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  1. Something is not coming across straight... it's just text so something is bound to be lost. If I could restate, what I mean is that the intensity of the workout, using this method, is greater than the intensity of the workout, using full ROM, for me, which then, at least in my mind, translates in to a greater caloric burn (& by inference, greater intensity?). Previously, I never had a calorie burn of 1000+ in an hour and fifteen using full ROM. So in being able to burn more calories, while still being able to be aerobic (not just anerobic the whole time which I believe would be BAD) the entire time, is a good thing, I believe. 1000 wasn't my goal, but it just happened. I still felt strong at that point. So hush it it up HIT Rob ....... Totally kidding. Seriously, had you not responded & given this advice, I would have never (or for a while) known about this method. For that I truly do mean thanks.
  2. I'm not focusing just on that. Thank you. I have bodyfat I absolutely have to lose. That is why I mentioned my calories burned.
  3. Tried this method today. Did 30 reps, then 15 x3 or 4 on several body parts. Too early to say anything about it's benefits (and who knows, they may be great), but I can vouch for the caloric burn. According to my HRM (Polar RS800CX), 5'10'' @ 177, 1020 Calories in 79 minutes (774/hour). Very impressed with that to say the least. Much thanks for the information sir.
  4. Hello all. Well I'll just start out by saying I'm grateful this board even exists. It's just about the only place I feel I can ask a questions to those who won't judge me. I've been working out for two straight years pretty steadily, and the issues are: - my arms are not getting any bigger whatsoever. They've actually atrophied. 13.1'' currently. - I've been stuck on 135 x 15 on the decline bench for forever now. how should I go up in weight? - I actually do not know how to properly go up in weight on anything. - Do I write down every single lift? Feel kind of weird doing it.. I don't see anyone else doing it. - Is bodybuilding typically pretty hard to accomplish a vegetarian diet? - I have gained on my legs. 1.8 inches in about 4 months. I do squats 2x/week - I'm 29, 5'10'', 176, about 18% bf - I'm pretty rarely in a deficit. Do I need to to go more above what Im taking on to build on a veg diet? Im about 2000-2200 a day Lastly, I'll post my routine. If anyone has advice, I am absolutely more than willing to listen to it. here it is: (also I tend to alternate between bodyparts... back/tri/back etc.) Day 1 (back, triceps): vbar row pullover tbar row overhead db raise tricep kickdown Day 2 (legs, shoulders) squat mil press leg extensions db flies incline rdf Day 3 (legs, chest) decline bp squat incline bp leg exts decline db fly incline db fly Day 4 (biceps, legs) bb curl deadlifts body drag pull ups db curls I typically do all of these in between 8 to 15 reps for about 3-4 sets. I do feel I'm about to give up. Seems like everyone else is gaining except me. Idk, maybe theyre gaining more because they like to eat meat. I really want to be a bodybuilder but I'll never do it if it means I have to eat meat. any help is appreciated.
  5. Dude thanks a million... info looks great, Ill be checking it out.... thx
  6. Throw in Supermans. 4x12 ~45-55 lbs. Start in deadlift position clean up to shoulders press bring bar to back of shoulders squat Back up press Bar back down to shoulders Back to starting deadlift position
  7. I'm doing a pyramid 12-10-8 and have been doing it for a while. It's working great for me. I just need to hammer down when I will move up in weight. Right now I only move up when I can successfully do the last 2 sets of 8 reps. Ex: Military press 12x80, 10x85, 8x95, 4x95 (failed) < Could not successfully do 2 sets of 8 reps so I will re-attempt this again next week. I've also thought of just going up to 100 if I can successfully do 8x95, so I'd be trying to 12x80, 10x85, 8x95, 6x100 Any thoughts on which is best?
  8. Full-body compounds with a heart rate varying between 130-170, and the fat will run away from you crying.
  9. I do this too. Always compounds. Always a huge calorie burn.
  10. Im a new vegetarian. Made the switch 8 months ago and would never go back. With this change, I've tried to do as much as I can to elicit all possible gains I do a lot of research on my own about hypertrophy & muscle protein synthesis, and quite a bit regarding periodization. I also prefer a full-body workout over any other routine. I'll do this roughly 3 times per week. The question in the title I have stems from this. Given that research shows that the CNS & muscular adaptations occur more rapidly with daily undulating periodization as opposed to linear periodization, I copy this in to my full-body routine by stair-stepping from a 12RM (3 sets) on workout day 1, to a 10RM (4 sets) on workout day 2, and finally to an 8RM (4-5 sets) on my last workout of the week. Also, every two-three weeks on the Friday, I save that day for immense drop-sets. I hear that helps to break through pateaus if need be. My routine goes something like this, in order 1) Deadlift or Front squat 2) Bent-over rows 3) Mil press 4) Single leg split squat 5) T-bar row 6) Decline Bench press 7) Medium & Wide grip lat pull-ups 8 Ab rope curls, then finish it off with 9 Either full out Power cleans, or just a Snatch (depending how taxed my legs are) Due to the sake of time, I don't go strictly in order from largest muscle group to smallest (though I hear that's best). I mainly do this because I use the most amount of weight on #1 exercise, a little less on #2, a little less on #3, and about the same amount on #4. It flows very smoothly. This workout seems to be an immense calorie burner. Last workout was on 1300 calories burned after two hours. With all this in mind, I was wondering if anyone smarter than I or with more experience could give any input on my plan, If it's wrong or could be improved in any way, or any input whatsoever. Any critiques & criticism would be great & Id definitely like to hear about it. Thanks a lot, Mark
  11. Not an essay. great post. What you said about "trying to take away their bacon" and people's emotional attachments to food might be what is going on
  12. Interesting post. I like how open you are as to the whether or not I ACTUALLY act like I (and my vegetarian food) are better than other people AND whether or not I actually say what food is best for other people (given the fact I didn't say I did EITHER of these). I swear, you must be ABSOLUTELY great with people. Aaand for the record, I don't state what is "the best" food for ANYONE. If someone asks, I don't lie - I tell them, Yes, I am a vegetarian, Aaand this, and ONLY this, is sufficient enough for people to go ahead and commence false statements and unopened minds trying to "educate" me on the benefits of eating Dead Animal Flesh, EVEN though I do not tell people what is best for them and never will
  13. See it every day. Being vegan is one of the first things someone will know about me if food comes up. You can only be true to yourself if you're open with everything you believe in. I won't ever back down from being Vegan. People jump on you like a pack of wolves on a three-legged cat in my experience. I'm not sure if this is a phenomenon of just my circle of friends or with others
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