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  1. I just got the NOW Foods Methylcobalamin tabs and will report if I feel any better. I've stopped drinking coffee and gave myself a 5 days off the gym.
  2. I got my B12 tested. It was 331 with referent values 246-991, so I'm closer to the low end and might use some B12 suplements. Do you think I could judt go and get a shot of B12?
  3. I eat some nutritional yeast fortified with B12. I also ordered some B12 methylcobalamin tablets. I was going to start a new program on Sunday - two times a week training with a personal trainer but now I think I might need to postpone that and take a break. I can't imagine how I overgrain as I don't go to the gym more than 2 or 3 times a week. I did start train8ng with shorter rests between repetitions and this might have put more strain on my body.
  4. Hey guys, I need your advice on some issues I've been having lately. Today I felt quite bad and got my ass to the hospital. They said my BP was 100/90 and heart rate was 100. I felt dizzy and even the cardiologist couldn't figure out what's wrong as my cardiography seemed normal. They suggested I get my GGT levels checked. I'm thinking I kight have B12 defficency. I get tired quickly during excercise and feel dizzy overall and can't concentrate. I measured my BP now and it is 105/65 but heart rate is 90 bpm. I usually have 110/70 and heart rate of 65-75bpm when at rest. I had an assesment workout yesterday and didn't eat much after that. My trainer suggested that I might not be getting B12. He is not vegan and he said he gets a shot of B12 every month as it is not absorbed very well and even meat doesn'tdeliver enough. Has anyone gone through something like this. I have been working out for 3 years but it's only recently that I am having some tough time recovering. I almost fainted the other day about an hour after workout and I had a shake and a meal. Btw I'm not completely vegan - I eat butter and cheese ocasionally. No eggs or fish and no meat in 10 years.
  5. I'm thinking of getting NOW B12 Methylcobalamin 1000MG tablete - do you think they will be absorbed better or I should look for another source. I'm thinking of getting B12 injections, but I've heard they were quite painful.
  6. Hey guys, I 'm feeling some symthoms that may or may not be connected to B12 deficency. I wat nutritional yeast with B12 ocasionally and I'm not a complete vegan - I eat butter and rarely some cheese or yoghurt. I'm thinking of getting a B12 spray - can you recommend a brand that is sold on ebay? I was also thinking about magnesium - which is the best way to get magnesium, as I've heard capsules are not very effective.
  7. I'm also taking a non vegan additive now - it's called flexcode and it has hyaluronic acid, MSM, glucosamine and hondroitine and I'm not quite sure if it's good or not. It's not vegan for sure.
  8. I had my paratohormone checked a year ago, but it was fine. I might check my testosterone as well. Any other hormone that might be related to that?
  9. Hi folks. I'm 32 and started doing sports quite late - about 3 years ago. I've been going to the gym, running and some swimming. About 16 months ago I had my first serious injury - pulled ligaments on my right knee while running and had to rest for more than a month and never fully recovered (still hurts when the weather gets bad/rains). My joint feel inflamated too sometimes, again mostly when the weather is bad. I had some tests for arthritis, but I haven't been diagnosed with anything. I'm vegetarian, but only eat dairy products from time to time. I'm doing cleansing with only raw vegan food and water for two-three weeks each year and some shorter periods of raw vegan diet as prescribed by a well known local nutritionist, as I had some issues with cholesterol (yeah, vegetarians can have bad cholesterol too) and some other liver&bowel related issues (I was diagnosed with IBS). Anyway. Just a couple of days ago I busted my other knee while I was stretching after a run. Tried to touch my toes and snap... pulled the same ligament. I remember a slight click followed by some pain when I squatted as I was putting something on the ground just a week ago, so I might have finished it off with that stretch. A friend of mine suggested I was putting too much pressure on my joints doing deadlifts and weighted squats at the gym and I tend to believe he's right - he has quite a bit of experience with sports. It might be due to me sitting too much at the computer (work related), as I have been told that my hamstrings are quite shortened and I'm lackong flexibility in that area. I also have some back related issues - that's one of the reasons I squatted that deep with weight in my hands the other day. The therapist I'm visiting said it might be related to me sitting on the chair too much. So two really nasty problems and some potential ones (right shoulder hurts sometimes, wrists too). I don't want to sound like a whiner here, but mostly want to get some advice. I'm thinking some of my injuries might be diet related, as they both happened after a clense. I'm afraid that I'm loosing too much muscle mass in my legs during these periods and I might have to stop doing them. So can you reccomend something that can help with restoring joint/ligament tissue, as gelatine based products migh be off limit for me. I'm currently using something called regenovex, but it has some animal products in it and I don't actually think it helps anyway - after all, the injury happened while I was taking it.
  10. pulsin.co.uk - their pea protein is much better than others, although it's a bit more expensive. Other cheap pea proteins are made in China and they taste awful. Stay away from bulk powders - I ordered a 2.5 kg bag and it was awful. They also have hemp protein, which I think is a side product from cold pressed hemp oil - it's basically the slush that's left. I havent tried it, as I prefer whole hemp seed. I'd also try amazon.co.uk, as they stock Pulsun's powders too and I don't imagine it will be that hard to get it delivered in France. I use a courier that has an UK based office and delivers to my country every week.
  11. I actually have a knee injury - I pulled some ligaments and bruised my meniscus while running so It kinda makes sense why not weigted squats (I do love that exercise and the feeling I get after doing it). I don't feel any stress to my knees with the leg extensions - it was actually one of the first exercises I did when I was recovering from my injury. I don't have back injury that I know of, but still I have some lower back pain from the endless hours on the computer (my job requires that) and some exercises, like the ab wheel don't feel that great to my back too. As for the deadlifts - well, he is concerned that with the little practice I have, I'm still not quite ready for it, as I might start adding more weight and end up injuring myself. He thinks that back extensions work well enough as a replacement to deadlifts to some extent. Sometimes I wonder - I was almost 100kg and I was able to squat, bend and pickup things then. What's the difference between that and squatting/deadlifting 30 kg, when I'm 70kg now?
  12. Well, today I discussed those programs with my trainer, but he advised me not to do deadlifts and weighted squats just yet, but to focus on higher reps. The workout we made today was : 1x20 frontal leg extension with 5 kg only - 20 reps each leg, then another 15 for each leg, then 3x15 with 9 kg each leg separately again and then 10 reps each leg (the 15-10 reps are without rest) So it's basically 1x35 and 3x25 Then own body weight sqats - 3x12 (3 reps normal and 3 reps slow) Leg press - 3x12 (the goal was 15 but I culdn't do that) the weight we used was abut 40-45 kg Back leg extension (3x15, using about 30kg) Neutral (hand parralel) grip pullups (3x5) 3x Superset of 10 wide grip pulldowns and 10 wide grip , well can't describe the machine but it's similar to barebell rows. 4x20 back extensions 3x pushups until I hit the floor 3x single handed rope triceps extensions - one hand until failure, then the other and once again each hand without resting, again until failure. 3x10 concentrated biceps curls with a 10kg dumbell. I'm going to do a similar routine with about 2 days rest inbetween (Monday, Thursday, Sunday) while trying to maintain my swimming sessions at least once a week. P.S. @Kora, the link you have posted leads to some supplement site, but it seems they have taken down the article.
  13. Here's some more info about me: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=35764 I'm not quite familiar with terminology, so I might say I gain weight eaasily, but mostly fat. As you can see from my above post, I was pretty fat at 98kg, and lost at least 10-15 of it due to a simple tooth problem and change in eating habbits. I've been vegetarian for at least 7 years (I do eat dairy rarely). As I haven't been into sports before and as a kid, I might say I'm startnig from scratch. Started going to the gym about 3 years ago, but the first year I didn't do much progress. Last summer I was 78kg and then lost about 10 kg after an intense 2 week fasting. I've been pretty steady between 71-72 kg for some time now (I did a fasting this year and lost about 2-3kg, which I gained back in 2-3 weeks. I will discuss the transition to full body workouts with my trainer, as he is pretty sceptic about my diet, but then again - he won't stop me.
  14. Well - I need to gain about 4-5 kg, which will not all be muscle I guess. Then it's time cut. Problem is, that I don't really gain muscle very easily, but tend to gain fat. Not sure which type I am. I'm 72 kg and 177cm high, so I don't want to gain more than 5 kg. I've been doing splits for most of the time and they work good only when I'm working out with a personal trainer. Supersets work very well for me too. Not sure exactly what I want to achieve, my first goal being healthy. I seriously need to gain some more strength (I can't do a proper wide grip pullup set without cheating) and maybe, just maybe, gain a bit of muscle mass.
  15. It's personal trainer, sorry for that. I was actually looking at the The Fast Start A/B Full Body Workout, but forgot to write it down so I went by memory. As of strength - I'm definitely a beginner, as my bench press is probably not more than 130-140 lbs (havent tried a one rep bench in a while), and my deadlift, well, havent tried more than 120 lbs, as I'm afraid I could injure myself as I've just starded to perform it. I think for now I'll just stick to the fast start, but really need to resist the urge to "modify" it. I'm also doing some swimming in between, which makes the bulking part a bit tricky.
  16. Hi guys, I have been training for 2 years now, mostly split workouts. I'm now thinking of changing my routine and try full body workouts. I'm looking for a program that will fit me best, which is a bit hard. Today I made the following workout : 10minutes warmup 1. 4x squats (1x15 warmup and 4x10 weighted) Pullovers in between the squats, using only 7,5kg dumbell 2. 5x Bench press (1x15 warmup, 4x8 with 40kg only) last rep was a drop-serie with 5-6 additional reps 3. 3x8 Military press with the bar only (20kg) 4. 3x15 Calf raises (with about 30 kg) 5. 3x6 Dips (I put about 10-15 kg for those, as I was tired) last rep was a drop-serie with 5-6 additional reps 6. 3x8 Peck Deck machine - this I think was unnecessary and a bit of an overkill 7. 1x20 and 2x15 Sit-ups (I used a small 5kg weight for the first 10 and dropped it for the last 5 of each rep) Completed the whole thing in 1:20h, which was a bit longer than I had planned. I was eating raw food only for the last three days too (had some cooked meal the evening after the exercise) My next workout should be more of a legs&back excercise, I'm thinking something like this: 1. Wide grip pullups, maybe in super series with some other back/rear delt exercise 2. Deadlifts 3. Leg press 4. Barebell/dumbell rows 5. Barebell shrugs 6. Some abs (leg raise and side bends) I might actually consult with my PT for this one, but still waiting for your opinions. The rotation should go like A-B-A-B-A and so on. I'm not sure I could do this routine 3 times a week, but I might try it. My goals are about 75 kg and 10-12% fat, which might be hard to do. I'm now 72 kg with 15-18% fat, mostly around the waist. I'm also thinking dividing my week into 2-3 days of raw food and the rest - cooked food, throwing 1 only water day in a month.
  17. Thank you for the motivation man! I do think I have a long way to go though. I need to bulk up a bit without adding too much belly fat, which in my case is almost impossible, or so I think. My typical routine is 5-10 minutes cardio, some warmup and then 1 hour (sometimes more) training. I'm wondering if I should shorten my training sesions and go to the gym more often. My trainer thinks that 3 times a week is more than enough for me.
  18. Hi there. I'm now 31 years old. 3 years ago I was 220 pounds and really fat. Then I got a problem with my tooth, which required a surgery and lost about 50 pounds in a few months. I was vegetarian at the time, but I ate very unhealthy. After I lost some weight I listened to a friend's advice to start training ( I was never into sports before that). I started with fitness, then running. It wasn't until last summer, when I got consulted by a nutritionist and got an individual program. It was two weeks of raw food with a 3 day water fasting in between and gradually including some cooked food. I list another 25 pounds and I'm currently at 157 pounds, whch sounds good considering I'm 5' 9" tall. The problem is that about 18% of that are fat and they don't seem to decrease (i got them to 14% during the fasting period). I do a similar but shorter periods 3-4 times a year and this Summer did one a bit longer, but only lasted 1 day on water. However, I seem to be stuck at some point and I don't see any progress (at least not in my front area ) Here's a set of photos I have taken through the years. And a photo of my back (just took it. I don't have begore photos, but I do like what's happening there (at least above the waist). 08.2013 back photo I usually go to the gym 3 times a Week, but recently started going only two times, as I'm learning how to swim and go to the pool at least 2 times a week and also I was on raw food diet too. I also go to the local stadium and do some cardio (mostly rope jumping). I'm now planning to increase my power training to 3 times a week. I do have some bowel issues (IBS) and a pretty nerve wrecking job (I do work at home most of the time though, but stay up late). Main problems : 1. I eat late in the evening and usually crave sweet or fatty food - dates and bananas, or even those raw truffels I make (raw nuts and dried fruit and cocoa powder). 2. I sometimes forget to hydrate and end up drinking water not more than 5 minutes before a meal (not during or after). 3. I sometimes overeat - get hungry and eat too much on one meal. 4. I don't sleep well (probably because of IBS, stress and late night meals) I do some yoga to relieve stress, nut not every day. I also should confess that up until now I've been a vegetarian (and still am) - I do eat some milk products, but not eggs. I have decided to stop eating cheese and milk and only use some raw butter only after cooking. I have decided to ditch gluten completely too. Here's my diet : Breakfast - carrot and ginger juice 500ml with some spirulina and/or pea protein Some fruit and/or/or not raw chockolate "truffels" about 30 minutes after that. Lunch : some steamed veggies/ rice/quinoa and some legumes, nicely boiled in a pressure cooker + raw veggies and nuts Dinner is the same as lunch, with some fruit and raw chockolates ot a protein shake before that. What goes wrong? Well - I sometimes wake up at 11AM, so the whole thing gets stretched to a 21PM or later dinne, which is BAD. I also forget to drink water sometimes and I also forget meals when I'm under a lot of work stress. I also eat a lot, especially on dinner, as It's usually after my fitness training. I do have a protein shake right after the workout, but that doesn't help my wolve's appetite. I also have to eat outside sometimes, which means I eat salt+modified fats, no matter how hard I try not to. I recently have replaced one of my protein shakes (sometimes two) or the raw salad with a tomato-nutritional yeast-pea protein shake with lemon juice in it. So basically - I try to eat a lot of protein, combined with carbs and some fat (mostly from the nuts/avocados and some butter), I try not to eat salt (I haven't eaten any salt, incl. hidden salt in two weeks now). My goal - to be healthy and to reduce those 18% of fat to about 11-12% (I'm being realistic for now). Oh, and a six pack some time in the future, if that's actually possible with my life style and withut the help of "medications"
  19. Nothing to worry about mate, I'm pretty much the same - my veins poped out after I started working out. I remember before doctors couldn't find a vein to take a blood sample... I'm still 18% fat so I guess it's normal.
  20. Yoga is great. You could find a place with nice and soft grass and run on it - I'm having foot problems myself and running on grass is really great, strengtening your feet and ankles and no knee pains at all. It's all natural.
  21. I'm reading this and I must say I have the same problem. I was 100 Kg, then lost weight due to tooth problems and went down to 80Kg. Started bodybuilding less than 2 years ago, but initiall couldn't loose any more fat. Last summer I had a personal diet made for me and for three weeks lost about 8-10 KG, mostly fat. Now I'm about 70kg. Most of the fat in my body is concentrated in the belly and a little in the chest area. I'm now at 18% of body fat, which is a bit higer than I'd like it to be. I have cut on sugar and processed carbs, as someone suggested, but still cannot exclude them completely, as sometimes I grab some food on the go. Recently started to take soy lecitin, but not sure if it helps. My training is 3 times a week at the gym and 2 or three times a week at the local stadium - some rope jumping, a little running or sprinting for about 30-60 minutes. My training sessions are about 90 minutes long, but I usually don't do cardio - just some higher intensity ab workouts at the end. I used to run a lot, but that didn't help at all and I even ended up injured, so I'm now taking it easy on the running. I usually stay up late and wake up at 9-10 AM, which is bad. Most of the days I start with a carrot juice with some spirulina or/and pea protein powder. After 30 minutes I eat fruit ot/and raw nuts. I usually have lunch at 2 PM or even later - rice and some sorts of beans + salad, or if I have to eat outside - pizza (vegetarian, but not vegan). I usually have dinner between 7 and 8 pm, but sometimes after a late workout it happens even later, which is also bad I guess. Dinner is pretty similar to lunch. I also have "raw" days and usually eat cooked food in the evening. Other bad habit of mine is eating late before bed. Sometimes I just can't get myself to sleep without grabbing a small cup of sour cream or afew bananas, or at least a protein shake. AS I'm not sure if I can improve my diet any further at the time, can you recommend any specific changes in my training program. I usually train with smaller weights, sometimes performing two different excercises in the same series with 3 or 4 repetitions. One day is leg day + some abs and shoulders, one is back only and one is chest + abs.
  22. The same here. I injured my knee in the Winter and still kave pain, especially when the weather gets bad. It's important to stretch and try to strenghten the muscles around the tendons, so they don't take all the beating. Don't give up. Buy yourself a trackball - the M570 Logitech Wireless is a good choice, so the palm rests in one place. You could also try applying natural apple vinegar with a cotton cloth for about an hour at the place. Other than that - don't know, probably a good complete diet and some vegan glucosamine. I can't heal myself yet too...
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