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  1. Wow! A lot of time went by since my last post. However, I have been making some progress. I received a training routine and did a few sessions with an amazing trainer. I also got myself on a gym schedule 3 times a week and cardio 6 times a week. Right not I am still doing lighter cardio but I am feeling ready to start training specifically.
  2. Saturday: one hour rollar blade Sunday: 3 hour walk with various friends Monday: 45 minute power walk and 45 minute circuit training at the gym. I also printed the instructions on how to train for a 10 k in 6 weeks as well as the weight lifting sheets so I can start to keep track of my numbers and post them.
  3. What are you buying it for and how much are you using? I have found some great deals buying in bulk on sales. In India I also just take the leaves off the plant and eat the gel. I take 2 oz twice a day with tumeric to reduce inflammation. You could grow your own plants but that would not work if you are consuming a lot of it. I purchase lily of the desert and also whole foods 365 in large quantities when they run sales.
  4. Hi, I think there are many knowledge ideas on this post. I dont know if this is helpful but I have had a problem with too much estrogen because of genetics to the point where I have had to heal from fibriod tumors and I have been taking a synthetic thyroid. All of the woman in my family do (aunts, mother, cousins, and I have no sisters). I have spent the last 6 years living in India and a few months ago I started Ayurvedic treatment specifically to balance hormones. One of the things the doctor said to me personally in regards to increased estrogen (she has been an Ayurvedic doctor for over 40 years) is never, ever to eat lentils. I realize this is a different method of thinking that people here might subscribe too and I cant show you studies nor do I have the training to technically explain, but I do know that between the herbs and the diet change the tumors dissolved and my estrogen levels have been decreasing. There are many other factors to alternative medicine that as a society we dont consider, although each perspecitive is helpful for various reasons. I agree there are many hormones in meat, and I have not eating meat in 16 years, which was 3 years before I started menstruating and I have been allergic to milk since I was a child so I have not consumed milk since I was 5 years old (I am 30 now). I think some people's bodies are more sensitive to others. If some one has higher levels, and then any additional form of estrogen may affect them. I also had a real problem with soy for this reason. When I started to eat more soy I would have more swelling in my breasts and heavier periods. In my meditation I was guided to leave soy alone for the time being, and with in a few months I saw a difference. I loved lentils and miss the protein source but if you are sensitive for one reason or another than you might want to consider running a kind of self experiment by not eating lentils for 3 months and seeing if you notice a difference.
  5. Thank you for all your replies! I appreciate the suggestions and help. I am going to get some pea protein and some brown rice protein concentrate, which is higher in protein than brown rice. I do eat lots of quinoa. I did not know about the amino acid make up of quina, so I appreciate the info. I am having trouble finding protein sources that are not so full of fiber, but maybe I need to up the protein powders. I try to do mostly live whole foods and not so many supplements although I am willing to do whatever I need to. I practice Ayurveda and also tend to have an emotionally sensitive digestive system so I dont do many beans. I do eat many veggies on the list as well as do some juices but I cant get all mamy required protein from those sources. Has anyone tried True Nutrition protein supplements They seem very affordable but are not organic. I need a lot of protein supplementation and am still building my clientel for work so I am trying not to skimp but just cant afford everything all organic all the time.
  6. Friday I did an hour of full body lifting. Diet seems to be going pretty well. Im not a calorie counter. I just try to get in all of my nutrition and to eat healthy. I am mainly a raw foodiest so all my choices are generally healthy.
  7. I should also mention that I do eat hemp protein. I know there are many beans but the problem I am having is also that many sources available to me are very high in fiber. While this is helpful, I do need some sources that are more pure protein so I dont over do the fiber. Has anyone ordered from true nutrition before? Their prices seem very affordable and I was looking into pea protein. I specifically know I am low in phenalanine which I know I am spelling incorrectly. Thanks.
  8. Hi and thank you for reading my post. I am allergic to dairy and milk protein as well as wheat. I can not eat soy because I have hypothyroidism being influenced by too high estrogen. I eat rice protein, mung beans, spirulina and super foods for my main sources of protein but I feel like I might be missing important amino acids as well as I would like to vary my diet. Does anyone have any suggestions? I bow down to your wisdom and knowledge! Thank you. Jennifer
  9. Dear Dylan, Great tip, thank you! Goals: 1. Get in all my nutrients in the day as measured by the food log. 2. Establish a steady workout regime as measured by getting to the gym at least 3 times a week. 3. Do daily light cardio so I can feel good, strengthen my lungs and have circulation to prevent fibromyalgia break outs. 4. Steadily work back to my running regime I had before I was sick which was running 6 miles a day. This really gave me so much energy and made me feel terrific. I really felt like I was taking care of myself. Maybe this isnt healthy for me at this stage in my life so I am setting my goal at working up to run three miles a day. I downloaded directions on how to build this back up. 5. Go walking once a week with my Grandmother or friends. 6. Evaluate where I am starting from for weight lifting, and then write goals that will move me towards a stronger place with set numbers. Wednesday: Lunges and squats 4 hour gentle walk Thursday: upper body at the gym and 30 minutes medium aerobics with toning exercises
  10. Today is my first entry in my first ever training log. My goals are just to feel better and be in better shape. I really enjoy being healthy and able to lift weights as well as work out. I find it very fun to shape my body in different ways. I feel so blessed to have access to such wonderful health resources. Today so far I had raw food pizza which is mainly made up of buckwheat, veggies, flaxseed and sunflower seeds. I also had some raw cacao mousse made of coconut oil, almond milk, cacao, irish moss, vanilla and agave nectar. This morning I did 2 hours of hatha yoga asana and lifted did lower body exercises. I have just finished healing from fibroymalgia, uterine tumors and two years of bronchitis so it feels good that I am finally able after a decade of illness to let my inner athlete once again shine. My starting weight is 123 at 5'6". My goal is to balance my hormones and lose unhealthy fat as well as build strength and endurance. I would love to be a beautiful role model for younger woman (I am 30) and show that you can eat with a way that is harmonious with nature and still be healthy and look beautiful. I know I am supposed to write more specifics about what I eat and what I am doing exactly for working out so in the future I will write more in the evenings. I appreciate any encouragement or suggestion. I pray that people find something that I am doing helpful and/or inspiring. Otherwise I wouldnt post this on-line. LOL. I pray we can learn from each other.
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    Thanks Dylan and Evan for your kind welcome. Its much appreciated.
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    Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. When I was young I did gymnastics and played Olympic development soccer. I started sports as soon as I could walk. I did weight training even back in middle school. Then about a decade ago I became very ill and dedicated my whole life to spirituality. For the past 7 years I was mainly living in India with my guru practicing yoga, meditation, seva and mantra. I overcame many physical hardships. Now I am finally able to start running and weight lifting again. I have been vegan for about 16 years. A few days ago I went back to the gym. I am starting now at 5'6" and 123. I am 30 years old. This is very exciting for me as I really enjoy working out. I am hoping at some point to be a model and a good role model to show younger woman that practicing ahimsa and spiritual austerities is a good alternative to some of the other ideals presented to them today. I also pray that I can make some wonderful new friends from this site. I am always happy for workout buddies or new friends to be supportive with. Community is so important! Thank you for reading my post. Jennifer
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