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  1. I use co-op brand tooth paste. http://www.co-operativepharmacy.co.uk/Co-operative-Totalcare-Whitening-Toothpaste-100ml/id-6725055#info-ingredients Not tested on animals and no animal containing ingredients
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I don't think veganism is asceticism at all. I love the food I'm eating and I'm not missing out on anything I pretty much eat the same as I did before, but vegan.. but I can understand that some places aren't as vegan friendly as others though. You know what's best for you Don't feel bad because of this.
  3. Sorry I haven't been able to update this. Last week I fell between the platform and the train onto a train track. I've really hurt my ribs and had to go to a&e because the pain was so horrible on Thursday. I haven't been able to do any training. I'm going to ask the gym if they can put my membership on hold until I'm better. This is sooo frustrating!
  4. Thank you. Here is what I've eaten today. Breakfast – Two slices of toast Lunch – big bowl of pasta in tomatoes with chick peas Snack – Celery and peanut butter Dinner – 4 burritos made with soya mince, chick peas, spinach and lots of vegetables with dairy free cheese. Super hot I think I need to snack more through out the day because my lunch is always massive and it'd probably be better to eat small portions of something. I do tend to eat a lot of carbs.
  5. I had help from the gym with what to do for a workout but if anyone can suggest improvements then please do. Shoulder press x12 Box dip x 12 Bicep Bar Curl x 12 (10kgs) Bent over row x 12 (10kgs) Then rowing machine for 6 minutes I did this 4 times which was pretty much all I could manage (but on the 4th I did some sit ups instead of the rowing machine) I'll post what I ate later.
  6. Hi, I'm rubbish at introductions. I'm Kirsty. I'm 22 years old and from Wales, UK. I'm really new to this. I would really like to build some muscle. I've always been seen as super small and weak so I want to change that. I've been vegan since last year but I was vegetarian for a long time before that. Thanks for reading.
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