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  1. I've been losing fat and putting a bit of muscle on lately. I havn't been down to 15% BF in well over 2 yrs. I am currently 19% . When do you think is the appropiate time to stop cutting and bulking up again? I was told under 10% but I am currently aiming for when I am 12-13%. Or have I got this all ass backwards?
  2. Recently I have slacked off a bit and found this to be commonly occuring. *Variable I have a rotating roster & can work night shifts on a moments notice which commonly happens.
  3. I apologise if this picture isn't done properly. I have no access to a comp atm, relying on mobile! Seeing great changes such as how I am finally able to fit into shirts I havn't been able to for well over a year. Have been in a rut though the last few days , working 16 hour shifts, just needing sleep time I get home.Need to get back into it before this becomes a habit. Also , really starting to love the effect of consuming 80+grams of protein a day! About the 27th May
  4. I might get onto nutritional yeast while I can then. I'm 3 weeks back into gym and I recon I have already made great progress , looking forward to next weeks pics. I will soon for now, I am just focusing on my protein intake and cutting out high dense carb meals I have.
  5. After a few years on & off trainging I hit a personal low this year. Unable to train through work ,school, activism & family problems I then lost track of my diet and I probaly well overconsumed. When I finally realised I had to buy new suits for a family event I knew I had gone too far. Though my bodyfat percentage was 22.5% I had skyrocketed to 82 kilos. In the last month I have replaced those cans of cokes during the day with fruit juice& smoothies. I now hold myself accountable to 4 days of weight training as well as making sure I do something active on the last three days. All processed foods are out and I am now eating as natural as possible. Between work & school travel I still eat food while I am out due to convience I now make sure I am taking the healthiest track possible. I am posting here so I can have some motivation from others who have "made it" . In terms of goals for the time being, I want to cut down to 68 kilos. Maybe one day bulk up again to something bigger. Being new to veganism , how nessecary is it to make sure I am getting B12 supplements? 82 Kilos ,22.5 BF
  6. Shittonne of leg injuries also impacted by shitty genetics. Making it hard for me now to even do any cardio watsoever.
  7. Lord Of The Fries for those from Melbourne, follow closely by coca-cola.
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