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  1. This thread is aimed at workers, students, commuters, or just anyone who goes out regularly post what you packed for lunch today, and how long you're out for, feel free to post again when you pack something else
  2. if you were on a tight budget and want protein, you should consider buying bulk unflavored protein here, my local bulk supplements site will sell 20kg of rice protein for $279 that's approximately 500 servings, equalling about 56c per serving- pea protein is listed at the same price if you're using vega or sunwarrior or something like that, it will be way more expensive, and from my experience, unflavored generic proteins taste much much better than sun/vega, just make sure it's a reputable source i've never bothered with BCAA's myself, i like to keep it simple
  3. sunflower seeds for protein? wat, sunflower seeds are full of fats 12 percent carb 77 percent fat 10 percent protein
  4. from my vague understanding, testosterone is synthesized in our bodies from fats and oils, not sure about cholesterol that could be complete bogus but eat a handfull of nuts a day
  5. main reason i like legs is because they are biggest muscle in the body, and it feels nice to flex and stretch them
  6. Count your calories for a few days, see just how much you are taking in
  7. also i should say, i dont much like my veggies, atleast not in the way you would have them boiled, and on a side dish still love my sodium curries stir fries burgers lots of vegetables/legume action, but much more tasty and carnivore friendly
  8. mine is scoop protein powder (vanilla or unflavored) frozen banana ice milk + sweetner (agave) simple stuff
  9. shouldnt matter the reasons, if they say they are on a vegan diet, that's good enough for me
  10. wowow, do forumers get a discount? i assume this place is in NZ? do you plan on making it exclusively vegan? what sort of plans you got?
  11. i like leg press and leg exercises, aswell as cardio on an incline or resistance on bike that makes you feel like a brick after 10 minutes least fav would have to be lat pulldown, i don't mind the exercise, i just didn't know correct form at the start and kept straining my shoulders i probably have reversed favorites to most people, i know alot of people don't like leg and core, i like both
  12. personally it sounds like one of those fad diets, i'm not sure though, my thoughts are juice only diet would be high in sugars, carbs, very low in fats and protein and i don't know what sort of benefits it would have over a conventional diet anyway if it were me, i would just eat normally and make sure i'm in a caloric deficit
  13. personally, i hate identifying myself as a vegan, it has a little bit of a stigma, alot of people i know, don't know about my diet, i usually say something like i don't eat meat, or i don't eat animal products, i'm not ashamed of it, i just don't like to start moral debates as i usually have a smug attitude about it, and it doesn't end well anyway, should vegan mean more than just diet? well, i don't think so, i think if you don't eat animal products, you're a vegan, as far as leather, honey and stuff, well i'm sure alot of people are on a vegan diet for their health, i wouldn't stop them from calling themselves vegans because they wear shoes. also @ knomad56, that's kinda circular logic, a cow will die at some point so why not use them? they are bred to die, bred to use the whole thing, so more are killed...
  14. No idea, could try a business/manufacturing forum or something, i doubt many people here would have experience putting stuff through a design+manufacturing process- especially without an idea of what it is
  15. hi, welcome to the forums are your goals to gain muscle or to lose weight? (or both) just asking because your meal plan example looks like it hasnt got a whole lot of calories in it, i think 200gr tofu, the watermelon and strawberries are all pretty low calories anyway good luck
  16. my favorite cheap food to work with is chickpeas, so much you can do with them make burgers make curries make sauces/dips add to salads or just on their own they taste good fast to work with, and good protein content cost about 80c (possibly less) for 400g in a tin, and less if you buy dry and soak+cook yourself black beans are nice also, but not really as versatile
  17. this is somewhat belated due to just being really busy over the weekend, but here's the recipe for a chickpea curry i've made a few times The goal for this recipe was to make something that was based on chickpeas, or beans, or something with a good amount of protein in it, and that could be stored easily and eaten later, aswell as being simple to make, and taste good- i think this could be made gluten free if you skip the flour also, but i'm not an expert, i don't know if the other ingredients have gluten Indian style chickpea curry http://i.imgur.com/ARn0UxS.jpg Ingredients: small amount of oil 3 heaped tsp garam masala 2 heaped tsp cumin small amount of red hot chilli powder -i used probably about 1/3rd of a flat teaspoon *1 tsp turmeric 1 large onion 2 large cloves garlic 3 400g tins of chickpeas (then drained) *300g(before pressing) silken tofu, pressed 700g of some sort of tomato cooking sauce or tomato puree, whataver's avaliable in your area 1 cup frozen peas *small amount of flour 1 cup water (possibly more depending on how thick your sauce is) * = optional Method: *Dice onion very finely, and crush garlic, use a small amount of oil in a deep pan or pot (assuming it's relatively non stick) on a medium heat and cook onion and garlic for a few minutes *Add spices and mix well, so they cling to the onions *add in your tomato sauce and water, the mixture should be a little runny, then add peas and chickpeas and tofu (chop up the tofu with spoon or spatula so it disintegrates through the sauce), adjust heat to bring to a bubble- at this point you can add extra spices to taste, then allow to simmer for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally *at this point you can add a teaspoon of flour to really thicken up the sauce, then stir it through for a minute or two, and take off heat wait a few minutes, then serve, i eat it with wholemeal lebanese or pita bread, add lemon juice to taste if needed For me, this meal takes about 20 minutes to prepare, and gives me 4 meals with pig sized portions, it's also relatively cheap, probably about 10 dollars or less for 4 or more meals, even cheaper if you soak and cook your own chickpeas and depending on where you live, the tofu doesn't add much in way of taste or texture, i mainly added it for a little more protein and because i had 4 packs that were going to go off , you can skip it if you like, i think most people will have alot of the ingredients without having to buy much also. next recipe maybe within a week will be my black bean+chickpea burgers
  18. Hi again, i'm trying a more nutritional recipe tonight, cutting most of the coconut and higher protein content, i'll post recipe if it doesn't suck and on the weekend i'll post the recipe to a chickpea curry i usually make that lasts 3 or 4 meals
  19. Hi john, i'm gonna be trying to make some work/study meal recipes in my new thread here viewtopic.php?f=15&t=35731&p=318015#p318015 i posted one on a somewhat of a failure of a meal replacement, would make a good desert though i'll probably try again tomorrow or one of my days off during the week
  20. Hey guys, i thought i'd start a thread to share my experiments, my main goals are to make simple, for example, put all ingredients in bowl, then mix, and cook (or leave to sit), and they should be quick and taste good. one of my focuses will be batch meals with good protein hits that i can prepare in bulk, and meals i can cut up and take to university to me My first one is a chocolate slice bar type recipe, it's not quite what i was aiming for, but it does taste great, and will satisfy any cake/chocolate cravings i might have , i was aiming for a balanced protein/carb hit i could take to the university, and eat after gym, but i'm not sure of their nutritional value, but being the goof i am, i didnt realise how fatty coconut was, so i expect this ended up being just junk food (i'll look up the macros later on) recipe is as follows: http://i.imgur.com/O86xLhu.jpg Ingredients: a little over 3/4cup of egg replacer (i used orgran no egg), non vegans can use egg whites and get more protein in the meal 1/4 cup walnuts, sliced very finely, or pulsed in a blender a couple times (so some is like breadcrumbs, but still chunks in it) 1 cup dessicated coconut 5 tsb coconut flour 1/2 cup cocoa powder 3 tsb agave nectar (you could substitute for honey, date syrup or any other similar sweetners you're okay with) 250ml coconut milk 1 cup chocolate protein powder of your choice (i used a pea/rice blend, unflavored/vanilla should work almost as well) Method: Preheat oven to 150c Mix up all your wet ingredients including your egg replacer Mix all dry ingredients in another bowl Mix wet and dry ingredients together you may want to use some sort of oil, or waxpaper to prevent sticking for this step, i had a flexible (silicon?) baking tray that sticks to nothing Spread out on a brownie tray or similar baking tray evenly, optionally sprinkle coconut flour over the mixture, this will add a little character, and allow you to stack them after they are cooked without sticking then cook for about 30 minutes take out, leave to cool and slice as you like, i then wrapped mine in foil and put them in fridge for later i think next time i'll try to make a no cooking chocolate oat protein bar, or i'll post the recipe of my next batch of black bean burgers (they're pretty good, but each lot is unique)
  21. So i tried the recipe i linked, it tastes pretty great, though with the vegan egg substitute i expect the protein content is a little less spactacular, so i'm going to try make my own recipe & submit it to a local supplement manufacturer for their website
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