility in certain areas, and had a noticable, measurable improvement?, what sort of time framee, and what methods are the best for improving flexibility any ideas?
  12. hi neraida, it may be very hard to achieve it without protein powder, many vegan foods are high in carbs and modest in protein as for the macros, well i personally aim for 2g+ per kg of protein per day, the other two macros generally just fall into place from what i eat, the amount of calories depends on your body, so find a calculator, then remove 400 or so calories from the result to lose weight, or add 3-400 to bulk
  13. i assume it's something along the lines of gingernut biscuits, (the ones avaliable here) don't contain milk or eggs, but i would assume they would be made on the same line as scotch fingers, which do contain them, i would also assume that they clean machinery between products, but i don't know
  14. Hi ashvalli, black coffee is fine, or you should try a few different soy milks, as for the chocolate, if you're a fan of dark chocolate, the 70%+ cocoa chocolates typically have no dairy in them if i were you, i would probably spend my effort trying to follow a more wholesome diet, cutting out fast foods and junk foods, rather than feeling bad over a couple slips, i find that alot of people who have a more typical diet, with more processed, flavored foods tend to kind of screw up their taste buds, and find it much harder to get enjoyment from say, a salad, or wholemeal breads, vegetables etc, tastebuds can be re-written with a little persistance though where abouts in aus are you from?
  15. Texture can also be broken into categories, the main flavor profiles I use in prepared meals are Stir fry, ginger, soy, chilli, lemin/lime, brown sugar Indian, lots of spices, garam masala, comin, chilling etc Salad/sandwich things, lettuce, olives, tomato, avocado, sauce and some bulky, textured protein source I'm not very.susceptible to temptation, only time I eat dirty is when I need to get a chunk of calories still a few hours before bed
  16. i've used no egg too, it's pretty good, i like the fats from flax though, and flax does work well with pancakes, but i don't remember the exact recipe
  17. i used to have a recipe for this, i can't remember exactly what it was, but i think it was along the lines of 2 flax eggs 1 cup ground oats 1-2 scoops protein then soy milk untill it has the right consistancy and any flavorings and crap you want i don't remember if that was exactly the recipe, i might have a go tomorrow and tell you how it goes
  18. Hi shojiki, the program doesnt matter too much, in the sense of, if it's a program for weight lifting, the main focus should just be you being consistant with it, as long as it's challenging and you are consistant about it, after about a month or two working out & a little research, you will get the hang of going to the gym and should be comfortable enough to make a schedule targetting what you want when you're staring off, any respectable program, or even made up program will work. just be consistant and challenged
  19. I mean the sandwich press, it's a cooking appliance, it's like 2 hot plates you can squash food between, i don't put it on a sandwich, just in a bowl to eat goes well with tofu, rice/quinoa and the ginger/soy/lime flavors
  20. i can relate sure, just experiement with cooking, indian spices + curries are relatively idiot proof, just make up on the spot, store well and have good protein contend (for chickpea curries atleast) You should see if your campus has a gym
  21. looks good to me, i personally would eat more beans, chickpeas etc, just so i dont have to have as many smoothies, i don't think that would work as well on a cutting diet, so yeah, as long as you are at a calorie defecite, it should be fine, just track your weight every day, write it down, and see how the curve is going after a few weeks, and alter appropriately
  22. Hi shojiki, the program doesnt matter too much, as long as it's respectable, the big big thing think is to mentally dedicate yourself to it, to the point where you won't make any excuses, and are determined to go to the gym EVERY DAY YOU PLANNED, don't give yourself a chance to give up on it before it can take hold of it, i think the main reason for lack of progress will be making excuses next thing is nutrition- i think you'll want to bring this same dedication over to nutrition, cut out all junk foods, highly processed foods etc and all high sugary foods, focus on more nutritious options, and try to aim for a higher protein content than a typical vegan diet, you will probably want to invest in some protein powders (i find inflavoured rice + pea is best combo) a thing that worked for me as a motivator was, picking a gym that was on my usual route, i'd have no excuses if i passed the place every day. even if you don't fully commit to the nutrition right away, i think after a month or two, you will begin to see some results, and you will want to improve your diet to help it along anyway it's great you're getting serious about it, jumping in the deep end, good luck
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