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  1. Yes protein is really important for our body whether you are going for gym or not, because they are need by the body for metabolism. http://www.bodybuildingsa.co.za/4-engineered-proteins
  2. Protein is very mandatory in our day to day life and you have a protein shake once in a day taking it with the breakfast will be very best. If their is any particular shake which you like much then ask directly. Thanks http://www.bodybuildingsa.co.za/4-engineered-proteins
  3. Good one man!! http://www.bodybuildingsa.co.za/
  4. What about herbalife? http://www.bodybuildingsa.co.za/
  5. What about protein shake and casein protein in our diet chart?How important in our daily life ?
  6. Its a good article regarding protein source ...Thanks for sharing this valuable article.
  7. good post Daywalker!!! You have written in very well and understandable language.What I want to ask is I hate waiting 48 hours to work on the muscle groups, instead I just wait 24 hours. I heard it is counter productive because muscles need time to heal but If I drink casein protein or muscle milk, would it okay to work the same muscle groups everyday?
  8. I am also using protein shakes for better impact on my body with proper guideline.
  9. Its really valuable image with huge information for all veggies.
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