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  1. Ignite Ultra-V pea protein is what I have always used. It tastes awesome and is made right here in the UK http://www.natures-whey.co.uk/product/ignite-ultra-v-mint-chocolate/
  2. Hi, I've been bodybuilding for 6 or so months now and have finally got my routine and diet in check (for the moment at least) I just had some questions about abdominal exercises in my workout. I always read that the best way to do the plank is to hold it for as long as you can but I was just curious as to whether it makes more sense to treat it as any other exercise and keep the time under tension about thirty seconds or so. It seems illogical to me to get to a point where you can hold a plank for minutes without it being difficult, so adding some sort of resistance just like with any other hypertrophy inducing exercise makes more sense. Although I could be absolutely wrong and I'd be happy for you tell me if I am.
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