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  1. I only do flat bench once a month or so but last time I did it (about 6 weeks ago) I got 375 x 2
  2. Vegans respond well usually to creatine because veg ans normally have much lower levels in their bodies as its mostly found in meats. Because we are lower than meat eaters, suplimenting helps raise the levels quite a bit. Esp if you are dieting. For the price I use it, one of the few sups I actually believe in. They say approx 20% of users do not respond to it. You dont need to cycle, thats old broscience. Just take 3-5g daily (does not matter when) with some carbs and after a few weeks you will be saturated. I dont think you need to cycle on and off if you keep your daily dose 5g or less. It helps me on my heavy lifts. Oh and forget about all the new made up types, the best is still plain old creatine mono esp the german creapure brand.
  3. Yellow Pea Protein Isolate is the main protein used in many Vegan protein powders like Vega, Progressive, Proteins Plus etc. 28g in a 33 or so gram scoop is super high. I have read you should shoot for a ration of 70% yellow pea/20% brown rice and 10% hemp proteins to get a good amino acid profile. I love yellow pea and it does not give you gas. Sure Hemp is the best veg source in my opinion because of the profile and how its best for the body but also a very good choice is Pumpkin Seed Protein powder. Both it and hemp have lots of chlorophyll. Hemp is the least processed as well. Soy in most brands is the most heavily processed and I really think it inhibits the absorbtion of minerals and vitamins in the intestines. I use Now Sports Yellow Pea. It is the only one I have found in Canada. Unless you buy a product like Vega or Progressive Vegan Protein which already includes it.
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