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  1. Hi Stcalico, Great workout video and thanks for sharing with others also. I have found many people following workout videos in gym and like to suggest them to consult their gym coach or staff to avoid any sport injury and follow nutritive diet meal to meet your body requirements for those workouts.
  2. Hi Hotpot, Take small meals instead of having big ones and load up on proteins. Drink more water than routine and do not eliminate fat entirely from your diet plan. Avoid eating shortly before going to bed and have proper sleep.
  3. I will advice you to use a running program and set realistic goals. Hitting small goals will motivates you and helps you in sticking with fitness goals. Combine exercise with proper diet chart and keep a running log to measure your progress.
  4. Hi Alex, Set some goals and combine your exercises with proper diet meal plan. Keep your running log, listen to your body and check your pulse. Don't forget to increase mileage/duration of running to increase stamina and strength.
  5. Hi Cellar Yeti, There are websites that teaches yoga at every level and many resources available on you tube also so just search on internet. You can even start practicing a little bit at home just by following those videos.
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